Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


21. ❥Unbreakable

Sydneys POV

  After talking to Niall and getting everything cleared up was such a relief. The boys were leaving to go on tour today and Niall invited me which was even better. I got out of bed and grabbed the 2 biggest suitcases i had. "Ok i'll need a ton of stuff for this." i told myself. So i started going down the list,

Toothbrush and deodorant, check

Straightner, check

Hair Products, check

Denim shorts (Jeans too), check

All of my swimsuits, check

Tank tops (t-shirts too), check

Pjs, check

Rayban sunglasses, check

Shoes, check

  I managed to cram everything into both suitcases just in time because shortly after Niall texted me.

"Be ready in 5 gotta leave for the airport by 6:30." ~ Nialler x

  "Dad i'm leaving now," i ran down the upstairs hallway into his room. "Ok sweetie. Have fun and be safe. I'm gonna miss you tons." he cupped my face in his hands. "I will dad, i'm gonna miss you like crazy too." i was on the verge of crying. 8 months away from him was going to be tough. "Don't forget to call me when you guys land. Oh and kiss Annie for me!" i giggled at his stalling then slowly walked out of his bedroom. Just as i got to the door i turned and waved. "Bye daddy," i whispered to myself then quietly shut his door.

Nialls POV

  Once i finished packing Annie's clothes i put them in her Repunzel suitcase and sat it along the stairs with mine. I made  sure i put Sydney's ring in my suitcase this morning. My plan was to put it back on her finger while we were on the plane. "Katie can you come help me with the bags?" i yelled from upstairs.

  "Sure i'm coming," the only reason why she was still coming on the tour with us was because we would still need a little help with Annie. She couldn't stay out late like we would have to do. "So i heard the good news about you and Sydney. You guys worked things out, yeah?" she inquired. "Yep! Sure did. Thanks for helping me with her Katie. We were really going through a rough patch in our relationship," we reached the bottom of the steps. "Oh, no problem!" she grinned. "Annie we'll be right back." i told my little girl. She was happily watching tv on the couch. "Ok daddy!" she said looking away from the telly and at me.

  Just as we'd finished putting everything into the car Sydney pulled up. She looked gorgeous. "Hey," she waved at me. I waved back then told her to come over and meet Katie. "Sydney Katie, Katie Sydney." i introduced them both. "Hi." they said in unison.

  "Katie can you do me a favour and get Annie's shoes on. Also make sure her sippy cup is filled with Apple juice?" i asked of her. "Alright, have fun you two!" she winked and walked back into the house. We sat there in silence for a couple seconds. "Thanks for inviting me Nialler," she came closer to me. "Of course. I honestly don't think i could survive going on tour without you with me!" she giggled. Gah i missed that. "Oh really? Because i was rethinking my choice of coming or not.." she nodded. "Baaabe not funny!" i whined going along with her banter.

  "Aw i'm sorry Ni." she brought her hand up to my cheek and grazed it. "You don't know how much i've missed you, do you?" i brought her closer by wrapping my arms tightly around her waist. Our faces were centimeters away from each other. I couldn't take it any longer. She stood on her tippy toes and our lips slowly came in contact with one another. It felt like heaven. Pure heaven. Soon enough a car horn sounded and interrupted our moment.

  I whipped my head around and of course it was the boys, and Louis was driving. "God dammit Lou!" i ran up to the car window and he rolled it down. "Sorry to impede on you two love birds but look at the time! We gotta get going!" he was right. It was 6:15 and would take another 10 minutes to drive to the airport.

  "I'll go get Annie," Syd offered then off she was into the house. I leaned in the opening of the window. "So how are you two?" Liam asked. "Great actually.. no more like perfect!" i beamed. "You guys are such a cute and crazy couple!" Zayn spoke. "Yeah, but i love her to pieces man. And it's obvious that nothing can get in the way of our relationship no matter what it is." they nodded.

  I had realized that in the past couple of days. Me and Sydney had been to hell and back, but look where we are now. Nothing can get in the way of our relationship and to this day i still don't know what i would do without her. Right now I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet!


Sorry for the sucky chapter........ any who comments make my dayyy! How do you like team Sydney and Niall? let me knoww! I've been thinking about a shipping name for them comment one if you come up with it! Love you guys! :) x

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