Second Chances

Sequel to He's Mine | During Eleanor and Louis' wedding, Eliza comes in contact with the one person she had hoped to never see again. But what was she thinking? That he'd suddenly disappear from her life? No. Harry was here to stay, and this time he was determined to fight for them to be together again. But the real question is... Does Eliza believe in Second Chances? Even if it wasn't entirely Harry's fault?


3. Finishing Touches

Eliza’s POV.

– 6 weeks later –

“ELIZA WAKE THE FUCK UP!” Eleanor screamed in frustration, probably because I had been ignoring her efforts for the past 20 minutes. I frowned, my eyes still closed.

“What’s so important that you have to wake me up at what… Seven in the morning?” I grumbled, slowly opening on eye. She stood there, her makeup and hair already done to perfection whilst she wore her light green collared sleeveless blouse, keeping it untucked over her black skinny jeans. Don’t ask why I’m explaining to you what she’s wearing, I just thought you should know.

“Because we have to get you, Dani, Selena, Perrie, and Lou to dress fittings! It’s also where I have to be! It was your idea to make the appointment this early anyway.” Eleanor muttered, pulling on my arm. “Eliza come on please! We still need to wake Dani, Sel, Per, and Lou downstairs!”

I huffed and lifted my head off the pillow, my eyes still half closed. “Give me twenty minutes to get ready.” I murmured, throwing my legs off the side of the bed. Eleanor’s face lit up as she smiled in victory.

She happily skipped out the door with her green converse slapping against the wooden floor. I moaned in frustration before dragging my ass to the bathroom for a quick shower. You see, about a week ago, Eleanor decided that staying in London for the remaining eight weeks before the wedding. Meh, at least the hotel is nice. We’re staying in the penthouse suite at the Belgraves, where Eleanor’s bridal suite was to be… Well technically this is her bridal suite… Whatevs.

After drying off, I slipped on my underwear with a black bralet, putting on some navy blue jeans and a see through white collared top, sleeveless, just like Eleanor’s. I put on my lace-up ankle boots, then grabbed my black hooded leather jacket and made my way to the door.

“Alright let’s go.” I stated, grabbing my phone and key card then making my way to the lift with Eleanor close behind. “They’re in the Thompson suite right?” Yeah, so basically we gave them the room that was one ranking lower than ours… But hey! They should be thankful. That room is pretty classy too.

“Yep.” She nodded, popping the ‘p’ as she did so. We went one floor down, then made our way to the room 1808. They were on the second highest level, whilst El and I were on the top. She knocked on the door, her foot tapping a little impatiently.

"Oh hey guys." Selena's bright and awake face caught us by surprise, together with the sight of the 4 girls dressed up and ready to go. Well, girls except for Lou who was a lady.

"Wow, we didn't expect any of you to be awake already!” Eleanor chuckled, eyeing the lot up and down.

“We had requested a wake up call from the lobby.” Perrie shrugged, walking over to me and slinging her arm around my shoulder, which I reacted to by placing mine on her waist. “Now are we ready to go? I hear the dresses are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see them!”

“Alright let’s go!” Eleanor squealed, skipping off in front of us with Danielle.

We all made it to the lobby, getting into a limo that Louis had arranged for us, and headed off to JLM Couture with was only around a 20 minute drive. The second we got there, I raced Perrie out into the store, only to be called back by Danielle, lecturing us about running out the car like that.

“Sorry mum.” I mocked, playfully rolling my eyes at her. “I’m just excited!” I grinned, making Lou smile widely, and nod along with me. “Now come on! We only have like,  a minute to get in there before we’re late for our appointment.”

When we got in, Joanne, the manager of the store, immediately greeted me. “Ahh, Eliza! I believe we spoke on the phone, yes?” She asked, her French accent sounding absolutely posh. I nodded quickly, shooting her a warm smile. “Good, good! And which of these wonderful ladies in the lucky bride?”

I quickly stepped aside, pulling Eleanor beside me. “Joanne, I would like you to meet the soon-to-be Eleanor Tomlinson.” I introduced, causing Eleanor to blush furiously. “She’ll be wearing the wedding gown whilst the five of us are here to try on the bridesmaid dresses.” Joanne nodded, turning around to the six dressing rooms behind her, all with grey curtains as doors.

