They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


7. Chapter 7

I wake to a knock at the door. I run up the stairs, walk to the door.
"Hey," I say as I answer

"Hi, Kate. Thanks so much for letting me stay. Where's your mum, I have to give her a massive thank you, wow, you hear that? I'm talking like Louis." Liam says nervously as I let him in.

I laugh. "Shes sleeping, but she wanted me to wake her up when you got here. Here your staying over here." I walk towards jacks old room, with Liam following.

"You don't have to wake her, I don't want to get her up." he says

"No she wanted me to. I think I have to anyways. She's leaving tomorrow, for two weeks... 'business trip'" I say using my fingers as quotation marks.

I leave Liam in his new room and walk across the hallway to her room. "Mom" I whisper. "Liam's here, get up." she stirs, blinks and gets up.

"he here?" she asks, I nod. "Hold on, I'll come to Jacks room." she says. I walk back to Liam.

"Shes coming" I say.

Mom comes in the room a minute later, "Hi. Liam, right?" she says to Liam

He nods and extends his hand
"Yeah I'm Liam, nice to meet you, Mrs....."

"Winters" I say

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Winters" he smiles at her.

"you can call me Lucy" She says she likes him, I can tell.

"Alright then, Lucy, you have a very nice house."

"Thank you Liam, well it's nice to meet you hon, but I have to wake up early, so goodnight guys"

"goodnight" me and Liam say simultaneously. I start laughing so hard, even though it wasn't that funny. Liam smiles. I calm down and go give my mother a hug and kiss on the cheek, a then go back to Liams room.

"you can unpack and stuff and use the dresser." I say

"ok, thanks" He says

"just make yourself at home,. I'm going to get some food, would you like anything?"

"No thanks." He says.

I look in the frigde for food. Carrots. I decide to eat carrots. I like carrots..

"I'm going down to my room, if you need anything just tell me" I yell then walk down the stairs.

I'm not tired so I decide to put in a movie. I go and look through my DVDs. Most of them are upstairs, but when I got a tv I brought my favourites down here. All the 'newer' spiderman movies I have. Some Disney, and more superhero ones, I decide on a old, cheesy Superman one. I put it in and eat carrots while watching.

About halfway through I hear footsteps coming down here.

"Oh my god! Superman!? Can I watch with you?" Liam asks

I laugh "sure."

"You know most people think this is a lame movie.." he says as he sits down next to me, maybe a little too close to be just friends.

"It IS a lame movie!" I say "It's just not boring or stupid"

"Well, it's lame, maybe, compared to one like.. I don't know... The new Spiderman one or Batman one, for example. And it's also old... Still... It is pretty good." he says, "So I guess I agree with you. It is lame in our time, maybe."

I laugh "you keep saying maybe, I don't think you wanna admit that it's lame."

"Ok you're right.." I laugh again and he joins me.
By the end of the movie my stomach and cheeks hurt from laughing so much, I look at my clock. "Dude! It's like almost 330 am!" I say

"oh, wow. Well I'm gonna go to bed then. Goodnight, Kate."

"goodnight Liam," he walks up to his room and I get dressed and get into bed, I'm still not that tired, so I get up and look at my books. I grab a book I havent read in forever, The Iron King, get back into bed and start reading.
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