They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


2. Chapter 2

"Dang!" I say when we get there.
"Whats up?" Liam asks. 'Awwh hes so sweet'
" i did not bring enough cash for food after." I say while searching my purse for loose cash.
"Its fine, i got it" Says Laim
"No, i am not letting you pay for me! I just wont get anything" i really dont want him to waste his money on me.
We get to the front of the line "and what do you want to order?" The guy asks
"I want a bacon burger and chips" liam says "and so does she"
"chips?" the guy says
"Sorry i mean 'FRIES'" Liam says.. and i just stand there not moving completely shocked. 'Liam Payne, THE Liam Payne just ordered my favourite meal for me, and hes paying... I am the luckiest girl in the world' I think
"Lets go sit by Niall," and i follow Liam over to the table that Sara Harry and Niall are sitting at.
"...i dont think Louis should be allowed to have one, its bad enough-" Niall stopped talking when he saw Liam walk up,
"What were you talking about Nialler?" Liam asks
"Nothing, about Lou's ... Um.. Kazoo.." Niall winks when he says it.
"Sureee you were" i say. And we sit and eat our burgers, Niall says "well, i should go, gotta get up tomorrow," then he points at Liam and says " I have to.. Um.. Tell you something, come here a sec."
"Yea, ok" Liam says
Then its just me Sara and Harry and the table with an awkward silence, Harry is the one to break that "So Kate, Sara said you really like music, not just our band, but other music too." He says.
"Um" i still cant get over that fact that i am actually talking, and eating with them "ya, i do. You guys, of course, but then i like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Maroon5, and then alot of not very well known bands like Action Item, and Honor Society."
"Oh thats cool, i like Taylor Swift and Maroon5, isnt Demi Lovato that girl hosting the American X-Factor this year?" He asks and Sara nods her head a little too enthusiastically.
"Yeah she is" i say trying not to freak, i have been trying all night and i think im doing better than Sara because they dont notice i dont think.
"Thats cool. I like her too. She's cute." He says as Liam walks back to the table and sits down next to me, where Niall was, and I start getting really nervous, i dont know why.
"What was that about Liam?" Harry asks
"Niall just wanted to tell me that we should come soon too since we have to get up tomorrow, it is the last day of our tour."
"Oh ok," Harry says
"Um think Im gonna go get more fries," Sara says and im so surprised she spoke up, i know she was talking to Harry and Niall before, but she just looks so frozen.
"Ok ill come with" Harry says
"Hey i was thinking" i start to say but Liam cuts me off,
"wanna go get some Ice Cream from across the street?" He says as he points over to the 'Ice Cream Shoppe'
"Sure" i say with a huge smile, 'Liam, from One Direction, asked me to go get ice cream!! Omg' i think.
"Ok i'll just go tell Haz." Liam says
I clean up the table all but Harrys and Saras leftovers and walk up to Liam as hes telling Harry that were going across the street.
"Ok ya we'll meet you over there when were done with our fries"
"Ok see you"


"I just want chocolate, in a dish" i say to the girl taking the orders.
"Do you have pistachio?" Liam asks.
"Uh um er No.... Sorry... Errm Are you Liam from One Direction?" The girl asks.
"No, im Liam from Two Directions." Liam says completly serious. And i bust out laughing, a little too loud. Everyone in the whole resturant stares at me. Liam notices and starts laughing with me. "I'll just have the same as her" he says nodding at me, still laughing.
We get our ice cream and walk over to a table.
"There's a SPOON in my ice cream!" Liam says and thats when i remember how i promised myself that id be afraid of spoons too.
"Ill go get us some forks" i say and get up to get forks.
When i sit back down and start eating my Ice Cream with a fork i think how stupid i look, that he probably thinks that im just copying him, but then he says "thanks, you dont like spoons either?"
"Well i used to, but then i liked you guys and i just stopped using them." I blush. And he laughs.

"Wow I've never met a fan that would do that." He smiles at me, "Your really sweet ya know?" He asks and I'm too stunned to speak. He just laughs again, this time it sounds nervous, no... Shy.