“The first dressing room contains the bride’s gown and shoes, whilst the other five contain the bridesmaid gowns. Ms. Smith, you are in the first, Ms. Peazer: second, Ms. Edwards: third, Ms. Gomez: fourth, and Ms. Teasdale: fifth. I suggest you get changed right away. The bridesmaids still have to choose their shoes. Now go go!” And she shooed us all into the changing rooms, all of us rushing to get our dresses on.

“Done!” I yell, skipping out barefooted. I went up to the huge mirror on the wall, examining how I looked. “I have to say, dark colors really bring out my figure.” I chuckled, shaking my head at myself.

“I’ll have to disagree, I look awful in dark colors.” Perrie whined, coming up beside me.

“Oh suck it up love, you look gorgeous and hot.” Lou protested, smoothening down her dress as she walked out. “It’s me who looks quite odd in this dress.”

“You lot are so naive! Geez. If I wasn’t a dancer, I’d look horrible in this dress. But luckily, I am.” Danielle stated, winking at herself in the mirror.

“Wow. You are such a Zayn.” I mumbled, raising an eyebrow at her. She gasped playfully, hitting me lightly on the shoulder.

“You guys are so weird. Has no one even given a thought to how fat I look in this dress?” Selena complained, shuffling out of her dressing room.

“Uhm, could you people stop bickering and would one of you gits come help me zip up this godforsaken dress?” Eleanor called out to us, probably rolling her eyes at us too… I chuckled quietly to myself, going into Eleanor’s dressing room to help her out. She sighed in relief and turned her back to me, pointing out the zip that was currently sitting idle at the bottom of her back.

I cautiously zipped it up, careful not to accidentally hurt her too. “There.” I breathed, suddenly realizing I had been holding my breath the whole time I was zipping it up. Eleanor smiled brightly at me, thanking me as she slipped on her heels. Boy did they look uncomfortable…

She turned to look at me and I literally lost my breath… “Wow. Eleanor you look gorgeous.” I gushed, taking her hand and twirling her around. She blushed a deep shade of red before shaking her head.

“Oh stop it you. Have you seen yourself? You look amazing.” She smiled, taking my hand and leading me out of the dressing room. All the girls’ mouths dropped open as they stared in awe at Eleanor in her dress.

“Oh wow El, you look a breathtaking.” Selena smiled, examining the dress. All the girls agreed and Joanne came back. Oh, I didn’t realize she had gone somewhere…

“Gorgeous! You all look gorgeous. Now, will all the bridesmaids please go agree on one type of shoe? The collection is over there.” Joanne told us, pointing over to the large shelf of high-heeled shoes, all displayed across the wide span of the shelf.

I quickly ran over to it, picking out the satin navy blue colored heels, which sat angelically on the shelf. “I say we use this one.” I stated, showing it to the other four. They all nodded their heads, probably debating whilst looking around the shelves one more time.

“Yeah, I think the simpler it looks, the nicer it’d be with the dress.” Danielle agreed, looking at them in my hands. Joanne immediately took them from me, getting all our shoe sizes before disappearing into the back. A few minutes later, she finally returned bearing a stack of five shoeboxes. She distributed them out to us and we quickly put them on.

We all stood in a line facing the mirror, Eleanor standing in the middle of us all. “I think I’m happy with how these dresses turned out…” El said, nodding her head in approval.

“I’m happy too. Gosh, Eleanor, Louis isn’t going to be able to contain himself once he sees you!” I winked, bumping my hip into hers as we both smiled in the mirror. “I guess it’s confirmed then. Merci Joanne.” I thanked her.

“Je vous en prie.” She smiled, before we all headed back into the changing rooms to change back into our clothes.

After paying and such, Lou had to go back to see baby Lux, Danielle had a photo-shoot to attend to, and Selena had a date with Justin. So it was just Perrie, El and I as we headed off to the florist to order the bouquet and the flowers for the tables and such.

