Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


6. ❥Surprises

Nialls POV

    Later that day the boys and i had an interview at Simons building which was perfect because i have something to talk to him about. "I'll be right back guys," they nodded and i headed over to Simons office. I knocked twice before there was an answer. "Come in," his voice was serious and it still to this day made me nervous. "Ah, Niall, just the lad i was looking for! I have a bit of news for you," i started fidgeting around with my keys in my pocket. No one ever knows what Simon is going to say. It could honestly make you or break you.

  "Well i don't exactly know how to say this but.. your going home!" i gave him a confused look. Was he being serious? "I- i'm what?" i asked making sure i heard him correctly. "I know you have a lot going on right now, with your family and all, so i thought it'd be best for you to have a break from a couple of interviews and such," i was ecstatic! Simon was being serious. I was getting to go home just in time for Sydney's birthday.


Sydneys POV

     I fixed myself a cuppa and relaxed on the couch for most of the morning. Annaleigh was playing with her toys on the floor and i had turned the telly to kiddy shows for her. Her favourite show in the morning was Micky Mouse Club House and luckily it was on. She loved that show and didn't like to be bothered when it was on. "Purple mummy!" she pointed to the tv when they asked what colour that was. "Good job sweetie!" i smiled and took a sip of my tea. I heard my phone ringing from upstairs so i hurriedly got up to catch it. "Mummy will be right back!" i told Annaleigh sprinting up the stairs. I ran into the room and picked up my phone.

  To my surprise it was Niall.. NIALL?! "Hello?" i answered confused, "Hey love, you sound like your out of breath!" he chuckled. "I am! I ran up the stairs really fast to catch my phone just in case it was you. Sometimes if i don't catch it and i try to ring you again, you don't answer." i bit my lip, hoping there was a good reason as to why he was on the phone with me right now. "Why'd you call?" i asked him still puzzled.

  "I just wanted to hear your voice again. I miss you like crazy, and i can't wait to see you to-" he stopped there. "See me? When? Niall start talking!" i put my hand on my hip forgetting that he couldn't see me. "See you.. when i can!" i could tell he was lying. He was terrible at making up lies on the spot. "Niall James Horan your lying to me!" i rolled my eyes and heard what sounded like someone over an intercom at an airport. "I'm serious love! I have to go now, kiss Annaleigh for me. I love you muah!" and that was it. He hung up.


Nialls POV

    Gosh she was so good at knowing when i wasn't telling the truth. I hated lying to her but it was going to be one of the best surprises for her birthday! Along with meeting up with Ed Sheeran to write a song for her. Yep, i wanted to do something extra special for her 19th birthday. Something she, nor i, would ever forget. "Flight 165 to London, England boarding now,"  a lady came over the intercom and said. This was it, i was getting to go home. I walked through the terminal to board the plane. Thank god no fans knew i was here today or i wouldn't have gotten to go home as fast as i wanted to. Now all's that was left was to wait for another 16 hours until i got to see Sydney and my baby girl again!

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