They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


16. Chapter 15

"Guys! Pizza!" I called from the kitchen, putting the pizza boxes on the table. Liam and Sara had been talking for awhile in my moms room still. I bet Sara asked him about me. I really wish she didnt. 

Sara was smiling big when she walked into the kitchen. Liam looked a bit funny. I couldnt tell his emotion by his face. I could normally read his face so easily. 

Sara sat down next to me at the counter. "Hey girl hey" she grabbed a piece of pizza and motioned for Liam to do the same. 
He sat on the other side of me and started eating. It was awkward to me. Except we were all eating so. I dont know.... 

"So, whens your mom coming home?" Sara says breaking the silence. 

"Um. This week. Should be Wednesday. So in two days. It may be friday, she said depending on the flight they got her. Shes gonna call tomorrow to let me know." I say quickly. I wonder how things'll be when moms home. With Liam and Sara.... And Harry coming tomorrow. Dang, we've got a house full. 

"Oh. Okay then. My parents aren't getting home for a while so if anyone needs a place to stay I've got room..." Sara finishes her pizza and puts her dishes in the dishwasher. "Well. Im tired.... The flight and time difference and all. Yeah..." 

"The flights like 3 hours..... And the time difference is an hour..." I stand up an put my dishes in the washer, also. 

"Um. Im still tired. Anyway.. Thanks for letting me stay here, i just didnt want to be home alone..." 

"Oh. Yeah. Um No problem. Uh. Night Sara" i hug her and she walks to moms room. 

"Night Sara!" Liam calls after her. He stands up and helps me clean up the kitchen.

"Well. Uh. Do you want to watch Toy Story?" I ask, When we've finished cleaning. 

Liam laughs. "Sure." And he follows me down to my room. 

I put the dvd in and them sit next to Liam on the sofa. He puts his arm around me, my head on his chest. 
"Ive always loved this movie..." Liam says softly. 
I laugh slightly. "Me too.." I looked up at Liam's face to find him looking back at me. How could he, Liam Payne, love me??  I just find it so difficult to see how he loves me. Im not pretty. Or funny. Im average. I don't get it. Ive been wanting to ask for while. But i didn't know how to phrase it. But i guess now is a good time. I sit up and look at him. "Hey, um. Liam?"  I ask nervously. 

"Yeah, babe?" He turns to face me and smiles. 

"Um. I have a question..." I look down and start fidgeting with the hem of my shirt. 

"Is something wrong, Kate??" Liam asks, grabbing my chin gently, so i face him again. 

"Nothings wrong!" I say quicky. He looks a bit relieved. I giggle a little under my breath. 

"So whats your question, Babe?" He smiles at me. Oh how i love his smile.  

"Um. Well. I was wondering." And my next set of sentences came out so fast, Im not sure he understood. "Well, you say you love me, and i believe you, but i was wondering how you could love me, because im just an average girl, im not your dream girl, and then when you and Dani broke up i i i dont know Liam i just feel like. You loved her Liam. You really did. And she had to leave and then. You found me. And it was only a month later and i just. I dont know i really dont. And you had to chose me. 1 in a million. You chose me. But. Why?" I sucked in a huge breath of air. I didnt even know i could possibly say all that with one breath. Liam just looked surprised. Like he wasnt sure what to say. I looked down, and started biting my nails, a nervous habit ive had since i was 10. He thought carefully for a few minutes. And then he spoke up. 

"Because you stood out to me. You were gorgeous when i saw you standing there. At the concert." He tilts my head up so our eyes meet. "You seemed different from other girls. And i really wanted to get to know you. And now that i have i can truly say that i love you, Kate. You have this amazing personality thats absolutely brilliant and you're so beautiful. You're beautiful on the inside and out." 
I had tears falling down my cheeks. I looked down again moving away his hand. I shook my head and laughed slightly.
"But you see, Liam. Im not. Im this weird, nerdy, average looking chick who just wants to listen to music and read all day everyday. But when im with you. You make me feel beautiful. Like i can be loved my someone. You make me feel pretty. But in reality im not." I wipe my face and Liam puts his arms around me. I put my head on his shoulder. 

He strokes my hair and says "'But in reality' you are. And maybe you're a little weird. But i thought you were proud of that? I love how youre weird.  Im weird too! And we're both nerdy!" He laughs. "Thats part of why i love you. Youre not average. Cant you see that? Do you see how people look at you? Niall told me he liked you, actually, and that if i didnt make a move, he would." He laughs. "But dont you see what i mean. You are extremely beautiful, and its genuine. You are very funny. You are the sweetest nicest human being ive ever met. And i love you. I love you, Kate." By now i was practically sobbing quietly into his shoulder. "I love you too, Liam. I love you. I really truly do." I sit up and Liam wipes my tears. I giggle a bit and ive stopped crying. "Oh. Liam, ive ruined your shirt! Im sorry..." I said. I pointed to his shoulder that ive soaked with tears. He starts laughing. "Thats alright babe. You better now?" I start laughing with him. "Yeah. All good." I look back at the tv and see that the movie's been over for awhile... "Oops. Lost track of time and we missed the movie." I say shrugging. "Thats alright.. Ive seen it so many times anyways. Im happy we've talked though. I feel like you needed to know that. I love you." He kisses me, our lips colliding, his warm, soft, sweet lips. I just want to stay here forever. 

He pulls away. "I guess we should get to bed though, its kinda late and Harrys coming tomorrow..." 

"Yeah i guess so. But i dont want to get upppp!" I whine. And then i laugh as Liam picks me up bridal style and carries me to my bed. He sets me down and lays next to me. "You should get some rest, Babe." 
"Fine, Daddy Direction! Ill go to sleep!" I pull the covers up over me as he turns out the light and gets in bed and puts his arms around me..

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