They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


12. Chapter 12

When i wake up Liams not next to me. I rub my eyes, "Liam?" I get my self dressed and walk up stairs to the kitchen, Liams standing there in front of the fridge with a concentrated look on his face. I giggle at him and he looks up. "Kate, Oh i was hoping you wouldnt wake up... I was gonna make you breakfast.." He says sheepishly
"Liam, you dont have to make me breakfast..." I say walking up to the cupboard, i grab a box of cereal and get milk from the the fridge. "Breakfast" i say. Liam just stares at me, and starts to laugh. I pour cereal and milk into the bowl and get forks, "this is how we eat cereal" i say as i take a bite of my cereal with my fork. He just laughs at me and joins me, sitting down at the table. "You're cute." He smiles at me.
I blush "...What...?"
"You're cute. And i said it."
I blush again, "Oh... Um... Thanks...?"

We finish eating and I say "Heyyyyy, we should go to the zoo.... I mean if you want...."

He smiles at me "Sure, ... Do they have turtles there? And monkeys??"

I laugh. "Um... Not sure, i havent been there in SO long.. But probably,, i mean all zoos have turtles right?"

He laughs "ok lets go.. But uh... How are we getting there?"

"Oh right.... Well... We take the bus..?"

"Right. Ok lets go."
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