They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


13. Chapter 13

We got to the zoo and there was barely anyone there.
"Wow," i say "its normally crowded..."

"Not today," Liam smiles "its ok, that way we don't have to worry about anyone else."

We walk over to the first habitat house. Its reptiles so i was guessing thats where the turtles would be. I walked in and i wasnt paying attention to where i was going, i almost ran straight into a glass window. I looked up and came face to face with a snake, a boa constrictor. I scream and jump back. "Woah woah," Liam says putting his hands around me. "Its ok... Just a snake.... Its in a cage," we slowly walk away, his takes my hand.

"Liam!" I practically shout into his ear.

"Yes? What?"

"Look!!" I point to the habitat on my left.

"Hey! Turtles!" He says running up to it, like a little boy, tugging me along. "Definatly way bigger than Boris and Archimedes..." He says his face almost right up against the glass. He turns to me suddenly, "you should meet Boris and Archimedes sometime....."
I smile "is that an invitation?"
"It just may be.." He winks and takes my hand and pulls me away to see more of the animals.


"Ughhh..... My feet hurt." I say sitting on the bench. We had been here for almost 4 hours. We've seen every animal there is to see.

Liam laughs. "Then lets sit for a bit."

"Ha! That rhymed!!" I say smiling.

"It did, didnt it..?" He smiles.

"Hey, so uh.. We should get some food, maybe, for dinner?" I was hungry. i looked at my phone, and my eyes got wide. "WE MISSED LUNCH??!! Ugh, i totally forgot..."

Liam laughs, "You sound a bit like Niall."

"Oh... Heh.." I shrug. Liams phone buzzes, "whos that?" I ask as he looks at the text,
"Its Harry, aparently hes going to be here tomorrow...." He says raising and eyebrow.
"Oh. Why for?" I ask. I hope he wasnt coming to take Liam home.... How selfish of me...

"Im not quite sure..."

"Oh okay," i shrug it off, so Harrys coming, no big deal. "Lets get some food?"

"Yeah. Alright,"

"IDEA!" I shout, jumping up from the bench.

He laughs. "And that is...?"

"We should just order pizza! Like go home and order pizza..."

"Thats a brilliant idea!" He says taking my hand.

"OK! Lets do this thing!" I laugh.

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