They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


6. Chapter 6

After I ate lunch, I decided to something nice for mom, so I picked up the house, including her room, and I made dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, not much but it's something.

It's around 6 when mom gets home, she sees the food and the house and she gasps "Kate! Why.. You didn't.. What..."

"I did it cause I wanted to." I say.
She comes over and hugs me.

"thank you"

"Your welcome, you deserve it!"

While we eat dinner mom says "so when is he coming?"

"around 9:30-ish" I say

"ok, is Jacks room ready for him?"

"Yeah, clean sheets and everything."

"Ok," then there is an awkward silence until she says "Hon, I have to tell you something."

"Um ok.."

"I should've told you right away when I found out. But... I have to go on a business trip... To Texas.. Now, for two weeks" she says it slowly.

I start freaking out.. "WHAT?" I shout

"I know. It's random. I heard yesterday. I should have told you but, I didn't want you to get upset..."

I calm down a bit and ask "Ok, when do you have to leave?"

"tomorrow morning, 7:30, my flights at 9:00, I would get at the airport around 8:00 with all the traffic.... Will you and.. What's his name... Oh Liam. Will you and him be ok?" I can tell she really doesn't want to leave me and him... Here.... Alone...

"Yeah, I think. I should be fine... I have Ms.Conner next door. She can help if we need anything." she looks better when I mention Ms.Conner.

"Ok, good. Don't bother her too much though 'kay?"

"Ok, mom." i don't want to talk about it anymore. Ok, fine she leaves. I've been by myself for a week before, this time it'll be better, Liam's here.

"well Im going to take a nap, when he gets here wake me up ok?"

"ok" I go down to my room and turn on the tv, find a rerun of Gilmore Girls and watch until I fall asleep.
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