Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


11. ❥The Only Exception.

Nialls POV

      I woke up the next morning snuggled next to Sydney. Her hair was sprawled across her pillow and she was lightly snoring. It was cute. I smiled and slowly got out of bed trying not to wake her or Annie (short for Annaleigh) but of course i fail at everything! "Niall?" Sydney raised up, "Yes love? I'm just runnin' to the loo!" i was doing the potty dance i had to pee really bad! "Mmh," she shooed me away and groaned throwing herself back down on the pillow. I ran into the bathroom and got myself cleaned up and ready for the day. "Niall come get your phone!" Sydney yelled from our room. She sounded agitated. 

   "Ello? yeah.. really?! WHAT! Theres no way i can do that mate!" i caught Sydneys attention then, "Whats going on?" she mouthed. I held up a finger and listened to the rest of what our manager had to say. "Fine bye," i threw my phone down on the ground and sat down resting my head in my hands. I could feel the blood boiling in my veins. Why does management always have to ruin things when everything is going so damn right? I hated this shit! "Niall its okay.. its your job. Some things we just have to deal with and this is one of those things," she sat up and shrugged. Sydney had already known what i was going to have to do and i hadn't even told her yet. 

Sydneys POV

   He huffed, " YEAH, BUT THIS IS SOMETHIN' I DON'T WANT TO  FUCKIN' DEAL WITH ANYMORE!" he screamed at the top of his lungs; his cheeks grew red and he was entirely frustrated. Way to start off the morning management! Just great! Niall's completely pissed and i'm completely terrified. We sat, staring at each other for an awkward minute. Tears brimmed my eyes. This was one of the times i was afraid of Niall and i didn't want that. He looked like he was about ready to kill management and me.. 

  "I'm sorry," his voice cracking towards the end. He rolled his eyes oblivious to the fact that i was practically shaking in fear. When Niall had his temper tantrums there was no stopping him and if anyone got in his way while he was pissed you would be in the alley of a tornado. "I-its fine," i tucked my hair behind my ear and got out of bed. Just before leaving the room i grabbed Annie and turned around, "When do you leave?" i bitterly asked. "Tomorrow," he said, i nodded in disappointment and strolled down the stairs.

    I heard Niall throwing things and mumbling profanities from downstairs, and tried to keep Annaleigh from being scared of her daddy, but at times theres just nothing i could do. "Mummy is daddy gonna be okay?" she asked, her pleading eyes looking up at me for support. I know she was hoping i'd say yes but there was nothing i could do to stop Niall from going where he needed to go. Thats just his job for gods sake! I know he said the next time he left we were going with him but that just wasn't possible for me right now. I was just getting back on track with school and Annie was in pre-school now. On top of that, just for being Niall Horan's girlfriend a ton of modeling agency's wanted me and i was looking into it for extra money for myself.

    Niall came tumbling down the stairs and seemed like he'd calmed down now, "Niall i don't want you around her when your pissed off! You'll scare her to death!" he looked over at Annie and a small smile came upon his face when he looked at her, "I just have one question... will you guys come with me? 1 day is just to short to spend with you," he said just above a whisper. I hesitated a bit. No matter how much i wanted to go with Niall i couldn't! "You know i have goals in life too!" i started to yell but cooled my temper. "Yeah, i know that but we have a child together your not going to get whatever you want anymore, Sydney!" he threw his hands in the air. "Bloody hell! You just make it seem like i can't follow my dreams anymore! Your living the fucking dream while i'm practically working my ass off to take care of Annaleigh while your always gone!" 

   "Well maybe if you hadn't gotten pregnant we could both be living the dream right now," he muttered just loud enough so i could hear him. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?" i got furious then and out of anger slapped him. My hand was stinging i'd hit him so hard. "You know Niall, i thought you'd be a little more mature about things now.. but no your just the same old prick you were before! You just wished your own child wasn't here! What happened to her meaning the world to you? Huh?" i yelled through my tears. 

   My voice was cracking and i didn't even want to turn around to see Annaleighs face right now. She must've been heartbroken. "Just remember, it took 2 to make her!" i pointed behind me at Annie. He stood there his face blood shot red with my hand print tattooed on his face. "I'm sick of this shit Niall!" i wiped away my tears and grabbed Annaleigh then walked out of the house.


-The next day-


 Nialls POV

       The following morning i woke up without Sydney by my side. Instead there was a note to take her place,                                      

  Dear Niall, 

This is goodbye. I'm leaving. 

You haven't done anything. Its just that yesterday made me realize that maybe i need to focus on my dreams. What i want to do with myself. Your an amazing person, and i'm sure you'll make a great boyfriend, and then wife for someone else. But not me. The ring is on the counter downstairs. Kiss Annie again for me.

~ Sydney

   I ripped the note to pieces and instantly tears fell from my eyes. How could she be so selfish? She has a daughter thats going to grow up without her! Sydney took it to far this time and i could never forgive her for this. I didn't think i would push her this far. To where she would just leave and fulfill her own needs. I stumbled out of bed and walked downstairs. The tears that were flowing from my eyes weren't stopping. You know when they say, that your so sad, or so shocked that you could barely move? That was happening to me. 

    "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED HER! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" i shouted, the frustration and anger showing clear in my voice. I was screaming and yelling as if she was here. She wasn't and now I knew how she really was.

   It was all a lie. 

   All the dates, the laughs, the memories, everything.

  I ran back upstairs, went into Annie's room, and over to her bed. "I'll take care of you, i promise. I love you so much." i said meaning every word. I started stroking her hair. "Daddy?" she said in a monotone voice. "Good morning baby girl." i mumbled sniffing and wiping away any tears i still had on my face. "Am i going to work with you today daddy?" she asked rubbing her beautiful eyes. She reminded me so much of myself. Damn it, i forgot i was leaving for the U.S. today! Sydney planned this out perfectly.. "Sure are princess! Now let's get up and get ready, yeah? We have a flight to catch, but uncle Lou's gonna be here soon!" she tilted her head to the side and had a confused look on her face, "Why you been cryin' daddy?" i hated for her to see me in this state. "Daddys been a little under the weather lately sweet pea," i patted her head and gently picked her up setting her down on the ground.

   "I hope you feel better daddy! But i'm gonna go get ready i can't wait to see uncle Lou!" she happily yelped as i heard the sound of her small feet run over to her closet. It amazed me at how happy she could be all the time. And thats why i loved my little girl. Forever & Always.


DRAMAAAAAAAAAA! Yep i bet you guys weren't expecting this! Sydney is gone BUT don't worry theres more coming your way! ;) leave me a comment below what you think! :) Thanks for reading! xx

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