Second Chances

Sequel to He's Mine | During Eleanor and Louis' wedding, Eliza comes in contact with the one person she had hoped to never see again. But what was she thinking? That he'd suddenly disappear from her life? No. Harry was here to stay, and this time he was determined to fight for them to be together again. But the real question is... Does Eliza believe in Second Chances? Even if it wasn't entirely Harry's fault?


5. Heliza Smyles

Harry's POV.

I slowly woke, immediately shielding my eyes from the bright rays from the window. Why didn't I close the curtains? I slowly looked to my right, expecting to be greeted by an empty pillow, but no... Eliza? Wait- what? Then it all came back to me. The dance, me running off, Eliza finding me... The kiss. AND THE DATE. HOLY SHIT THE DATE. FUCK FUCK FUCK. What was I going to plan?

I sat there thinking, trying my hardest to come up with something to do with her. I would take her to the restaurant we met at, but we're in London... Not New York. I was about to get up when I felt Eliza slowly stir, sitting up slowly. She stared at me confused, then surprised, then a small, tired, smile made its way onto her lips. "Hey Harry." She rasped, running her fingers through her now-wavy brown hair.

"Hey love." I smiled, holding out my hand to take her to the kitchen. So yeah... We were at my apartment. She shook her head, holding out both her arms like a baby. Ohhh, she wanted me to carry her... I chuckled, going over to her side and bending down, my back to her. She jumped on, her arms finding their way to my chest. She was so light I was scared she wasn't even on my back.

"I'm not heavy am I?" She asked worriedly, slowly getting off me.

"What- no! Get your butt back on there." I scoffed, putting her back on. I felt her shrug as she placed her head between my shoulder and neck. It's amazing how we haven't seen each other for a year, and we're already acting like it used to be. I was a mess last year. Legit. I wouldn't move, wouldn't talk, I wouldn't even sing. Management got so fed up that they canceled all plans for this year’s tour. And you know what? I didn't even care then. That's how messed up I was.

I gently set her down on the stool before going over to the pantry to get out some stuff to make peanut butter and jelly pancakes. Believe me, it tastes amazing. Oh, it's also Eliza's favorite...... "Are you making what I think you're making?" I heard her giggle, her head appearing next to mine. This was a whole lot like the first time I asked her to be mine... Déjà vu. I nodded briefly, discreetly taking a whiff of her. Strawberries and orchids. Just the way she always smelt.

"Why wouldn't I?" I grinned cheekily, kissing her cheek.

I didn't know what we were... And I don’t think she did either. I knew we were okay now, but- I really wanted to call her mine again.... I saw a glimpse of her pink cheeks as she quickly slipped away, sitting herself onto the kitchen stool again. After finishing up, I put both our plates into the dishwasher before going over to where she was.

"So what are we doing today?" She asked, crossing her legs under her as she stared at me, waiting.

"Well, I think I'll send you over to your hotel, then pick you up at 8?" I suggested, still thinking what to do tonight.

"Sounds good." She chirped, getting up. "I dibs showering first." She winked before running off into my bedroom. I chuckled lightly to myself before plopping down onto the couch. Time to call Zayn.





"Hey Zayn, I need a favor."

Eliza's POV.

After getting out of the shower, I slipped my dress from yesterday back on, drying my hair while I was at it. “Harry?” I called brushing my hair with Harry’s light pink brush. Funny cause Lou wouldn’t let him buy a new one. Bahah.

“Yeah love?” He called back, poking his head through the door before fully stepping in. “Ready to go?” I nodded, smiling slightly at him. I must admit… I was quite confused. What were we? I don't know. Were we okay? Yeah. Am I ready to love him again? I don't know... Am I willing to try?... Yeah. Wait- did I even stop?

We walked side by side to his car, him being in his plaid pajama pants and white shirt, whilst I tried awkwardly to fit in with my navy formal dress and heels. Yeah, not gonna work.

The car ride was fun. At one point, I had made Harry laugh so hard he actually started snorting... Yes. Snorting. It was hilarious! "Alright love, we're here." I grinned and kissed his cheek, slowly getting out.

