They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


5. Chapter 5

The next two days I spend in my room, at my keyboard. I just felt like playing piano for some reason.

Thursday morning I wake up early, I have a text from Liam saying he is getting on the plane and will be here at 9pm. I get dressed and eat fast and I go to the park. I run there. I don't usually run but I always liked it. I'm wear sweat pants instead of jeans today, no one ever understood why I never wear shorts, I don't like my legs, so I almost always wear jeans. When I get to the park I'm sweating and panting. I'm exhausted, and it was only one mile. I laugh at how ridiculous it is. It is 84 degrees though so maybe im not that much of a wuss... I go to the swings and start swinging, with my earbuds in. I'm listening to She's Not Afraid, when this girl comes up to me.

"hi" she says and I stop swinging.

"Hey" I say. She looks familiar, maybe she is from school..

"Were you the girl at the Ice Cream Shoppe with Liam Payne?" she blurts out.

"um yeah..." I say nervously, now I remember her. She is the girl that works there. The one who gave me and Liam our ice cream.

"OH MY GOD!" she screams "Is he your boyfriend?!"

I laugh. "I .. uh... No.."

"Then why were you there?" she is screaming at me now.

"because he invited me to get ice cream with him.."

"Why?? Why you? I mean, sure ok youre pretty, But why YOU? out of all the fans who were at that concert... At any concert.. He decided to ask you!"
I'm too shocked to answer her. I've thought about that too. And I don't know the answer...

"I don't know..." I say

"it was on the news this morning... Early" she says

Wait that means my mom might have seen it.. "What? When? What did it say?" I shout at her

She laughs "well it was on like an hour ago" so my mom was already at work then. "And all I saw was that is said 'One Directions Liam Payne & Girl From Chicago- Seen at Ice Cream Shoppe'.. Not really that much detail just a picture and a video some girl took with her phone of you and him laughing and eating Ice cream with forks.."

"..Oh do you think people recognised me?" I ask, I really don't want people knowing that I was with Liam, I don't want people talking to me about it or Liam about it...

"No probably not.. The picture and video wasn't that great. I only recognised you because I saw your face, when you ordered and then I saw you here.."

"oh ok good.." I say, relieved


"because I don't want people knowing it was me..."

"Ooohhh! Why? I bet you guys ARE dating!" are we? No we're not.

I laugh "No, were not.." then after I think about it I add "It was a one time thing.." I lied.. He wants to get ice cream again with me...

"Oh.." she sounds disappointed, only for a second then she looks happy,
"So he's single then.... Yay!" she laughs.. I don't think Liam would like her though.. She is a nosy sort of person.

"well bye" I say wanting to end this conversation. Also I'm hungry and its almost lunch time.

"bye." she says and then she walks away, and we walk different directions.
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