They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


4. Chapter 4

When mom walks in I'm in the kitchen with my book and some brownies (I decided to make some when I was done cleaning).

"Hey hon. How was your day, what did you do?" mom says
I can't really tell her I blew cereal all over the kitchen, talked on the phone with Liam, cleaned the kitchen and made brownies. So I say "I watched tv and made brownies and read my book" half true.

"That sounds like a nice day...
You wanna watch a movie?"

"sure, which one?"

" It doesn't matter, you pick it out, while I make popcorn"

I laugh "ok," I go look through our movies, mostly Disney. Toy story trilogy, all the princesses, cars, but I don't feel like an animated movie right now, so see what we have on netflix and pick out a show instead.
"mom is Doctor Who ok?" I say, she knows it's my favourite show so she probably won't say no.

"sure, Kate. Whatever"

"Ok" I say then I put on one of my favourite episodes, the Vincent Van Gogh one.

As we sit and watch I forget about everything my full attention on the tv. If anyone were to interrupt me watching Doctor Who, I might kill them. My family learned that a long time ago..

When the show is over mom looks at me and says "how are you?"

"um good." I say she never asks me this in that tone.

"that is good," ok now I am worried

"mom are YOU ok?"

"I'm .... Well honey... I'm honestly not doing well... Ever since your brother left and ... Your father hasn't been....-"

"you don't have to say it mom" I know she will start crying if she say he died. He was on a trip and his flight crashed, that was when I was 11 years old, I never knew much of him, he was always away on some trip..

"well, it's hard hon. I'm the only one helping you out, working, all this stuff and I need someone to help... I don't want to tell Jack to come back from college though."

"mom do you want me to get a job this summer? I can help out and stuff"

"no I want you to enjoy your summer! But, can you do that? I don't want you worrying about me... I should have never told you all this...." then I remember I have to ask if Liam can stay... That will be awkward..

"are you sure mom?"

"yes! No job for you! Not until after this summer at least. Let's talk about something else.." so nows the time to ask..

"Hey mom?" I ask

"Yes Kate?"

"Can a friend of mine stay here, in Jacks old room, for the summer? Or until-"

"Of course! You don't even have to ask. What's her name?"

"um that's the thing.... HIS name is Liam..."

"Oh... Well.. I will have to meet him first... He is just a friend?"

"Yeah, mom." I say.. Even though I'm not sure myself.

"Where is he from?"


"That's a long way! Where would he stay if he can't stay here?"

"He said he'd find somewhere.."

"Well... He can stay here as long as he lives by my rules while he is here."

"Oh my gosh mom! REALLY?!" I scream

"He IS a friend right? So why get so excited?" she asks

"Because.... I ... Haven't seen him in forever" I lie

"Ok," she laughs "when is he coming?"

"Thursday, in two days"

"Alright, well I'm going to bed. Goodnight Kate. Don't stay up too late."

"ok night mom" I give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She goes upstairs to her room.
I walk down the hallway to Jacks room, I'm going to make it look nice for Liam. It's already clean, so I just put new sheets on the bed and sweep. Then I go to my room and start reading, it's hard to focus though, all I can think about is Liam...

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