"I'll see you later." I told him then quickly made my way to the hotel lobby. In this London weather, one jacket just isn't enough. Grr. After going up the elevator, all the way to the 19th floor, I quickly made my way to El and I's room, praying to god she wasn't in there naked with Louis. Holy shite that would be awkward. For precautions, I knocked on the door, waiting for a moment. After a few seconds, I realized she was probably at Louis' house...

You see, after the dance... We cut the cake, had fun, drank a little... Then Harry offered to go back to his house and watch a movie. I immediately agreed, looping my arm with his and we walked out the door. I gave everyone a hug and kiss on the cheek before we both bolted for the door, not looking back. We both didn't know where everyone else was to go... But at the time, we didn't care. I suppose I still don't...

I unlocked the door and skipped in, emptiness overwhelming me. Well, right now I'm quite grateful to be alone because if Eleanor were here, she'd drill me with questions like there's no tomorrow... Literally. I dropped my bag onto the kitchen island, taking my phone, before skipping over to the bathroom and immediately stripping down. There's just something so liberating about not having clothes on. Heh, where have we all heard that one before.

After showering, I wrapped myself in my fluffy white towel before strutting out my bathroom like a supermodel. Oh, one thing about me? I do the weirdest things when I'm alone... I grabbed my phone, connecting it to the sound system they had. I quickly blasted out Iridescent by Coldplay, starting to dance around. I was dancing around the room in my towel, dripping wet, and holding a brush in my hand. I'm just cool like that.

Eventually I got paranoid that someone would walk through the doors and stare at me like I was crazy, I quickly turned the music off and threw the brush halfway across the room. I chuckled to myself before going over to my suitcase and pulling out some black jeans, a dull pink sweater with a mustache on it, slipping those on. I dried my hair quickly, letting them fall in loose ringlets. After I came back to England, my hair started to slowly curl... Now, they're naturally curly. Whoo! Meh.

I put on my airplane necklace, realizing how grateful I am that I hadn't decided to throw it out, then slipped on an infinity bracelet with my black diamond earrings. I applied some eyeliner, mascara, and a hint of lip tint. Done! I gave myself a toothy smile before slipping on my white converse. I decided I might as well go see where Eleanor is and bring her some clothes...

To: EllyCal

Babe, you're at Louis' right? Would you mind if I drop by? Harry's not picking me up 'til 8 and I'm bored... I'll bring you clothes? :3

I waited a few moments before my phone vibrated in my hand.

To: Batgirl (Eli)

Does nobody want me to sleep after my wedding day? Really? Grr. Of course you can love. Ooh yes please! I have none here...

I chuckled and told her I'd be there in a half hour before skipping into her room. It's 2... Why wouldn't she be awake yet? She probably had a late night ;) oh god ew. I grabbed a pair of her light grey jeans, a polka dotted blouse with her black leather jacket and blue converse. I don't know... Converse is just my style. I placed them into a backpack, then grabbed my phone and wallet, throwing them in there too.

I made my way to the lobby, going up the the reception. "Hi, could you please call a cab for me?" She smile sweetly, nodding as she picked up the phone.

"Oh you're Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend right?" My heart broke a little when she mentioned 'ex-girlfriend' like, ouch. I nodded, chuckling weakly. "Well I really think that you two were an adorable couple, I think he's pretty unlucky to loose a girl like you." She stated, giving me a wink. I giggled and thanked her, walking away to wait for the cab.

"Miss Smith, your cab?" The doorman said, his arm motioning towards the cab waiting.

"Oh! Thank you!" I gave him a polite nod before jumping into the cab, telling him the address. The ride there was going to be awfully long, so I pulled out my phone and went onto twitter.

“@Lizzikay_Smith: Congratulations to the newly wed couple! @EleanorJCalder & @Louis_Tomlinson #married”

I chuckled at my username. I changed it this summer because I was kinda bored of the old one. Eleanor helped me... So now, if she remembers, she calls me Lizzikay. It's a smushed up version of my first and second name.