"Well thanks for the Ice cream." I say

"Yea no problem. I really wanted some." He says

"Yeah, you know if i could make my own flavor it would be... Hmmm.. I think it would be Nerds flavor, like the Candy. i LOVE nerds! Their my favourite! But know that i think about it maybe not so good an ice cream flavor." I have no idea what made me so confident to speak to him but i did it.
He laughs and says "Nerds? Ive never heard of them. But i would have Krispy-Kream flavor.. Man! I LOVE those doughnuts"
i smile at him and say "oh my gosh! Really? I do too! Like those are THE best doughnuts ever!"

And we just sit there eating our ice cream, with all these people watching us, mostly teenage girls like my age.
"Dont you ever get tired of this?" I ask quietly

"Yeah i do, i have to learn to live with it i guess, now that im famous" he says the word 'famous' very dramaticly

"Oh im sorry," i say and i smile sympathetically,

"Oh its fine, i love the music and the singing and the guys! Its great! Its the way i live that gets hard"

"Yea i could see how," and we get up to leave.

"Hey, um before we leave and never see each other again... Um... Would you give me your number?" He asks nervously

"Oh yea sure" i say and i get a pen and write my number and address on a napkin "Here ya go" i hand it to him "Thanks this was really fun!"
He smiles, i love his smile, "we should um hang out again sometime"
then i see Harry and Sara walking both of them laughing and Sara looks relaxed. Of course it was Harry, the flirt, the gorgeous one, to make her calm and less starstruck.
"Hey guys!" Harry says, "sorry we ran into all these people and i didnt want to just ignore them, that would be rude"

"Its alright Harry," Liam says then he turns to me "Well, i'll see you later." He smiles and waves as him and Harry walk out the door.

"I cannot believe you!" Sara says

"What? And i cant beleive YOU! Whatever Harry did to make you stop freaking it worked" i point out

"Oh yeah" she blushes "do NOT change the subject! I saw how you guys looked at each other! Well you look at his picture like that... I saw how HE look at you!! He likes you, Kate." She says it so fast i can barely understand her, she gets that way when she's excited.
"Yea right! I wish! He doesnt." I say with my grin still stuck on my face.
"Your still smiling, and he said 'see you later' did he ask for your number?" She asks urgently

"Did Harry ask for yours?" I say changing the subject, again....

"No" She says sadly, "stop changing the subject!! Kate listen to me! Did he?"

"Yes, but its no big deal!" I say quickly.

"Um, yeah it is! Did you give it to him? Wait never mind of course you did your that kind of girl" she is squeaking now.

"Cmon lets start walking home now." I say calmly because now i notice everyone in the Ice Cream Shoppe is staring at me... again..

On the way home Sara doesn't talk, i don't blame her just a few minutes earlier i snapped at her to stop asking about me and Liam. Like that would EVER happen.

"Well goodnight, Kate" she says tiredly, when we get to my house.

"Im sorry Sara," i say "i just dont want to get my hopes up..."

"Yeah, i understand, but seriously. I think he would actually call you. I mean, did you SEE his face when he said bye?" She says excitedly

I laugh. "Yes i saw his face.... I wasnt looking anywhere else..." I say that last part quietly.

Sara laughs and says goodnight again then walks away. I walk in my house and look at the clock, 2:27am
"Wow its THAT late" i say to myself. i see my mom on the couch sleeping, she was probably waiting up for me, but fell asleep at 12:00.
I run downstairs to my room quietly. I dont want to wake her and have her ask me all these questions.
Im not tired so i decide to clean my room, thats what i do in the middle of the night when i cant sleep, Clean. I clean until its done and then its still only 3:41 and im not tired. I plug in my iPod to the speaker and grab my favourite book, Divergent, and start reading. Ive read this book a thousand times, and it keeps getting better.
Then i remember my phone. I turned it off at the concert. I turn it on and see i have 2 missed calls, my older brother whose at college now, and my mom. And 4 text messages, two from mom and one from Sara saying she got home, and the last one is from an unknown number, so i read it 'Hey Kate, its Liam... I just wanted to make sure this was you. Sorry if your asleep... Ttyl... :) -Liam' it says, i start freaking out! fangirling, jumping around my room like a crazy mad person. I see when it was sent it says 3:30 so its not to late to text back... But what do i say... 'Hey Liam. Ya Its Kate. Hi! I wasnt asleep.. I was ྄cleaning.. Ttyl ��' what i said. And then it hits me, i get really tired in the next 2 minutes. And im asleep before he texts me back.

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