Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


28. ❥Only You

Harrys POV

  Living like this is so depressing. Liam, Louis, and Zayn are snogging and hugging all over their girlfriends.. and then theres me. Sitting on the floor playing dolls with Annaleigh. I feel like i've officially lost my manhood. "C'mon uncle Harry! Why aren't you paying attention?" She whined. "I'm sorry Annie. How about i put on a movie for you. How's that sound?" I was alleging that she'd say yes and not reject my offer. "Fine.." She sighed. "But your playing with me later uncle Harry!" For a 2 year old, attitude wise, she's a spitting image of Sydney! "Ok ok!" I put my hands up in defense. Why are you suddenly scared of a 2 year old Styles? 

  "I wanna watch Repunzel!" She dragged me into the play room which held 3 telly's and ton of movies. Not to mention endless amounts of toys for her and Lux. "Alright let me find it." I was hoping and praying that the movie was here. If it wasn't.. let's just say i'm scared of the outcome Annie can have when she doesn't get her way. Niall and Sydney spoil her ROTTEN. I've lost count of how many times i've tried to tell them to have more kids. I suppose that most likely wouldn't happen now that we're on tour anyway. Thankfully i found the movie. I stuck it into the dvd player and pressed play.

  "Uncle Harryyyy.." She sing songed while dragging out the 'y'. "Yes Annie?" I  retorted. "Where's mummy and daddy? I wanna watch the movie with them!" She looked as if she wasn't going to budge without them here. "Uh.. umm," I didn't exactly know how to answer this question considering i don't know where Sydney and Niall are. "They went out, but they should be back any minute now." She nodded. "We're just out here if you need us." I pointed out the door and into the dressing room where everyone was slowly but surely piling up in. I could still hear people congratulating the boys here and there. I kissed her forehead and left the room leaving the door open just in case she did need something.

  "Guys where's Syd and Niall?" I asked approaching the now very affectionate couples. "Not sure. But someone needs to call them and tell them to come on! Since we all rode here on the bus we can't leave until they get back!" Zayn complained. "Fine.. leave it to Harry to solve everyone's problems!" They were just sitting around doing nothing when they could've been calling! I walked into a vacant room in the back and rang Niall.


 'Niall where the hell are you guys?! It's almost 2 a.m. and your daughter, which you just threw off on me, is still awake!' I don't know why but i was taking all of my anger out on him.

 'Sorry man we lost track of time.. we're on our way back now.'

 'Alright bye.'


Nialls POV

  "Who was that?" Sydney asked. Her now dark brown, almost black, hair was stuck to her face which brought out her green eyes making them glimmer in the little bit of light we did have. "It was Harry. Annie's still awake and it's 2 a.m.!" Her sleep schedule was going to be all messed up now. "Aww but Ni," She whined. "I could stay out here with you for forever!" Our chests were touching and she was so badly trying to talk me into staying. "I know princess, but we have to go.. everyone's waiting on us." I dreaded rejecting those pleading eyes. It was always hard turning Sydney down when she wanted her way, but i had to say no. "Come on love!" I pulled her by the hand and together we walked back to the arena. Thank god we exited through the back way or else we would've been toppled by fans by now!

  "Ni," She started. I swung our hands back and forth, "Hm?" I answered. "Thank you for tonight." She looked up at me with a faint smile. "Of course babe. We may have our ups and downs, but these last 2 years with you i couldn't imagine with anyone else."

Harrys POV

  "Where did they say they were mate?" Liam asked. "On there way. They supposedly lost track of time." I grumbled in annoyance. Everyone nodded and went back to doing what couples do. Soon enough in walked Niall and Sydney.. soaking wet. Everyone then turned there attention towards them. "What happened with you two?!" El asked. "Niall and i had a bit of fun for our 2 year anniversary!" Sydney gleamed and smiled looking up at Niall.

  "In the rain? That sure was a smart idea!" She said sarcastically. Sydney rolled her eyes at El's ignorant comment, "Well, i enjoyed myself, and thats all that matters." She then walked out of the room and into the play room to get Annaleigh.

Sydneys POV

  I should have known Eleanor, of all people, was going to say something so stupid. She irked me so much and i honestly could give 2 shits about her opinion. "Babe," Niall spun me around by the arm just before i stepped foot into the play room to get my daughter. "What Niall?" I asked annoyed. "If you know you had a good time, then what she says doesn't matter you know that right?" He wiped droplets of water from my face with his thumb. "I know that Ni. Its just she doesn't have to be so bitchy about everything! And thats what annoys me about her. She's changed so much.. we used to be the best of friends. Hang out with each other every second of the day, still have sleep overs with one another. But it's like she's turned against me all of a sudden." I wasn't going to let El get to me. Not this time.

  "Maybe you two need to sit down and talk?" He suggested. "I'm pretty sure that would end up turning into an argument. Maybe even a girl fight by the way things are looking now." I nodded then turned and went into the play room. "Annie," I walked over to the couch where my baby girl was fast asleep. "wake up pumpkin." I shook her awake. "Mummy daddy!" She looked from me to Niall. "Hi baby!" I kissed her cheek and picked her up. "Mummy your all wet and cold put me down!" She squirmed out of my arms and plopped back down on the couch.

  "Where did you go? I was waiting for you guys to get back to watch the movie with me, but you took to long so i fell asleep!" She said rubbing her little tired eyes. "Mummy and i went out and celebrated something special. We're sorry baby." Niall said walking over to the couch to join us. "Next time we will be here to watch it with you ok?" She nodded holding out both pinkies, "Promise?" Niall and i locked pinkies with her, then at the same time kissed her cheek making her giggle. "Come on big girl!" I said picking her up. And with that off we were back to the tour bus. 


akhdjsfklsdklfhdhk SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN FOREVER! I don't want to go on with excuses so i'm going to leave it at that.. i know i said Harry's girlfriend was going to be in this one chapter but i've been having really bad writers block and i couldn't think of a way to fit it into this chapter. I had an idea but i forgot due to not being on in forever. I have been reading you guys's comments though! Thanks for continuing to read my stories and liking favouritng and commenting! Leave me your thoughts on this chapter :) *Harry's girlfriend will be in the next chapter!!!* Much love! xxxx

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