“@Lizzikay_Smith: Mustaches are sexy. #hellyeah #thereissomethingwrongwithme #what”

I grinned crazily at my tweet, chuckling a little at the responds. I decided on taking a picture of myself. Random, I know. I did a silly face, pouting my lips, raising my eyebrows, and crossing my eyes. I laughed a little as I stared at it. Lol what the hell.

“@Lizzikay_Smith: Camwhoring is fun. Ain't I pretty? #sarcasm”

“@Lizzikay_Smith: Sitting in a cab is boringgg. @EleanorJCalder if I arrive and there's no food, I'll eat you. #sorrynotsorry”

I was pretty much on a tweeting spree... Alone. How nice... I shook the thoughts away, looking back at my mentions to find it spazzed out.

“@Carrot_suit: Louis is married?! To that slut? Guys it’s fucking happened. IT. HAS. FUCKING. HAPPENED. #whatthefuck”

“@LarryStylinson_5ever: I can’t even. No no no. THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS MEANT TO END. So much for fanfictions now aye? #shedoesntdeservehim”


Okay, what the actual fuck? They have no right to say all that stuff.

“@Lizzikay_Smith: Are you kidding me? For the love of flippin’ flapjacks. They’re happy. If Louis’ happy, why aren’t you? #seriously”

I found it really fucking annoying that even a fraction of the fans could be so selfish. I noticed some other friends started tweeting too.

“@Harry_Styles: Congratulations @Louis_Tomlinson. @EleanorJCalder I love you both. #nohate”

“@selenagomez: I don’t understand why you can’t just be happy for them. I have never in my life seen a couple so in love. Seriously.”

“@Real_Liam_Payne: I love all of you, but is hating on Eleanor really going to change the fact that they’re married?”

“@NiallOfficial: I can’t believe some of you would even say such a thing about them They’re happy. Accept it. x”

“@zaynmalik: What’s all this talk about El not deserving Louis? Are you guys serious?”

“@ddlovato: Huge congrats to @Louis_Tomlinson & @EleanorJCalder #perfectforever #Elounor please just stop the hate.”

“@Louis_Tomlinson: I really hope you guys are happy for me… I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be though… Otherwise, what kind of fans are you? I love @EleanorJCalder and we’re married. What else is there to say?”

I smiled at how Demi had used their ship name. Dammit I still need to meet her for coffee! The cab finally came to a stop and I paid him, thanking him too. After getting out and making my way to the door, I suddenly became slightly afraid of what existed behind this door… I finally knocked, crossing my fingers.

“Oh hey.” A, thankfully, dressed Louis answered, letting me in immediately. He had his usual grin on his face as he closed the door and attacked me in a hug. “Eleanor is upstairs in bed. She won’t get her butt out no matter what I did.” I smirked menacingly as I threw by backpack onto the couch.

“Let me handle it.” I winked, patting him on the chest before skipping up the steps, two at a time. “Eleanorrrrrrrrr!” I singsonged, skipping into their humongous bedroom. Woah. I kicked my shoes off, jumping onto their bed- and on Eleanor. I heard her groan, but she still didn’t budge. I decided passive attempts weren’t going to do anything, so I started using my hands. “Dammit you fat ass.” I complained, shaking her furiously.

“ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. FUCKING HELL.” Eleanor screamed, her face bright red from anger, but you could tell she was fighting off a smile.

“Aww you know very well how much you love me.” I winked, kissing her cheek before skipping down the stairs to get the bag, before skipping right back up. “Here ya are.” I smiled as I threw it at her. She finally let her smile break through as she grinned gratefully at me.

“Thank you!” She chirped before running into the bathroom. I decided to leave her there as I made my way back down the stairs for the second time.

“How does she even sleep that long?” I asked amused, dropping down onto the couch next to Louis. He just shrugged, ruffling up my hair. I hissed, hitting the back of his head before turning serious again. “So have you decided on your honeymoon destination?” Louis’ smile grew 100x bigger as he nodded his head crazily.

