They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


11. Chapter 11

That night we sat on my couch in my room watching Toy Story. My head on his shoulder, my hand in his. I fell asleep before it ended.

I woke up with my head still on Liams shoulder, his arms wrapped around me.

"Liam." I say. I want to get up, but I don't want to leave his arms.

He opens his eyes "Good morning, beautiful." he smiles and kisses my lips.

"Nooo Liam!!" I say turning my head away.

"Whats wrong?" he asks

"Morning breath.. Not good..." I point to my mouth. "I'm going to brush my teeth first."

He laughs "ok, good idea.. Me too"

After we brushed our teeth and ate breakfast Liam says "What are we doing today?"

"I feel like a.... Lazy day.. Today is a lazy day.." I say while cleaning off the table

"Lazy day it is then." he smiles,

We put sweats on and I went and got cookies for our lazy day.

"Liam! I'm back!" I say when i get back from the store. He
Doesn't answer. "Liam?!"

I put the cookies in the kitchen, then I heard him from his temporary room. "...... And then we have that last show in Florida in December, then another break?.... Yeah.... Ok... Oh, it's great in Chicago! I've been so many places! Wish you coulda came Haz!... Ok then bye!" he turns around and sees me looking into the room.

"Oh, I'm.. Uh.. Sorryy! I didn't mean to eavesdrop... Sorry... Uh.." I stammer

"it's fine, I was just talking to Haz about the next tour... Its starts soon." he sounds a little disappointed

"Does that mean your leaving?!" I drop the bag that was in my hands.

He comes up to me and puts his arms around me."No, not yet! I still have a while left with you." he smiles and kisses me.

"I got cookies!" I say as we walk out of his room and into the kitchen. "what is the first act of laziness in this day?"

"I say.... Tv?" he suggests

"Ok! Let's gooo!" I say taking the cookies and two glasses of milk walking down to my room. "let's seee... Which movie?" I look through my collection. "Disney?"

"Sure, anything!" so I put in Monsters Inc. I loved that movie!

We laid on my bed and watched. My attention on Liam more than the movie. My head on his chest and his arms around me, I never want to leave this. I fall asleep halfway through the our movie marathon, we were in the middle of Lion King.

I wake up to the words "I love you" and I open my eyes and find myself starring at two big brown eyes that could only be Liam's.
"Kate, babe, I. Love. You."

I gasped, "Liam, I love you too." the words slip out of my mouth before I realised it. But I know it's true, I do love him. More than the world. He comes closer to my face and our lips colide, our kiss more passionate. I pull away "what time is it, Liam?"

"Uuhh," he looks at his phone. "6:38pm, " wow we had been watching tv that long.... "Lou texted me an hour ago.. Oops.."

I laugh. "Nice, and you missed it.. It wasn't important was it?"

"No, something about the tour coming up.." he shrugs

"Li, that is important.." I say sitting up.

"No it's fine Kate. He just wanted to know if I knew the dates.. Which I do, but so should he. He probably just asked someone else"

"ok" I sigh. Lying back down. "I'm going back to sleep.. Good night Liam." I kiss his cheek before I fall back asleep, I don't wake back up until morning.
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