Second Chances

Sequel to He's Mine | During Eleanor and Louis' wedding, Eliza comes in contact with the one person she had hoped to never see again. But what was she thinking? That he'd suddenly disappear from her life? No. Harry was here to stay, and this time he was determined to fight for them to be together again. But the real question is... Does Eliza believe in Second Chances? Even if it wasn't entirely Harry's fault?


7. Let Me Heal You

Eliza’s POV.

“Its time to get up, in the morning.” A certain Irish voice sang as I groaned quietly.

“In the morning.” Louis’ voice continued, causing another groan.

“Got McDonalds breakfast for you.” Niall. I am going to kill you.

“Just for you.” Oh come on! Not you too Liam…

“or any other brand..” Louis was getting irritating. I curled closer to Harry, earing him to moan in annoyance.

“we drove 2 miles just to get it.” If Niall was looking for sympathy, he was going to have to try harder.

“So you better get up and eat it.” And I thought Liam was considerate. Pffffft.

“You don't wanna be a selfish lazy (crazy) boy.. (Harry)” I couldn’t tell, but I’m guessing that was Liam and Louis.

“So we gotta get up!
(get)Time to get up!
Its time to get up!
its time to get uupp.
Its time to get up!
(time to get up)” It was like they were asking to die. Like, are you singing your death wish? ‘Cause it definitely seems like it.

“ITS TIME TO GET UP!” Niall yelled, causing me to wince slightly.

“ITS TIME!” I swear I was going to loose my hearing.

“Its time to get up-”

“Its time too..”

“SHH!” Oh Louis my hero. Or so I thought…

“Get up.”

“Its time.”

“Doobie doo”

“waaakee (gett) UPPPP..”

“Time to get up!” Harry you little shit.

“Yay!” Niall laughed causing the whole room to erupt in laughter too.

“Shut the fuck up.” I groaned, burying my head into the pillow.

“I doubt we can post this now since miss I-like-to-ruin-your-videos swore out loud.” Zayn complained, lowering his phone.

“Yeah well, you lot should know better than to wake me up before I do it myself.” I mumbled, slowly falling back to sleep.

“Nope, I am not letting that happen.” Harry stated, his hands finding their way under my knees and back. He is not going to carry me. I will not let this happen. But that obviously didn’t happen considering I was currently cuddled up to Harry as he carried me to the kitchen. I hate you Harry Styles.

“She’s still asleep?” Perrie chuckled, poking my cheek.

“No actually, I’m totally wide awake and joking around, flying on rainbows and prancing like a leprechaun. Because that’s what I do when I’m lying in Hazza’s arms.” I grumbled, burying my head further into Harry’s neck. He giggled lightly, kissing my forehead.

“Oh she’s awake alright.” Danielle told them, gently taking me out of Harry’s arms and onto a kitchen stool. Damn this girl has muscles.

“Good morning to you too babe.” I murmured, folding arms onto the table and leaning against them.

“So what will it be? Pancakes, McDonalds, or bacon and cheese?” Niall asked from somewhere in front of me.

“ALL THREE.” I quickly blurted, blushing furiously after. “I-I mean… Yeah. I mean what I mean. I want all three.” I nodded, leaning back into the chair.


“Stop being selfish! Give it to me!” Niall whined, tugging at the bacon in between my teeth.

“It was in my mouth first!”

“No! Mine!”

“Seriously Niall, I’m about to swallow.”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t.”

He sighed, “No, I don’t.” I smiled in victory, swallowing down the bacon strip. Niall just huffed and walked away, rambling on about something like  ‘cheater’ or ‘I deserved it’. I just chuckled, turning to Harry who was staring intently at me.

“What?” I blushed, covering my face.

“It’s just… You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, a cheeky smile playing on his lips.

“Oh shut up.” I mumbled quietly, my hands still covering my face. He gently grabbed my wrists, pulling them away from my face.

“Don’t hide from me.” He said quietly, placing a kiss on my temple, then my nose, my cheeks, then finally placing a gently kiss on my lips. “Because you drive me crazy.” I just giggled, rubbing my nose against his. I was about to lean in when a certain Doncaster boy decided to ruin the moment.

“HE’S MINE! MINE I TELL YOU!” Louis screamed, tugging Harry off me. I groaned, whacking the back of Louis’ head.

“Go find another.” I told him bluntly before dragging Harry out the door, away from Louis Tomlinson.

“BUT I ONLY WANT HIM!” He called after us, his voice sounding hilariously distressed.

“And what about me?!” Eleanor screamed, then a smacking sound came from the living room. Louis probably his a nerve…

“That was crazy.” Harry rasped, his face inches from mine.

“Oh yeah?” I whispered, our noses touching. He grinned, pecking me lightly.

“Yeah.” He said before picking me up, putting me over his shoulder.

“Ha-Harry!” I squealed, banging his back lightly. I was kicking my legs, laughing like a maniac. He just laughed along, kicking the door close with his leg. Throwing me onto the bed, he gently climbed on top, supporting himself with his arms and knees.

“How did I get so lucky?” He whispered, his chocolate curls tickling my forehead. I smiled, rubbing my nose softly against his. He looked so cute. Did I mention he was only in his boxers?

“Isn’t that my line?” I jested, resting my hands at the back of his neck. I played with the curls at the back of his head as I stared intently into the green orbs I loved so much. My heart was honestly beating so fast I thought it might have jumped out.

“Nah, it sounds better on me.” He chuckled, kissing my nose. That’s it. He was getting waaaaaay too cute. I had to kiss him. So I did. I tugged him down to me, connecting our lips. The kiss was passionate, a little rushed, but I liked it. I craved him, and being in just his boxers wasn’t helping either.

