They Don't Know About Us

The Night of the concert changed Kate's life. She met the Boy shes been in love with forever and thats only the start...


1. Chapter 1

"Oh my gosh, I am so FREAKING excited!! thank you thank you thank you!" I say running up the stairs from my room, the basement.
"Watch your mouth, Kate! Or i might go instead." Mom says and she looks evil and i just stare at her like 'i will kill you'. "and youre welcome" she says
"I never ever even dreamed of EVER seeing One Direction in concert! Im so so so so happy" i practically scream in her face.
"Ok ok. Woah girl im serious!" Mom says
"Well gotta go! Sara's outside" i say
"You do know i CAN drive you guys" she says
"Ya mom, but its only 3 blocks away, LITERALLY!" I say i wouldnt mind driving though because its a flippin' 100 degrees out(in Chicago at the end of the spring!), but i dont want mom to drop me off like i don't have a car, which I don't.
"Well have fun sweetie! Just dont stay out too late" she winks at me. She already extended my curfew 4 more hours, its normally at 11.
"Bye mom" i say as i kiss her cheek and run out the door.
The heat hits me like i ran into a wall, "gosh!" I exclaim
Then i see Sara at the end of the block waiting, i wave and scream at her til she notices.
"Heeyyy!" She says "you ready to have the time of your life?"
"Oh yeeaah!!" I scream and we fangirl the whole way there.
When we get there were in the front row waiting for it to start and thats when i see them walk out on stage and i swear i almost peed my pants i was so excited. They start with the song Live While Were Young and everyone sings along.


Its almost over, one more song. They just sang Little Things and im crying still. They start singing One Thing and finally they walk over to this side of the stage, they were over there the whole concert. Im singing along with everyone else and then i see his face, he's looking at me ME! He's looking at me and i cannot believe it out of all the people, he looks at me! And i look back, Into his beautiful Brown eyes, and he winks at me and sings the line "you've got that one thing" and i start freaking.
I think Harry knew Liam stared too long, he grabbed his arm and pulled him away. No come back! I think. But he's gone...


After the concert me and Sara decided to be some of the last people to leave, just in case.
Almost everyone was gone and we were about to leave when I see the boys(MY boys) walking over to us. "Oh my gosh!!!" Sara squeaks
But I'm surprisingly being calm, no fangirling here.
Liams the first to talk "hey, im Liam"
"Ya i know" i say and im sure my voice is shaking. "You guys dont need to introduce yourselves."
"Ok then," Louis says "you should introduce YOURselves"
"Oh yeah, DUH! Im sorry." I say "Im Kate, and this is..." I turn to Sara so she can introduce herself, but her mouth is hanging wide open and her face seems frozen.
"This is Sara!" I say as i try to shake her out of it.
"Nice to meet you guys, Kate." Liam says. "And Sara" he smiles at me. 'Oh my gawd he smiled at ME!' I think
Then Niall speaks up "Well we- ok I- am hungry"
"No surprise" Zayn says
"Shut up. Anyway I am hungry and about to ask the guys if they want to go to Five Guys, you two wanna join us?" Niall's question snaps Sara out of her daze "YES!" She screams and then she smiles at Harry, and he smiles back. 'Omg omg' i hear my thoughts.
"Are Perrie and Elonore coming to?" I ask, not rudely but just as a simple question.
Louis looks happy i remembered Elonore and as soon as i said her name he perked up. "Oh i cant come either i promised El that i'd go watch a movie with her, but you guys can go without me." He looks a little disappointed.
"Ya Perrie wanted to go out tonite so i cant either, go have fun guys" Zayn waves bye and kisses mine and Sara's cheeks and leaves. Im still so surprised im not dead yet, not even freaking. (Well i am on the inside.)
"So Harry, Liam, you, and you, and me. We can go to Five Guys?" Niall asks
"Yeah, sure" Harry says
"Why not?" Liam adds

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