They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


3. Chapter 3

The next morning i wake up on my couch in my room, still wearing my clothes from the concert and my phone on my lap. Then i remember last night, the concert, meeting One Direction, then going to FiveGuys with Harry, Liam and Niall. Then i remember texting Liam last night.. I check my phone its 11:38am ugh! I slept through breakfast! I have 3 texts, 2 from Liam last night and 1 from Sara this morning. The first one from Liam says 'oh ok, and how was cleanin? Well i better go... Goin'to MSG tomoro... Nite ttyl' and the second one read 'oh and i was wondering if youd wanna go get ice cream again sometime? Or maybe not... Whatever...' I cant help from grinning then I remember i fell asleep..
"Oh shooot!! I should have stayed up now he probably thinks i dont like him" i say out loud. I text back 'hey im sorry i fell asleep (haha) but yea that would be cool:)'
Then the text from Sara says 'heeeyyyy sexeh ladeh!! Hahahaha sorry if i wake you up, but wanted to say bye... :( im going to NY for the rest of the SUMMER! I had no idea i said to mom "Like Since WHEN?" But yea were on our way to the airport right now.. :( text me in an hour or so or when you wake up... Wuv you!��'
What the heck! I check when it was sent, about 2 hours ago. 'What?? Why?? How?? Ok well bye! :(' i text back and almost instantly i get a reply: 'this is saras mom. She wont have her phone while we are here so dont bother texting her, i will tell her what you said though. Thank you goodbye' "WHAT THE FRIDGE!" I say out loud. 'Im gonna be all alone this summer, Sara being my only friend, is gone.' I get dressed as fast as i can and run up the stairs "Mom! Did you know Sara was leaving for the rest of the summer?!" I practicly scream at her. "No hun, why? Are you ok? You seem... A little..... I dont know.. Worried maybe." She says calmly. Of course shes calm her moods are always opposite mine.
"Mom! Look at this!" I shove my phone in her face.
"Whos Liam Payne?" She asks and my cheeks get hot.
"What?" I look at the screen, i just had it on messages not on Saras text. "No! This!" I tap mine and Sara's conversation, hoping it will make mom forget about Liam.
She reads it and says "i had no idea, in sorry hun." She looks at me sympathetically. "Well, now we can have time together, this summer. Looking on the bright side!" She says with a smile, her sympathy gone. I groan. Why would i want to spend my summer with my mother?
"Yea, sure mom" i say as i storm back downstairs. I slam my door behind me. And then i remember part of the reason i went up there, im hungry. I calm myself down and walk back upstairs.. There is a note on the table and a bowl of cereal. I pick up the note 'Hi Kate, im sorry Sara couldnt stay. I had to go to work, but maybe when im back we can watch a movie or sonething, Love Mum! (Because i know you love Britain. Wink)' i find myself laughing out loud. "Mum" i say in between giggles. She trys so hard to be my friend and my mom. I sigh, "'MUM!' You are crazy" i say to myself. I sit down in front of the cereal, pour in some milk, start eating. It takes me a while to notice I grabbed a fork instead of the spoon mom had out. I start laughing so hard that my mouthful of cereal flys all over the kitchen, then i also notice how barely ANY milk is gone and almost all the Cheerios are. This makes me laugh harder. I am sure i look like a crazy, drunk lunatic. I finally stop laughing and calm down. Thats when i hear the faint buzzing and the batman theme song... "MY PHONE!" I remember. I run down the stairs so fast i almost trip. "Hello?" I say panting, im not sure who it is yet i didnt check the caller id.

"Um, hi, are you ok? You sound like you've been running for miles" a British accent says.

"Oh im sorry.." I say between breaths "hi Liam." I finally stop panting, but now im trying so hard not to hyperventilate.

"Hey Kate."

"How was Madison Square Garden?" I ask, my voice slightly shaking.

"It was awesome! Like amazing! The whole thing. And then the fans... Wow... I cant even describe it.. You should have seen it." He says it so relaxed and calm-kinda.

'Dont freak, dont scream, dont die, dont!' I keep repeteing that in my head.

"I wish!" I say

"hey we sang that song today" he laughs

I laugh too.. "Nice"

"um so I talked the guys into going back to Chicago..." he says it kinda nervously

"oh, thats cool. Why are you coming back here?" I ask even though I think I know the answer.

"well I thought maybe we could hang out again... If you want.."

"oh, Yeah! But., I don't want you coming just for me..."

"well, they decided that I could just come... and Harry..."

"Harry, huh?"

"yeah, he thought he could hang with Sara... If she wants.."

"Oh no! Liam!"

"What? Oh. Does she not like Harry?"

"No! She definitely likes him. It's just.... Well.... She's not..."

"What? She.. She doesn't like him...."
"NO! Liam, she likes him!! Shes just... She left for New York today... And her mom isn't giving her her phone or laptop.. She is not in connection... I can't even talk to her... I have no idea whatis happening..." I say it so fast I'm not sure he understood.

"Wow.. Well that sucks" he says

"I know... But she does really like Harry... Tell him that 'kay?

"ok I will, but I'm still coming,....
I might need a place to stay...."

"um well maybe you could stay here, I can talk to mom.. It might be weird... "

"no! I can't let you do that.."

"it's fine.. Since my brother left we have space upstairs"

"well I don't want to inconvenience you or your mum" he says it so sweetly

"I'll talk to her... Maybe..."


"So where are the rest of the boys going?" I ask


"Don't you wanna go home Liam?"

"Nah, I'm there a lot... It is home.."

"But not since you've been touring and stuff.. Don't you wanna see your family?"

"Wow, do you not want me there THAT bad?" he laughs

"NO!! Liam, NOT what I meant!"

"Well, I want to see you this summer during break."

"I don't wanna take family time away,"

"It's fine... Sooo changing the subject.... How are you?"

I laugh "I'm good, I just finished my cereal with a fork.. You should have seen me, I was laughing so hard that my cereal went all over the kitchen.. Hm may be a good idea to clean that before mom gets home" I laugh and he joins me.,

"yeah, probably good... Wait isn't it almost like 2:30 there?? And you JUST ate breakfast??"

"well I came home late last night, I woke up late this morning... Anyway, how are you?"

He laughs. "I'm good, Louis keeps messing around, -STOP LOUIS!!-"

I laugh "tell him hi from me!"

"ok... Louis!! Kate from last night, says HI!" then i hear Louis shout "HEY KATE-FROM-LAST-NIGHT! BYE NOW" I laugh so hard I fall off my couch and am on the floor..

"Sorry about Louis, he isn't very.... Well he is Louis.." Liam says

Then I hear "LIAM CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU" in an Irish accent and then "SHUT UP NIALL!!" I am really on the floor laughing now so hard.

"I'm sorry, they are.. Not very um, polite I guess." Liam says

"Oh it's ok" I say when I'm calmed down.

"Well I have to go, they need me apparently" Liam says. I can't help but be disappointed.

"Oh, ok" I say.

"But I'll text you later ok?"


"I'm coming in two days so be ready.." he laughs

"Ok, I will.. I'll talk to mom."

"If it doesn't work that's fine I'll get a hotel or something.. Bye, Kate. I'll talk to you later." I say goodbye and hang up.
I'm in shock.. I just talked to Liam Payne, One Direction's Liam Payne. I start jumping up and down, screaming. Then I remember the kitchen, I should clean it... So I go upstairs and turn on music and start cleaning the kitchen.
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