His hands found their way to the hem of my shirt, tugging on it upwards. I practically tore my shirt off, my hands travelling back to his hair. It wasn’t long before we were both naked and under the sheets.

“I love you so much.” Harry whispered, kissing my lips once more.

“I love you too.”


Harry’s POV.

I stared intently at her face as she continued to breathe evenly. I carefully brushed the hairs from her face, kissing her forehead gently. I’ve never loved a girl so much in my life. And this last year had been the worst. Has your heart ached so severely that all you wanted to do was crawl into a hole?

It’s devastating. And it takes everything in you to keep your head in the game and not loose yourself in the process. So I found a distraction. One I hope no one will ever find out about. Because it was the only escape I had.

Eliza’s POV.

I slowly opened my eyes to be greeted by the two green orbs that warmed my heart the second I looked into them. A smile instantly made its way onto my lips as my hand found their way to his cheek, stroking it lightly.

“Hey beautiful.” He greeted, his voice soft and comforting.

“Hey baby. What time is it?” I asked, my head spinning a little from waking up.

"5... Want to go watch a movie?" He offered, slowly getting out of bed. I nodded, blushing a little at the sight in front of me. There he was, in all his glory. "I suppose I should probably go take a shower..." Harry added, blushing as well. He quickly ran into the bathroom, shutting the door just as quickly. I giggled lightly on response, getting up as well. Just as I was about to jump off, a book fell out from under the mattress.

I picked it up, examining it closely. The edges were slightly tattered as I carefully dragged my finger along the cover. "Diary" it said, carved neatly in urban cursive handwriting. What would Harry be doing with something like this? - a diary - I mean. I gingerly opened it, cautious of what I was to see.

"Dear... Well, Diary I suppose.

I can't take it. Pretending is just so hard... The emptiness... The one that she left. It hasn't gone away. Will it ever though? I mean, I seriously doubt it. I'm constantly surrounded by people who care, yet I feel awfully lonely and unloved. This isn't normal, I suppose. But neither is spending the day without being able to kiss her, hug her, hold her hand. I've screwed up big time. And I'm not even sure if I can fix it. Management's been on my case for weeks, but I can't find it in me to face them. They're planning on canceling tour - I think - because of me. I heard Niall and Louis talk about it in the halls. I need an escape. I need a distraction. And I think I've found one. So that's where I'll be.

- Harry."

I carefully turned the page, expecting another entry, but was only greeted by a red-stained page. What is that? Paint? Blood..? I turned again, and again, and again. I kept turning until I reached the center of the book when something caught my eye. I gasped, my heart racing a million miles a second. What- what was he doing with this? Without me knowing, the book dropped out of my hands, landing with a smack onto the hardwood floor.

"Eliza?" My head snapped up, staring in horror at what stood in front of me. There, on his thighs, much too high for anyone to see - without him naked - were deep healing scars, all scattered along the skin. I got up, carefully walking over to him. His eyes travelled to the book that laid open on the floor, the razor clear in view. "Oh."

"Harry.. Did- did I do this to you?" I asked, my voice cracking. My fingers gently grazed across a scar that stood just on his hip. He shivered under my touch as my other hand went to his cheek. "I'm s-so sorry." I whimpered, before he pulled me into a tight hug, my tears dropping freely onto his bare skin. It wasn't long before I felt them on my back. He was crying too.

"It's not your fault." He whispered, his voice shaking.

"Yes it is! I-I... I'm so sorry." He just shook his head, slowly walking us to the bed. "I shouldn't have left you." I told him, taking hold of his wrist. That's when I froze. The roughness of his skin seemed almost abnormal - because it was. I looked down to find identical markings lined across his wrist. I gently kissed them, my tears dripping onto the scars as well.

I admit, if I told him that what he did was stupid, I would be the biggest hypocrite alive. "Eliza... Your wrists." He stated, lifting my hand too. I turned my head, not daring to look him in the eyes. "Why?" He murmured, trying to make our eyes meet.

"I felt guilty. I didn't have to leave. I could have tried to work it out.. But I chose to leave. I chose the easy way out. I caused this! Don't you see?! All of this is my fault!" I was yelling, thankful that Harry's walls were soundproof. "Guilt is one of the most dangerous emotions. It works at your deepest secrets, bubbling them to the top until you can't take anymore of it. Most people seek help from friends or family. But people like us, the ones who aren't as open about our guilt, we turn to the only other escape. The one thing that keeps our mind off it. Cutting. The feeling of the blade digging deep into your flesh. The pain. The searing pinch before the blood gushes out, leaving you with that pathetic feeling in the depth of your guts. I couldn't live without you - I suppose - and it triggered something. No one knows except you."

I finally turned my eyes back to him, searching his eyes for some sort of emotion. Anything. "You're the only one who knows too." Was all he said before he kissed me gently, the tears from our eyes meeting where our cheeks did. Everything felt so perfect in this moment, even if the two of us were broken. But we'd change that. We'd fix each other.

"I love you." I told him, a small smile crawling onto my lips.

"I love you more." I giggled a little, shaking me head.

"No, I love you more." I argued, rubbing my nose gently against his.

"That's not possible."

"It most definitely is."

Author's note: Heh. So hi you guys... Long time no update right? But weyhey! I updated! See? I careee! :) sorry I haven't been on. I'm injured and depressed since I couldn't compete this week at my ice skating nationals so you can see where the chapter is coming from. This is completely fictional - obviously - and I'm sorry if it makes your insides crawl a little... Tbh it made mine. Asdfghjkl has anyone else seen that photo of Harry half awake? Yes? What is air? Besides that, I can't promise you a more frequent update, but I can promise you a more interesting story! I hope. I'm not as good at this whole plan and write as I thought I was :P Urgh I'm such a boob. Moving on... Comment, like, and favorite! :)

- Sarah xoxo


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