Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


19. ❥Take Me As I Am

Nialls POV

  As i walk up my driveway i feel a sudden urge of happiness come over me. I take out my key and unlock the front door. "Daddy!" Annie jumped off the couch and hugged my legs. "Hey sweetie," i picked her up and gave her tons of kisses. Katie sat on the couch and watched as i loved on my daughter. "I got the mail for you there was some fan mail, bills, and 1 extra letter. It looked as if it were from Valentines day but came a little late. There was also a rose to go along with it." she said. A confused look came across my face and i walked over to the mail to see what Katie was talking about. It was probably just another letter from a fan.

  I took a glance at it and noticed the all to familiar handwriting. It was from Sydney. I quickly tore it open and began to read it,


You’ll be leaving soon, so I sit at my desk and begin to write.

I write about your smile and your voice. I write the things I love about you, and even some things that drive me nuts. I write my feelings out, quick easy words and then I hide it. I wrap it in your favorite T-shirt and I smile to myself, satisfied at this clever plan.

You’ll be gone for 8 months this time, so I wait for you to say something about the letter. But you don’t. You would wake up beside me every morning and still say nothing, so I forget about it. 

When we cuddled with each other in bed you would tell me you love me, and everything was normal. 

 They ruined my life, those people. They’re the ones who told me. Told me you were moving on. Thats the only reason why i left.

I've heard about Katie. How you gave her flowers and she's Annies' new sitter. I got jealous.

I guess what i'm trying to say is by the time you read this you'll probably already be on your flight to the states, but Niall James Horan your the absolute best person known to man, and i still love you. 

Happy Valentines Day.

  I set the note down and remembered about my favorite t-shirt. It was more like a good luck shirt so i only took it with me on tour. Thats why i didn't know about the note until now! I ran up stairs and grabbed the neatly folded shirt out of my drawer. As i unfolded it there it was. The note. I took it out and read over it. Just as she'd said, she had written all kinds of things about me. I felt like crap. I got so mad at Sydney and took her for granted when she was just the best person i could have ever known. She did nothing to deserve how i treated her. How could she still be willing to put up with me? But the only people that could have come to mind about me moving on was management. They had lied to her and she believed it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Would you guys like a happy ending or a sad ending let me know in the comments

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