“NEW ZEALAND.” He stated without hesitating, his eyebrows doing a weird kind of dance.

“Nice choice!”

“What’s a nice choice?” Eleanor quizzed as she came down the stairs, her hair still dripping down her back.

“Our honeymoon destination.” Louis winked, opening his arms for her to go into.

“Ohh! You likey?” Eleanor waggled her eyebrows, putting her hand up for a high five, which I gladly complied.

“HELL YEAH!” I chuckled.

“So I heard Harry’s taking you out tonight.” Louis stated, nudging me a little with his shoulder. I felt my cheeks heat up as I attempted to hide my face behind me hands. I nodded, not wanting to talk incase it gave away my embarrassment. “Ooh! What time is he picking you up??” By now, Louis was squealing, jumping around like a little girl. “IT’S HAPPENED! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED!”

“What’s finally happened?”

“The two of you are back together. Duh. Louis’ been waiting for Harry to finally stop moping around. Now that you’re going on a date with him, Louis’ convinced he’ll never mope again.” Eleanor explained, her hand gently patting my shoulder. I chuckled nodding, finally understanding his excitement.

“He’s picking me up at 8 by the way.” I told Louis, making him freeze on the spot.

“IT’S 4:30! WHAT THE FLAPJACKS ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?” Louis exclaimed, his eyes wide with worry.

“Did- no I have to be mistaken… But did you say flapjacks?” He furrowed his eyebrows and nodded, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Oh.” Was all I could say before the two of them dragged me into Louis’ Audi and started driving in the direction of the hotel. “What’s going on?” No one answered me as they both kept staring at the road.

I huffed, not bothering to pester as I slumped back into my seat.

“@Lizzikay_Smith: THEY’VE KIDNAPPED ME!!! @Real_Liam_Payne Save me Liam! Only god knows what Eleanor and Louis will do to me! @DaniellePeazer SAVE ME TOO!”

“@DaniellePeazer: @Lizzikay_Smith @Real_Liam_Payne sorry babe but I’m kinda busy… Shopping........... with Liam.”

“@Real_Liam_Payne: @Lizzikay_Smith @DaniellePeazer yeah, sorry love. batman can’t come to your rescue when his credit card is being sucked out by his girlfriend…”

“@DaniellePeazer: @Real_Liam_Payne @Lizzikay_Smith HEY!”

I heard Eleanor cackle evilly from the front seat as her eyes stayed locked on her phone screen. Maybe she’d talk to me that way?

“@Lizzikay_Smith: @EleanorJCalder oh my sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeet best friend. would you ever so kindly tell me where the fudge you’re taking me?”

El snorted before I got a tweet back.

“@EleanorJCalder: stop kissing my ass and be patient. I’m not telling you where we’re going, but if you were smart enough you’d figure it out.”

“@Lizzikay_Smith: it’s the hotel isn’t it.”

Eleanor didn’t reply, instead, I realized we were pulling up at the lobby. “You’re so impatient. I swear, if I didn’t know you I’d slap you.” El snapped, opening up her door to get out. I just grinned smugly, high-fiving Louis, before getting out and following after her.

“Yeah well, you love me anyway.” I chuckled. “Oh by the way, how was you night aye?” I winked, wiggling my eye brows as I nudged her with my arm. Her whole face flushed red as she started jabbing the elevator button harder.

“Shut up.” Was all she mumbled as she scurried into the now-open elevator. This time it was my turn to cackle. Muahahah.

Once we got to our room, she immediately dragged me to my suitcase, rummaging through my clothes. She chucked a high-waisted black flowy skirt and a dark purple chiffon blouse, which was sleeveless and had a collar. She rummaged a little further then threw a grey cardigan at me, telling me to tuck the blouse in. With that, she exited my room, saying something about making tea…?

I just chuckled under my breath, starting to change out of my jeans and sweater, slipping on the clothes Eleanor gave me to wear. After I was done, I walked out to the kitchen, only to be pushed back into the room by no other than Eleanor. “Makeup!” was all she said before slamming me down into a chair in front of the mirror.

