Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


14. ❥The Start

 Katies POV   

  "We are going to be best friends!" Annie told me and giggled. "I'm sure we are," i said, embracing Annaleigh in a warm welcoming hug. "I'm gonna show Katie all of my toys and were gonna go play now! Bye daddy!" Annie grabbed hold of my hand and dragged me out of the room. I had to stop her though. "Hey missy, you don't just leave the room like that! What have i told you about running off?" Niall scolded making Annie tear up. She was probably embarrassed. "I'm sorry daddy," she whimpered and wiped away a fallen tear. I picked her up and placed her on my hip trying to get her to stop crying. "It's okay Annie, we can still play together!" i brushed her hair from her face. "Niall," Louis said harshly but calmly, making him turn around to face him. "Right, well we have to get to work. I'll be home late tonight." Niall said annoyed. The boys had to put off their flight to the states so they could get Annie a babysitter. Which was me. 

    I could already tell Niall was really protective of her though. He watched her every move . "Alright we'll see you then. Say goodbye to daddy Annie," i smiled at her but she gave me a frown instead and positioned her head into my neck. "No he's mean to me." she mumbled. I felt guilty that Annie was already turning on Niall, but he did get mad at her for the littlest things. "Bye guys." i waved goodbye to the boys and watched Niall fold his arms looking extremely frustrated. We walked out of the room and headed home.


   "I wanna show you my room! We can play princesses, and dress up too!" she giggled taking my hand running through the front door. "Annie it's time for dinner first what would you like?" she fluttered her eyelashes and looked as if she was thinking of what she wanted to eat tonight. "Ravioli! Ravioli!" she cheered. "Okay, ravioli it is!" their house was huge for only 2 people. There were what looked like 5 rooms upstairs, and walking into the sitting room there was an even bigger plasma TV sitting on the wall. Not to mention the couches. Niall had good taste in furniture. "Where does daddy keep the food?" i asked her. She got up and guided me to the cupboard. 

    It was food heaven in there! I searched around for a can of ravioli and finally found it. She ran back into the family room turning on the telly. "This is my favorite show!" she exclaimed. Micky Mouse Club House. Eh typical 2 year old! "I'm hungry!" Annie said just as i'd finished raking the food into a bowl. "Come and get it!" i laughed handing her the bowl of food. "Thank you Katie!" she giggled and took the bowl out of my hands plopping herself back down on the couch. "Wanna watch wit mwe?" she asked with a mouth full of food patting the spot beside her. "Sure!" i sat down beside Annie and held her in my lap while she finished up her food. Let the night begin.

Nialls POV

    "See ya lads." i waved goodbye and hopped into my car. it was going on midnight and was extremely worried about Annie. I know i needed to trust Katie, but it was her first night. I was supposed to be worried. Right? As i drove home i started thinking. What if Annaleigh got attached to her? I couldn't handle having to tell her that this was just a temporary thing. On my way home i stopped and grabbed some flowers for Katie. Just some thank you flowers thats it. After getting them i made my journey back home. I pulled into the driveway locking my car behind me. I walked in on a really adorable site.

   My daughter fast asleep in Katies' lap resting her head on her chest. They didn't even budge when i walked through the door. Annie never snored and she sure was doing so! She and Katie must've had a long day today. I slowly walked up to them admiring the cuteness of Annie. My eyes trailed over to Katie. She was actually really pretty. "Katie.. Katie? Wake up love," i gently shook her shoulder trying not to wake Annie with her. She hopped up quickly making sure she hadn't awoken Annie. "Join me?" i asked pointing towards the kitchen. She nodded and slowly got off of the couch turning around to make sure my baby girl was still sleeping. "I'm sorry for falling asleep.. i know that was a dumb move on my first nigh-" i stopped her there.

    "Its fine Katie. Really, i understand. But anyway these are for you. Sorry for gettin' home so late we were just doing some last minute rehearsing s'all." i could sense she was kind of uncomfortable i don't blame her. What idiot asks a girl to come in the kitchen so they can give her flowers? Nice goin' Niall! "Thank you. So much Niall, i don't know what i'd be doing right now if it wern't for you letting me watch her she's such an angel." i brought her into a warm hug then thanked her for doing this for me. I'm glad she never asked about Sydney. I didn't want to talk about her. Annie was probably wondering where her mum went though and i knew she'd ask sooner or later. But i'd just have to break it to her, something i never thought i'd have to do.

   "Niall? Niallll?" Katie waved her hand in front of my face knocking me out of my gaze. "So um.. it's getting late i should get going." she said walking back into the sitting room. "Alright, what time do you think you'd be here tomorrow?" i asked leaning against the wall with my arms crossed.

Katies POV

   He was very good looking. Something i'd never thought about. His muscles flexed when he folded his arms you could see them through his jumper. His dirty blonde hair was perfectly styled and his pants hung perfectly off his hips. But his eyes. Gosh don't even get me started on his eyes!

   I could just look into them for forever and get lost-

  "Are you gonna answer me?" he cut me off with a trail of annoyance in his voice. "Oh, right, what time would be good for you?" i asked rubbing the back of my neck. "Around 10-10:30 either or, but be sure not to be late." he assured me opening the door. "Alrighty then. Bye Niall!" i waved and he gave me a slight smile, "See ya tomorrow Katie!"

Nialls POV

    I shut the door behind Katie and breathed out a sigh. I was about to walk upstairs to get ready for bed when i heard a loud thud. I quickly ran into the sitting room to find my guitar on the floor with the neck snapped off. The one i'd used to sing to Sydney for her 19th birthday. Great. Annaleigh was standing right beside it with a guilty look on her face. I hated when this happened. I could feel my blood boil and the anger building up inside of me. "Annaleigh what the hell happened?" i looked down at her trembling figure as her blue eyes brimmed with tears.

  I'd felt bad but it didn't stop me. "I-im sorry daddy! I didn't mean to!" she sobbed moving away. "Annaleigh this guitar meant everything to me! Why are you always so goddamn clumsy!" i shouted at the top of my lungs. I don't know why i was so worked up. I guess it just all of the stress that had built up over the past couple of days. After all it was just a guitar.. but also my last memory i had of Sydney. "D-daddy i'm really s-sorry!" she whined as the tears started streaming down her face.

   "I dont give a damn just go to bed!" i shouted pointing towards the stairs. "Aren't you doing to read me my bedtime story?" she mumbled, wiping away some of her tears and rubbing her eyes with her small hand. "GO TO BED ANNALEIGH!" i shouted and watched as she instantly ran up to her room crying even harder the whole way there. I sat down on the couch and rested my head in my hands. How could i do this alone? It was all just to much. It was all her fault for leaving. "WHY? WHY'D YOU LEAVE? ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!" i shouted throwing what was left of the guitar. "It's all your fault." i sobbed, my hands covering my eyes. I sunk down to the ground and started thinking of some of our best memories. 

  "Your gonna be such a great mum," i rubbed my hand over her stomach.

   "Just a few more months.." i said kissing her forehead. 

   "You know i could never leave you.. or her Niall," Sydney said rubbing her belly. 

   "We're in this together babe," i put my hand on top of hers.

   "Together forever?" she looked up at me.

   "Forever." i confirmed stroking my thumb on the top of her hand.

I snapped myself away from that thought. Yeah right.    

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