Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


29. ❥She May Be The One

Nialls POV

  On our way back to the hotel Sydney fell asleep on my shoulder along with Annaleigh in her lap. I looked down at my  2 beautiful princesses and kissed them both. "I love you two." I spoke softly since the bus was quiet and everyone was most likely sleeping after the long day we've had. Sydney smiled in her sleep as i did so then adjusted her head on my shoulder. "Niaalll, no kisses while i'm sleeping! I don't get to enjoy them as much!" She fussed. "I'm sorry love i just cant help kissing your soft (kiss) amazing (kiss) to die for (kiss) lips! (kiss)" She giggled and met eyes with me.

  "And i can't help you not kissing my soft, amazing, to die for, lips!" She laughed. "Oh, and i call shower first!" She yelled startling Annie. "I'm sorry baby," She silently giggled at her silliness. "Shh go back to sleep mummy's little sweet pea." She kissed and swayed Annie back and forth until her eyelids fluttered close for the second time tonight. "Aw such a good mummy!" I chuckled kissing Sydney's temple. "Well, that is my job isn't it?!" She smiled at me. "And you do such an incredible job at being a good mummy." I nodded while caressing her hair. We pulled up to the hotel and were the first ones to get off of the tour bus.

  I took Annie from Sydney so she could grab her laptop and a couple bags, then up to the room we went. As she slipped the card into our door a green light flashed signaling the door was open and we could go in. "Baby?" I whispered laying Annie down on the bed and covering her up with the duvet. "Yes Ni?" She answered. 

  "About that shower.. why not take one together? We haven't done that in a while, and it saves water!" I winked trying to persuade her to agree. "And if she wakes up crying hysterically looking for her mummy and daddy..?" She pointed at Annie and placed a hand on her hip. She was trying to disagree, but i wasn't going to stop until she gave in.

  I sighed and pouted. She walked over and lightly kissed my poked out lip. "Oh what the hell, come on Ni!" She grasped our hands together and into the bathroom we went. Point for Nialler! ;)


  "Baabe please don't tickle me!" Sydney giggled and ran out of the bathroom after our long hot shower together. "Don't run now!" I ran after her with a towel around my waist. She fell backwards onto the bed and i hovered over her. "I honestly think you look much better without the towel," I smirked and started to take off the white towel that was hiding her amazing body. She bit her lip and i could tell things were about to get heated. That was until,

  "Knock knock!" Paul burst through the door and we jolted apart. "I swear thats got to be the worst part about this job!" He threw his hands over his eyes. Sydney and i laughed quietly at him as he continued to speak. "Tomorrow you guys have a day off. As of now, nothing is scheduled, so don't wake up at the crack of dawn looking for everyone because i'm pretty sure we're all gonna be sleeping in!" He chuckled. "Ok thanks Paul," I said still smiling at him. "No problem. And please, you two get some clothes on! I would hate for the little one to wake up and see you all lovey dovey on each other!" He shook his head, then walked out.

  "HAHAHA!" Sydney and i laughed uncontrollably at what just happened. "You should have seen your face when he opened the door!" She said in between laughs. "Yeah, yeah very funny.." I said walking back over to where she was. "Now where were we?" I asked towering over her again. I placed my arms on either side of her, then leaned my head down to kiss her delicate lips. The spark i always got when i kissed Syd was never ending. I ran my tongue over her bottom lip indicating that i wanted entrance. She shook her head then pulled away, "Nuh uh! You can wait mr!" She poked my chest then winked. "So now you want to tease me?" She nodded then slowly bit her lip. "Well then, 2 can play at that game!"

Harrys POV

  When Paul came in and told Zayn and i that we all had a free day tomorrow i was beyond excited. I laid in bed looking up at the ceiling. It was pitch black in the room, and thats because Zayn and Perrie supposedly 'love to sleep in the dark'. It was really a stupid idea to sleep in the dark ,while it was quiet, with another person in the room. What they were doing was pretty obvious, and i wasn't going to stay around and listen to it. The only other place i could think of going was to Niall and Sydney's room. They had Annie with them so they couldn't be doing anything. Atleast i hope they're not..

  I threw the covers off of myself and started to get out of bed. "Damn it Harry!" Zayn gasped. "We thought you were sleeping!" Perrie came from up under the duvet and was breathing extremely hard. I held my hands up in defense, "Sorry mate! I was just leaving.. i wasn't going to stay around to listen or anything." They nodded then back under the covers they went. I sighed then shook my head and walked out of the room.

