Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


2. ❥You & I

I fell back asleep for a couple minutes in Nialls warm arms never wanting to wake up again. He mumbled incoherent words in my ear and shifted his body a bit. "Niall," i shook his chest trying to wake him. "Mmm yes love?" he groaned, "You have rehearsals today, it's time to wake up!" waking him up was like trying to wake up a teenager early in the morning on weekends. "No.. not now." he muttered turning away from me. "Alrighty then.. your asking for it!" i teased. "Go ahead Sydney," he told me, "Ok don't yell at me when i do!" i threw the covers off of me and ran into the bathroom to get the baby powder and filled a cup with water. I creeped back into the room trying not to get Nialls attention.

"WAKEY, WAKEY!" i yelled throwing water and baby powder all over him. He turned over slowly and gave me a death glare, "Oh it's SO on Sydney Horan!" he said shaking his head.  Ah there it goes again! "That prank never gets old.." i said giggling so hard i didn't see Niall coming. He tackled me back on the bed and snatched away the baby powder pouring it all in my hair, "And guess who's cleaning aalll of this up?" he said, "Oh, i know you are!" i laughed.

"I have rehearsals today remember?" he smirked and pecked my lips then made his way into Annaleighs room. "She's getting so big! I don't want to leave you guys again." his voice dropped and i started fidgeting with my thumbs. "When are you guys leaving again?" i asked, "Not sure management hasn't told us any exact dates.." he picked her up. She rubbed her eyes and coughed a little. "Ewwie what happend daddy?" he laughed and looked over at me, "Mummy and i had a little disagreement this morning!" he winked and kissed her cheek handing her over to me.

"Daddy's got rehearsals today but after we are going to spend some time together. Hows that sound?" i asked Annaleigh getting her messy hair out of her face. She nodded in response and started sucking on her thumb. 


"Niall your breakfast is ready!" i hollered from downstairs putting his plate on the counter. "You done sweetie?" i asked Annaleigh, "No want more!" she begged. I gave her a bit more of eggs and another cut up waffle. "Thank you mummy!" she giggled. "Anything for you princess," just then Niall came trotting down the stairs in a hurry. "I'm about to be late babe. I'm gonna eat on the way," i frowned a bit. I hated this time of year. I practically spent little to no time with Niall now that he was getting busy with another tour again. And Annaleigh missed her daddy during the day. "Ok, i guess i'm eating breakfast alone.. again." i mumbled. He ran over and picked up my chin, "Sydney i love you and i can't wait to see you again this afternoon. Don't worry i'm coming back for you babe!" he managed to get a smile out of me and gave me a heated kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist and i threw mine around his neck. Burying my head in his chest.

"And i'm of course not going to forget about my little munchkin!" he ran over to Annaleigh and tickled her stomach until her face got blood shot red. "Ok i'm late, Bye my loves!" he grabbed his plate from the counter and quickly kissed my lips again. He waved and walked out the door. "Goodbye babe," i whispered to myself.

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