She did a subtle color scheme, using only crème and pastel colors on my eyelids and light pink lip-gloss on my lips. After she was done, she started curling my hair, doing up much like the way she always did her hair. In fact, If I wasn’t much taller than her, you would have thought we were the same people.

“Done.” She breathed, looking at me in the mirror with an accomplished expression.

“Thanks El.” I looked up at the time, noticing it was 7. Wow did we really take that long? “Do you know where Harry’s taking me?” I asked Eleanor as she started looking for shoes for me to wear.

“Nope.” El stated, her head submerged in the closet, “But I know that all the boys are involved.” She shrugged, pulling out my purple lace heeled platform boots. “Here wear these.” She told me, passing them to me.

“But I don’t want to wear heels!” I groaned in aspiration, throwing my head back.

“I don’t care. You’re going to wear ‘em whether you like it or not.” I obeyed reluctantly, slipping the shoes onto my feet, saying goodbye to the comfort I currently felt in my converses.

By now I only had a half hour wait before Harry would be coming. Let’s pray to god he doesn’t forget this time. “Alright here’s your sling bag, it’s got your lip-gloss, phone, and a few pounds in there. Don’t come home too late and I swear if Harry breaks your heart again I will make sure he never has babies in his life.” I smiled a little at how motherly Eleanor was acting.

“Don’t worry mom I’ll be fine.” I winked, “But what good would an unfertile man be to me?” I told her and we both burst out laughing. “But thanks El, you’re the best.”

“OOH! Let’s take a picture.”

We both made funny faces into her phone before she started typing away at her twitter screen.

“@EleanorJCalder: My creation. ;) Not literally of course… That was all @KellyRay_Smith you’ve raised an amazing daughter. I’m talking about her appearance.”

“@KellyRay_Smith: I’ve raised my daughter right. @Lizzikay_Smith”

I realized how amazing my friends and family truly were. In fact, without them, I don’t know where I’d be.

“@Lizzikay_Smith: @EleanorJCalder @KellyRay_Smith aww thank you.”

Then my mentions blew up, for the second time today.

“@Heliza_Smyles: @Lizzikay_Smith you’re so pretty! I hope you’re having a great time in London! Tell Eleanor and Louis congratulations for me! xoxo”

Awwww what a sweetheart!

“@SmylesAllTheWay: If you’re dressed up the way @Lizzikay_Smith is, we better be ready for some #Heliza pictures!”

Ahahah! They’re always prepared aren’t they…

“@Lizzikay_Smith: @Heliza_Smyles Aww thank you sweetheart, and I definitely am! And don’t worry, I will! :*”

“@Lizzikay_Smith: @SmylesAllTheWay you lot are definitely better at spotting things than the FBI ever will be. ;) haha, I love your username btw. :*”

I decided I’d follow the both of them, then continued to reply to other positive mentions. Sure there were the usual “Omg you’re such a fat whore.” And the evergreen “You don’t deserve Harry. Even plastic surgery won’t save you.” But I had gotten used to the verbal abuse and I don’t think much of it anymore.

“Hey El, a fan says congratulations on your wedding.” I informed her, her smile growing bigger by the second.

“Omg! Tell me her username. That’s adorable.”

“It’s Heliza_Smyles.” I chuckled, blushing a little at Harry and I’s ‘ship’ name.

“AWE! YOU MEAN SMYLES AS IS SMILES! THAT’S SO BLOODY GENIUS.” She squealed before a subtle knock came from the door. Holy shit he’s here.

Here come the butterflies.

Author's Note: Hey guys! Gosh I'm so sorry I took so long to update. I've been having exams this week, and studying was my top priority! I've gotten straight A's so far, so that's a good sign! I hope you guys like this chapter... I kept getting writer's block between a few paragraphs, but according to word count, this is my longest chapter yet! Please don't forget to like, favorite, and comment! I'd really like to get to 100 likes as soon as possible. Hey, do you think we could try and put 'Second Chances' on this month's popular page....? LET'S TRY! Love you all to the moon and back :* My little owls.

-Sarah xoxo

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