  I was almost at their room when i spotted Lou coming down the hallway. "Its 4 a.m. what are you still doing up?" He questioned. "I shall ask you the same thing.." I answered back. "I was just going down to Syd and Niall's room for ice. Since we have a free day tomorrow El and i thought why not make this night fun and get drunk!" He said excitedly. 

  "I was just going down there too. Come on!" I turned back around and lead the way to their room. I knocked once, then Louis knocked twice. "GO........ AWAY!...." We heard Sydney breathe out. "Oh gosh there they go making babies again!" Louis joked and i chuckled. "Well then i guess asking them for ice is out of the question.. um i guess i'll try Zayn. Night mate!" He started to walk away. This is until i stopped him. "I wouldn't go there either.." He shook his head, "What is wrong with everyone's hormones tonight?!?!" I laughed, "Your asking me! If you and El are getting drunk this late at night you'll probably go there with her too!" 

  He smirked, "True, true! Can't deny that one pal!" He patted my shoulder then started off back to his room. "Well, i guess we're stuck with no ice! Night Haz!" I sighed. My only hope left here was Liam and Danielle. Hopefully he wasn't getting it in with her too because i so badly wanted to get some sleep! I trudged farther down the hallway to their room and knocked on the door. "Harry?" Liam yawned while opening up the door. "What are you still doing up?!" He asked. "Long story short everyone's having a bit of fun tonight and you and Dani seem like the only one's that aren't.. i desperately need a place to sleep tonight. Got a spare bed?" I was begging now. My eyes were starting to give out on me.

  "Come on in," He opened up the door wider for me to walk in. I signed of relief. "Thanks Li. I owe you one!" I jumped into the bed and closed my drooping eyes. Then off i was into a nice deep sleep.


  The next day i didn't wake up until almost 2 p.m. thanks to everyone and their horniness. Liam and Dani wern't in the room when i woke up so they were probably at the pool or out eating lunch. I quickly got dressed for the day and took an elevator down to the first floor. I heard Louis laugh coming from the pool so everyone must be there. I slid my card into the slot and the door opened. I walked in to find Niall and Sydney swimming with Annie, and Everyone else in the hot tub. "Thanks for inviting me!" I sulked. Of course, here i am, left out again. 

  "Sorry we didn't want to wake you! You seemed as if you had a pretty long night last night!" Liam nodded. "Oh what was that Sydney said last night?" I knew what Louis was about to make a joke out of, and Sydney was going to beat him until he was blue. I could already see it happening! "OH NIALL HARDER! FASTER NIALLER PLEASE MMMM!" Everyone found it funny besides Sydney of course. Even Niall laughed. "Shut up Lou!" She shot him a death glare and he quickly turned his head in the opposite direction. "Mummy is that why the bed was shaking really hard last night? And i was on the couch?" Annie asked.

  "Umm.. uh don't worry about it sweet heart he was only playing around.. right Lou?" Sydney squinted her eyes at him and mouthed 'your dead'. I knew the damage Sydney could do if you embarrassed her in that way. And it wasn't pretty. Trust me i've learned my lesson plenty of times! "Y-yeah i was just kidding around love!" He nodded. "Ok daddy swim with me!" They went back to swimming and i sat in a chair away from the water. I was on my phone doing the usual. Texting my family, letting them know i loved and missed them. Checking my twitter. Nothing special.

  "Yeah and i said-" Niall started. But stopped when in walked 2 girls obviously surprised by who they were looking at. "Its.. it's.. ONE DIRECTION!" The blonde one screamed. The brunette shook her head and blinked knocking herself from her daze. "Shut up Emma!" The brunette whispered while nudging her friend in the side. "S-sorry about her.. she's kind of a crazed fan of you guys," She smiled at us. "And sorry for being so rude! i'm Bree, and this is Emma." She pointed to herself then to her friend. "Nice to meet you guys!" I spoke since no one else felt the need to.

  "i'm Harry," I stuffed my phone back into my pocket and got up to hug the girls. They were pretty fit! Once they talked with us a bit, and we got to know them a little better, Emma got into the pool with Niall, Annie, and Sydney while i stayed dry and talked to Bree. She seemed like an amazing girl and i couldn't take my eyes off of her. Everything she told me about herself is what i've always wanted in a girl! Isn't it crazy how you can find the perfect girl in the oddest places?


Yay for an extremely long chapter! So obviously Harry's girl is in this chapter and it was so hard i choose! :( But the one that seemed most like i pictured Harry's girlfriend was @Isn'tHarryLovely17! It's like she read my mind and matched almost perfectly with the type of girl i was planning on giving Harry! Don't worry if you didn't get picked.. i will do something else like that another time! But other than that thanks for reading and being awesome :) Love you guys!! xx  

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