Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


24. ❥Things That Go Bump In The Night

Sydneys POV

  "I-is it almost over?!" i asked covering my eyes with my hands while sitting in Niall's lap. Note to self; never ever again agree to watch a movie with the lads. Instead just go straight to bed after a long flight! "It's on the credits now love. The movies over." Niall lifted my head up. "Your such a trooper." he gave me a dulcet smile then kissed my cheek. "Damn it! You guys know i hate scary movies!" i pointed my finger at them. They found my mad face funny. Not even cuddling with Niall Horan was enough to make me not scared.

  "Niall.. can i sleep as close as i can to you tonight?" i whispered to him because i knew if i'd said it aloud the boys would just laugh at me. "Of course baby. I planned on doing that anyway." he held me in his lap with his arms hanging loose around my waist just above my bum. "Well we had fun guys!" Niall waved and told the boys goodnight. "Have fun tonight you two!" Zayn was still picking with Niall and i. 

  "We will!" Niall gripped my hand and together we walked out of their room. "Wanna go get Annie?" he asked. "If you insist," i let go of his comforting hand and walked ahead of him to Katie's room. "Niall, Stop!" i scolded. I knew why he was walking behind me and he thought he was going to get away with it. "Your to good love! How'd you know i was looking at your bum?" he chuckled. "Why else would you want me to walk ahead of you Ni?" i shook my head and knocked once, twice, three, four times before Katie answered the door.

  "I'm so sorry. Annie and i fell asleep." she said yawning. "Oh it's fine we understand. It is pretty late and we don't wanna keep you up any longer." she welcomed us into her room to get Annie. She whined and groaned as i picked her up out of the bed. "Leave me alone!" she fussed swatting at me. Feisty little 2 year old! "Come on princess it's time to go!" she was throwing a fit and i left the job up to Niall. Annaleigh was always so grouchy when it came to waking her up late at night.

  "Niall come help me!" i called him over. He jogged over to the bed, "Annaleigh Grace Horan lets go!" he imposed. "But i'm tired daddy." she sobbed letting Niall pick her up. "I know it sweetie thats why were going to bed now." he smoothed down her hair and walked over to the door. "Thanks again Katie." we both said. "No problem guys, see ya bright and early tomorrow!" she smiled and shut the door behind us.


  "Niall," i tried shaking him awake. "Niall did you hear that?!" he didn't budge. Gr he was so stubborn at night! I sat up in the dark room looking left to right. I swear the ghost from paranormal activity was out to get me. I heard a screeching noise come from the bathroom and shot my head that way. "Mm baby nothin' is there. I'm right here just go back to sleep." he pressed my body close to his letting his warmth take over. He was right, i just needed to go back to bed. I'm sure i'm overreacting. I sighed and laid my head back down as Niall encased his muscly arm around my body again. 

  I felt his warm breath on my neck every time he breathed out and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. Ok Sydney your just psyching yourself out. Nothing is coming for you. Your not gonna die! I had to remind myself of that. But no matter how hard i tried to fall asleep i kept hearing the noise. "Thats it!" i whispered throwing the duvet off of me. Niall jumbled around but didn't fully wake up. 

  "If your here to kill me, just do it already, but make it quick!" i yelled. I heard the familiar devious laugh of... Louis! As i got closer to the bathroom he popped out of no where making me shriek in terror. "LOU YOU SHIT HEAD!" i pushed him. "I'm sorry! You should've known by how scared you were that i wasn't going to let you off the hook by letting you go to bed without making you pee your pants first!" he held his stomach and laughed uncontrollably. "I can't believe i fooled myself into thinking it was a ghost. I should have known it was going to be you!" i rolled my eyes in annoyance. 

  Niall reached over and turned on the nightstand lamp. "Really Lou? Its to late for this let er' go to bed already!" Niall said squinting his eyes from the bright light. "Fine fine fine i'm all done here." he threw his hands up in defense. "Sleep tight Syd." he gave me a wink just before leaving our room and laughing all the way back to his. "Now that we know theres no ghost.. care to join me for a good nights sleep?" Niall patted my spot.

  I smiled and ran over to the bed. "Goodnight princess. I love you for eternity." i laid my head in the crook of his neck whilst he played with my hair and kissed my head occasionally. "Goodnight Ni." i mumbled just before drifting off into a deep sleep.

 -The next day-

  I groggily woke up to the golden sun's light peeking through the window. "Mummy, mummy!" Annie jumped on top of me shaking me back and forth. "Yes pumpkin?" i rubbed my eyes and noticed i had gotten little to no sleep last night. Thanks to Louis' deficient prank! "Daddy has breakfast for you downstairs come on!" she smiled and tugged on my shirt for me to get out of bed.

  "Ok i'll be right there little one!" i brushed her rosy red cheek then lifted her off the bed. Today was the start of the 2013 TMH tour. Finally! I was so excited for the boys and couldn't wait to watch tonights shows! I slipped out of my shirt and shorts took off my bra and knickers and capered into the nice hot shower. I let the calm water graze down my body for a while before washing my hair and body. I got interrupted of my oh so relaxing shower by a bang on the door. "Who is it?" i called out. "Niall! Speed it up a bit yer breakfast is gonna get cold!" he yelled through the door.

  I quickly washed my hair with my new strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner. I rinsed then got out. "Hmm what to wear?" i asked myself looking through my luggage. I went with skinny jeans sandals and one of my favorite TopShop shirts. After getting dressed i brushed my teeth and decided to let my long brown hair dry naturally so i could end up with beachy waves. After applying a little mascara i was finally done. Perfect.

  "Gosh why do girls take forever to get ready?" Niall shook his head and looked at the time on his phone. "Ugh sorry i had a bad night, and i wanted to relieve some stress.." i told him gathering my over the shoulder bag and putting my phone and wallet in it. "You smell awfully good though! And you look beautiful love." i smiled and put my wet hair behind my ear. "Thanks its new. Any who lets get going, yeah?" i picked up Annaleigh and walked down the never ending hallway until we got to the elevator doors. 

  They opened and we stepped in. "So daddy fixed me breakfast, is that right?" i giggled looking towards Niall. "You got it!" he clasped our hands together as we walked out of the elevator. "Aw Niall's trying to be all romantic!" i swung our hands back and forth until we made it to the breakfast room. The boys waved at us. I eyed Louis giving him a death glare. "You should have seen her face last night mate!" he got a laugh out of the boys. "Yeah, not funny Lou! I was scared out of my mind!" i charged him up. 

  "Haha it was hilarious though! Her face looked like this," he impersonated my facial expression and made it seem like i looked like an ugly ogre when i was scared. "I'm definitely getting you back Louis Tomlinson you can count on it!" i pointed a finger at him. "Ohh she used the first and last name! Bro i'd be shakin' in my boots!" Harry burst into laughter. Damn i need to be more intimidating.

  "Ok Syd i'll be watching my back!" he said taking a sip of his orange juice. "Lou you shit head!" he squealed in an awful impression of me. Obviously trying to copy what i said last night. I scowled at him then turned and walked away to go enjoy my breakfast. I have no clue how i'm going to survive 8 months with these insane boys, but somehow i'm just gonna have to make it work!


This is another one of my favorite chapters i think its so cute! :) Thanks for reading! xx

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