Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


36. ❥The Day That Changed Our Lives For Forever

Sydneys POV

  A couple weeks had passed since Niall and i had found out what his mum had done for us. Considering we planned on getting married as soon as we'd gotten back that didn't happen because of our busy schedules, and because Niall and i didn't want his mum to do all of the planning for us.

  So we put the wedding off for 2 weeks to chip in and pick the flowers we wanted and the theme and color of the wedding.

  I scooted the curtain to the side and walked out of the changing area of the dressing room in a long white dress, studded with sequins and crystals, flowing behind me. I was in New York trying on wedding dresses at Vera Wang's dress shop along with El, Dani, Perrie, and Katie. They were getting fitted for the brides maids dresses.

  "How do i look?" I asked the girls as i stepped onto a circle platform with 3 full length mirrors in front of me to admire myself in.

  "You look gorgeous Syd!"


  "Thats definitely the one!"

  "If you don't buy that one i will!" Katie added.

  I stopped looking in the mirrors and turned to face them, "You think so?" 

  "Oh, i know so!" Someone said from the doorframe. I looked up to see.. Maura! She ran over and lightly hugged me so that the dress stayed nice and clean. 

  "Hi darling! Sorry my flight was a bit behind, but on the other hand you look amazing." She held onto my shoulders and eyed me up and down.

  "Thanks. You think Ni will like it?" I asked biting my lip. "He will definitely not be able to take his eyes off of you Syd! You look wonderful."

  I turned back to the mirrors to look at myself one last time, and decided that this was the one. I could hardly wait for Niall to see me in this dress with my hair done all nicely and my makeup done perfectly.

  Once i changed back into my regular clothes i grabbed the dress, veil, and shoes to go and checkout.

  The total came up to a ridiculous price, but in the end it would all be worth it if it meant i got to marry my prince charming.


3 days later...

  "I'm so nervous.." I sighed as Katie zipped up the back of my dress.

  Everyone crowding around me trying to pin up the fly aways in my hair and make sure my dress and was perfect weren't helping.

  "Don't be! You should be excited this is your big day!" Katie said smiling at me.

  "Thanks," I turned to look in the mirror at my finished look, and took a deep breath to calm my self down.

  Besides all of the paparazzi and the media i haven't had this much attention since my pregnancy so it was all just a little over whelming.

  "It still feels like a dream though. I have to be fangirling.. i can't be marrying Niall James Horan in less than an hour!" 

  I stepped down from the platform i was standing on a took a sip of water. Stupid nerves always got the best of me.

  I checked the time on my phone; 3:25. The wedding was at 4 and i saw people slowly but surely arriving. 

  "Hey Syd!" In walked Maura. She looked stunning in a dress that looked as if it costed hundreds.

  "Hey, hows everything going out there?" I asked.

  "Great! Flowers and everything are all set up and there are a couple guests standing around talking. You excited dear?"

  "Couldn't be any happier!" I felt a sense of comfort come over me when i talked to Maura. No matter if it was about something Niall and i had argued about or if it was about my wedding. She was always there to comfort me.

  "Good. I'm ecstatic for you two and Annaleigh. She's been overjoyed as well! A few minutes ago she told me she was a princess and today was her day!" I giggled at what my little girl had said.

  "Thats Annie for ya!" We laughed again.

  A couple minutes had passed and the wedding time was slowly approaching. Everyone had left the room so i could collect myself before it was time. I was calm, and ready to do this. I turned to look at myself in the mirror. I stared at this beautiful girl in the mirror.

  She was happy, in love, and had anything and everything a girl could dream of. I felt like a totally different person.

  My hair was in a braided bun on top of my head with little periwinkle flowers stuck here and there. "Knock, knock" Maura came back in and handed me my veil.

  "C-can you do it for me?" I nervously asked.

  In some ways i felt as if she was a mother to me. Even though she was about to become my mother in law. She had always been there to help me with the little things.

  She placed the veil over my face and it framed my face perfectly.

  I checked the time once more; 3:55.

  It was almost time.

  "I feel like i'm about to throw up." I said as i picked up my bouquet.

  "Your going to be just fine Syd. It'll be over just before you know it. You dad's going to be right by your side. You love each other, and thats all that matters. Now come on, he's waiting for you!" 

  I looked from my bouquet and up at Maura. I nodded and took a deep breath. She grabbed my hand in reassurance and helped me pick up my dress as we walked out of the room together. Hand in hand.


  "Omg you look amazing Syd!" Perrie squealed as i walked from around the corner and into the foyer.

  When my dad turned around and made eye contact with me it was the best feeling in the world. He looked stunned. Almost as if he didn't recognize me.

  "Jesus.. Sydney?" He chuckled.

  "Yes dad it's me!" I giggled.

  "You look... wow."

  "Thank you."

  I went and stood beside him as my maid of honor and bridesmaids walked down the aisle first. "You ready love?" He extended his arm out for me.


  As the double doors opened and my music played everyone stood as my dad walked me down the aisle. I smiled and took everything one step at a time.

  There was a sparkle in Niall's eyes as soon as he saw me. Once we made it to the altar my dad kissed my cheek and let me go to greet my soon to be husband. In a matter of minutes i was going to officially be able to call Niall Horan my Husband.

  All eyes were on us as Niall took my hands, and spoke.

  "Sydney, my beautiful, my bride. I've waited 3 years 7 months and 15 days to make this promise to you. I stand in front of you today in front of our closest friends and family and vow myself to you as your husband, your partner, and your friend for life. Over the past 3 years we have endured things that have tested us, and driven us to our emotional limits, but we did not break, and we will never break. For whatever life throws at us, we'll conquer it together. Everything that is me was yours long before this day, and will be yours long after. Whatever the future holds for us know that i will follow you anywhere and everywhere hand in hand heart in heart. This i promise you forever."

  As Niall finished i became teary eyed. That was the most beautiful thing i'd ever heard in my life. As i began to read off my vows a couple tears fell from my eyes.

  "Niall, since day 1 we have shared something incredible. Something that most people only dream of. I truly believe i have found my other half. I continue to learn from you, and become a better person from knowing you. You have taught me how to communicate, and how to stand up for myself. You have shown me how to love openly, and honestly and i continue to fall more in love with you everyday. You are my best friend, and you make me happier then i could've ever imagined. I promise to continue to make you laugh, and never take you for granted. To stay young at heart, and never let a day go by without letting you know how much i love you. I give to you all that i am. I promise you forever."

  Niall and i sat staring into each others eyes waiting for the preacher to speak.

  "By the power vested in me, Niall and Sydney, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

  Niall lifted my veil from my face and we had an intimate heated kiss. Everyone was clapping and cheering for us. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I felt like a princess.


Omg the long awaited chapter! Cannonball is over you guys! I cant believe how far i've come with both stories.. i came into this not thinking about the people that would like my stories and would read them but just thinking about how much fun i'd have making up my own characters and my own story. This has been so much fun and i cant wait to continue writing stories for you all! Thank you for all of the comments and favorites and likes i've received love you guys to the moon and back <3

p.s. cutest wedding vows right?!?! i had major feels writing this chapter it was just so darn cute. oh and btw there will be an epilogue! :)

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