“I think we should use blue roses, white daisies, and purple orchids.” Eleanor thought aloud as she gently smelled the flowers. “I think purple would be a nice accent with the blue and white flowers.” She explained, as I looked around at all the other flowers.

“What about your bouquet babe?” I questioned, turning to look at her and Perrie. “I think you should just go with white roses and small purple orchids.” I suggested. She stood debating for a moment before shrugging.

“I wouldn’t mind.” She chuckled.

“I quite like Eliza’s idea. I say we go for it.” Perrie told us, shrugging her shoulders too.

“I guess that’s that then.” I mumbled, smirking a little. “Uhm, I need to order some bouquets for a wedding. I have 300 tables that need bouquets for, and I need a bride’s bouquet.” I told to lady who had been sitting patiently behind the counter, waiting for us to decide on the flowers.

“Wow, this must be some big wedding. What flowers would you like for the tables?” She asked, taking a notebook out from one of her drawers.

“Blue roses, white daisies, and purple orchids.” I stated, smiling politely at her.

"Alright, and the bouquet?"

"White roses with baby purple orchids." She nodded whilst scribbling it all down.

"And when do you need this?"

"November 6th..." That's when her eyes bugged out and her mouth dropped slightly open.

"But that- that's in 2 weeks!" I frowned slightly, tilting my head a little.

"I know," I sighed, "but could you please do it? I'll pay extra if I have to?" I offered. I really wasn't in the mood to go find some other florist. I need sleep too okay!

She stared at her notebook for a moment, probably calculating something. After a few moments, she looked back up at me with a defeated look on her face. "Alright fine, I'll do it. But you won't need to pay extra, that's okay." A grin slowly grew on my face as I gently hugged her from over the counter.

"Thank you so much! So how much will that be?"

After paying, El, Perrie, and I all decided on Italian for dinner. That's when I remembered.

"You look beautiful." Harry whispered as he took my hand from across the table. I blushed furiously as my eyes slowly traveled down to the ends of my skirt, gently fiddling with it.

"Thank you..." I mumbled, barely audible. I slowly looked up at him to find him frowning softly.

"Why do you do that?"

"What?" I asked, my eyebrows automatically scrunching together.

"Why don't you believe you're beautiful?" He asked as he rubbed his thumb across my hand. I merely shrugged my shoulder, my skirt suddenly becoming awfully interesting again. "Love, please look at me." My eyes slowly traveled back up to his and froze, suddenly paralyzed by his bright green eyes. "No matter how many times I tell you, I guess you're never going to believe it. But, one day, I will make you believe you're beautiful. Even if it's the last thing I do!" He exclaimed, doing his dramatic arm gestures and everything.

I was laughing pretty hard, whilst he just smiled gently at me, a small smirk playing on his lips. "I love you." He told me, looking straight into my eyes.

"I love you."

"Eliza? Eliza!" I heard Eleanor call, snapping me out of my thoughts.


"You just... Spaced out. Are you okay babe?" Perrie said, a concerned expression on her face. I slowly nodded my head, not once taking my eyes off theirs. "Are you sure?" She pressed, looking rather unconvinced.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just remembered something is all. Come on, I'm hungry. Crabmeat Olio sounds really good right now." I chuckled, hoping they would just drop it. They both glanced at each other before briefly shrugging.

"As long as you're okay..." Eleanor trailed off before sighing softly. "Forget it. Come on let's go."

That was the night Harry had taken me to his favorite Italian restaurant in New York... It was pretty fancy too. It was around a week before "it" happened... I still haven't forgiven Taylor Swift, and whenever I hear her name I instantly cringe. Bleh.


"So what are you getting El and Lou for their wedding present?" Perrie asked as her, Dani, and myself lay on the bed in my room. El had gone out shopping with Selena.

"I got them a plate and cutlery set." I shrugged, continuing to paint Danielle's nails the silver glittery nail polish she wanted.

"Not bad. I got Eleanor some sexy lingerie," she paused to wink, "and Louis socks." Dani and I were laughing pretty hard whilst Perrie tried her hardest not to. "I mean, their children are going to need that much mercy- from Louis' feet of course." She added, this time though, her laughter was no where near containable.

