They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


14. Chapter 14

We get home and i unlock the door and walk right into my kitchen.
I scream. "HOLY CRAB. WHAT THE HECK?" Liam jumps, at my voice and at what we see. "Uh.. Sara....?"

"HI GUYS!!" She walks up to me and squeezes me in a hug.

I hug her back. "Sara! What are you doing here?! I thought you were in New York! Oh my gosh! HEY!" I start jumping up and down.

"Ok ok ok calm down little monkey. Ok so. My mom said i could come home early... And so i came home. And i came to your house, right after i dropped my stuff off, and let myself in..." She smiles really cheesy like.

I laugh. "Yes. I see that..." She hugs me again and says. "SO Liam. Why are you here?!"

He blushes. "Hah. Um. Well. I wanted to see Chicago? Im really i thinking i like it here....." He smiles and looks at me. Sara gives me a "Tell all later" look and laughs, "uh, would Harry by any chance be here too?" She asks slowly,
"Uh, as of tomorrow.." I say. She looks at me with wide eyes,
"really? Truly? Seriously?" She starts getting excited, after a few minutes of me trying to calm her down she asks, "so uhm, can i stay here? I could stay in... Your room... Or your moms, since shes not here..."
"Uh....." Did i want her in my room? I mean. With Liam here it may be awkward with all of us, but Harry'll be here tomorrow so its all good, right? "You can stay in my moms room, so you can have more room for your stuff.." I walk with her towards my moms room. Liam is reluctant to follow and eventually just stays in the kitchen, thinking better of it.

"What is up with you and Liam??" Sara asks as soon as we get to moms room.

"Uh, what do you mean?" I shrug, im not sure what to tell her. She is my best friend but..... I dont know...

"Dont give me that. What. Is. Up. With you. And. Liam??" She asks slowly, closing the door.

"Well. Uh. Im not sure... I guess..." I really didnt... Were we boyfriend/girlfriend? I wasnt sure what to tell her exactly.

"Well. What did you guys do? I mean like your moms gone and like youve been alone. And there is something deffinatly going on between you two."

"Well." I launched into a full description of everywhere we've been, and done. Well mostly, i left out the kissing parts. Haha.
"But im not sure what we are."
I say, after ending my story with what we did today. "I mean. I think i love him. scratch that. I know i love him. Its like. You can tell. And you know how it was before i even knew him? Like. Wow, it almost hurts i love him so much, but i dont know if he feels the same."

She looks as if she was gonna laugh at me. "Are you serious? 'You dont know if he feels the same'" she says in a mocking tone. "Pft. Girl. You are crazy. Have you seen how he looks at you??? I think hes crazy in love with you. Truly madly crazy deeply." She says it so confidently and surely.

"But. But..... No.... He doesnt. Hes not..." But she may be right..... I dont know if i believe her though.

"Kate. Listen to me. Ive never seen him look that way. Not at anyone. Not...." She hesitates. But i know what shes gonna say. She lowers her voice. "Not Dani." After Liam and Dani broke up i was devastated but exhilarated. Jumping for joy, but crying of pain. It was so hard for Liam. We could tell. It was only months ago. He loved her so much. "Kate, he really loves you. He does." I was starting to tear up and she opened her mouth to say something else when we heard a knock at the door. I startled.
"yeah?" Sara asked.
Liam popped his head in. "Uh. Werent we going to order a pizza.?" He asks sweetly.

"Oh. Haha yeah..." I laugh. "Sorry. Okay. I got it." I get up and wipe my face before facing Liam. I smile as i walk out of the room to order pizza. As i walk slowly i hear Kate say "SO HOWS THINGS LIAM?" In her loud voice. Haha. Shes so funny.
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