They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


10. Chapter 10

That week went by so fast, we went everywhere I would recommend to someone If they wanted to come to Chicago. Me and Liam kept getting closer, we were really good friends by now, and maybe that's all we were...

That saturday I wanted to go to the park.

"don't worry Li, no one will be there. It's a Saturday and its 80 degrees..." i say trying to talk him into coming

"You are too persuasive... FINE I'll come." he says

"Yay!" I cheer "let's go!"

When we got to the park me and Liam started swinging, after about an hour of swinging and trying to talk I jumped off the swing,

"i used to come here all the time when i was younger...," i sigh at the memory of my dad pushing me on the swing. "Dude, ya know we've been here for like an hour?!"

"Time flys when your having fun.."
He says as he jumps off to join me sitting on a bench.

"this has been like the BEST week ever! I'm so happy I met you Liam, and got to know the REAL you, not just the famous you. I only wish Sara could have been here..."

"I'm happy I met you too, Kate" He puts his hand to my face and moves a stray hair away, "Kate, I... Um... I... Er.. I think.." he looked nervous and then he leaned in and kisses me. He kissed me nervously just brushing my lips, as if waiting for my reaction. I was surprised at first, but I kissed him back.

I pulled away. "Liam, I... I.. " I kiss him again, not knowing how to say what I feel.

We sat there for what felt like hours, really only a few minutes, but it wasn't long enough, before someone came up to us, it was that same girl who talked to me here just over a week ago.

"Get a roo...." me and Liam look up, and a sign of recognition crosses her face. "OhMyGosh!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!" she screams. Her eyes go wide "And you're.. You're" she points at Liam. "AHH! YOUR LIAM FROM ONE DIRECTION!! OMG CAN YOU LIKE GIVE ME YOUR AUTOGRAPH?! OMG IM SOO TWEETING THIS PICTURE OF YOU TWO! SOOOOO adorable!!!!" She screams practically in our faces.

"Uh, yea? Uh I can sign something for you..." Liam says

"Omg really thanks!!! But seriously! Can I take a pic of you two and post it?" she says

"no!" me and Liam say at the same time. "I mean, Uh.. No cause we don't Uh... We... Um... Just no. Ok?" I say

"Oh ok... Fine " she looks disappointed. "here" she hands a notebook to Liam. "Please sign this? And can you" she looks at me "Take a picture of us? Me and Liam I mean.. I want to make my friends jealous.."

"Oh sure" Liam says. He looks at me apologetically, as he signs his name on her notebook

"Yea sure I'll take a picture" she hands me her phone, and I take a picture if them.

After she was done fangirling and freaking out, we got her to leave us alone, and made sure she didn't take a picture of us. She didn't, thank god!

"I'm sorry, Kate." Liam says as we walk back.

"it's fine, Li. I'm sure you get that ALL the time. It's ok, I have to expect something like that if I'm best friends with someone in the worlds biggest boy band.."

"Yea... Oh um Kate. I was thinking maybe.. Wecouldbemorethanfriends?"
He says it so fast I barely understood.

"Liam, I was thinking that too." I say and I kiss him right there in the middle of the sidewalk. And he kisses me back. His hands on my waist and mine around his neck.

"Ugh!" I say after I pull away.

"what?" he says confused

"IM TOO SHORT!! Aggh! I have to stand on my tippy toes!" I say laughing

He laughs "that doesn't matter." he picks me up and kisses me. "let's go back." he takes my hand as we walk to my house.
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