We were laughing for a good 5 minutes before Danielle squealed. "ELIZA MY NAILS!" I blushed a deep red as I looked over at Danielle's ruined nail polish.

"Sorry Dani." I apologized, shooting her a sheepish smile. "I'll re-do it." Thank god it was only one nail though...

After finishing up Dani's nails, Perrie helped do mine in a glittery black, and Danielle did Per's in a glittery light blue. "I say we pop some popcorn in the oven and watch a horror film." I suggested, wiggling my eyebrows at the two who had horrified faces on. "Oh come on! Live a little! And Live While We're Young!" I sang, throwing my arms up in the air. The girls both giggled before giving in.

Soon enough, we were settled in the couches, each with a big bowl of popcorn. Hell yeah this is the life. "So what are we watching?" Danielle asked, looking from Perrie, to me.

"Paranormal Activity 4." I grinned, getting up to put it in.

"Oh come on! Please can we just watch Spider-Man?" Perrie begged, grabbing my wrist just as I was about to get to the DVD shelf. I frowned and turned around, pouting a little.

"You guys are no fun." I whined in a baby voice before going over and putting Spider-Man in. "I say you owe me the next time we watch a movie." I grumbled, sitting back into my seat to get myself comfortable. As much as I love Andrew Garfield, I didn't want to admit defeat. I wanted Paranormal Activity 4. Sad face.

It was at the part where Spider-Man sneaks in the lizard guy's lair, and I was really engrossed in the movie btw, when Eleanor suddenly burst through the doors. "AHHHHH!" We all screamed, and at one point I noticed Danielle's arms go up in the air. Wait- where's her popcorn...?

"What the fuck guys?" Eleanor stated, popcorn falling out of the red bowl that was currently on her head.

"Dani, isn't that your bowl?" I pointed out, searching all over the floors. Perrie had her purple one in her hands, whilst I still had my blue one. Danielle gasped before her whole face went red.

"Oh gosh, sorry El!" She apologized slowly getting up to remove the bowl off her head. "You shouldn't have scared us like that." She added, shrugging a little before skipping back over to the couch she was on.

"Well how in earth was I supposed to know you lot were watching a movie! And without me?!" She gasped, then started to fake cry.

"Oh come on El. We know that you're only faking. Now come join us. And call Selena too." She huffed before her lips cracked into a smile and she gently set her bags on the floor.

"Fine... I'll go get her. But we better start a new movie when over back!" She pointed a finger at the three of us before heading out the door. When the door shut close, all three of us burst out laughing. I don't know why, but did we need a reason to laugh? Well- I mean, yes... Otherwise we'd probably be mental but... Whatever.

“Oh god, imagine she had walked in on us whilst we were discussing wedding presents? She’d definitely take a swing at you Perrie.” I laughed, eating a handful of popcorn from my bowl. Danielle had moved over to where I was too because she no longer had any.

“Hah! You’re telling me! Dammit I’d look horrible with a black eye at Eleanor’s wedding. Foundation just would not be enough.” She huffed, gently running her fingers under her eye with a pout.

“Boy would that be a sight.” Danielle joked with her mouth full of popcorn making me cringe. “Whoops, sorry.” She smiled sheepishly, proceeding to keep her mouth closed.

“Did anyone else realize the movie is yet to be finished?” I questioned, my eyes darting from Perrie to Danielle. They both just shrugged before Perrie took it upon herself to turn it off.

“Andrew Garfield can wait.” She stated before Selena and Eleanor came in again.

“It’s been too long since the five of us watched a movie together. How does Iron Man sound?” That was enough to get me excited.

“Holy shit yes. Don’t even play with me. I need to watch that movie and the lot of you are going to watch it with me whether you like it or not.” I told them, all in one breath, leaving me panting slightly.

“Alright, alright! Gosh someone’s in love with Tony Stark.”

You bet I am.

Author's note: Sorry it took so long to update! Author's block is such a biatch... My bad :/ Hope you like this chapter! I've changed the paragraphs over and over again until I was at least a little satisfied :/ OH WELL.

Love all you owls <3

-Sarah xoxo

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