Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


25. ❥Oh The Things We Do On The Tour Bus..

Nialls POV

  After breakfast we all made our way out to the tour bus. It came as a total shock that no one had leaked our hotel yet! There were no fans outside waiting for us this morning. I mean a couple people recognized they were staying in the same hotel as One Direction, but other than that we were ok. "I call a top bunk!" Louis rushed over to claim is bed. "I got the one below Lou!" Liam asserted his as well. "Lets get a top one babe," i told Sydney. She nodded in agreement then picked out which one she wanted.

  There were enough bunks for everyone to have their own so Katie and Annie got one to themselves. "You know Katie," oh god what is Harry doing? "Theres always enough room in my bunk for you!" he gave her a solemn wink. "N-no i think i'm good here." she faltered then roughly closed her curtain. Everyone started laughing at Harrys rejection. After a while everyone settled down in their bucks and did their own thing. I settled down in bed with a bowl of ice cream in my hands. Sydney sat beside me, holding her own bowl while doing school work.

  "Babe your being a party pooper!" i whined. "And hows that?" she looked away from her computer. "You'd rather be doing school work than watching a movie with me?" i was trying my best to make her put that off at least until tomorrow. "Fine then Nialler i'll watch a movie with you." she giggled then shut her Macbook taking another bite of ice cream. "You did that because you know i couldn't have said no to that face of yours!" she giggled pulling the covers over us both. "Thats it! I can't take this boredom any longer, who's up for a game of truth or dare?" Louis opened up his curtain and received not 1 answer from anyone.

  "Come on you guys i know your not asleep.. well maybe Niall and Sydney are quietly up to something, but other than that i know you guys are awake!" Niall and i exchanged a confused look. "We are not!" we both said at the same time throwing open the curtain. "Well come join me then!" i sighed jumping down from the bunk. A brief game of truth or dare wouldn't hurt. "Come on love," i helped Sydney down from the bunk and soon enough everyone joined in. It was quite fun actually! "Ok Liam's turn," Zayn said. "Truth or dare!" he asked, "Umm... uh... dare?" that was a total mistake! Everyone knows not to pick dare when Zayn asks you! "I dare you to ring Dani and tell her you can't take it anymore. You need her now and you want to have phone sex!" 

  Liam's eyes got immense and he slowly but surely pulled out his iPhone 5. "Oh and i forgot to mention.. you have to say it with her on speaker phone!" everyone erupted with laughter and all of our faces turned beet red. "Bloody hell!" he groaned while dialing her number. He pressed the speaker button and after 2 rings she picked up. "LIAM!" she sounded elated to hear his voice again. He gave Zayn a look that said 'your gonna get it'. Zayn mouthed "Say it!" he stammered a bit just before saying it. "I-i can't take it anymore. I need you now and i want to have phone sex." everyone tried to hold in their laughter by silently laughing at him. "Liam what the hell? I'm having lunch with my mum right now!" his face turned exceedingly red.

  "Oh i'm sorry babe. I'll talk to you later then!" he rushed off the phone then hung up. "You guys are so dead! That was no where near funny!" none of us could take him serious, and he soon, joined in laughing along with us. "Next Niall, truth or dare!" Liam asked me. "Since i'm such a rebellious person, i choose dare!" Liam tapped his chin trying to think of a good dare for me. "Hmm... I dare you to feel up on Sydney!"

Sydneys POV

  "I dare you to feel up on Sydney!" the words kept repeating over and over in my head. Everyone looked from Niall to me and back at Niall again. He was smirking erotically at me, crawling over to where i sat at Harry's right side. "Are you ok with this?" he whispered huskily in my ear, looking deep into my eyes. Was this feeling i was encountering normal? It couldn't have been. I didn't want to do this in front of everyone, but it was his dare and i wouldn't want to be a 'party pooper' again as Niall would say. I nodded my head and smiled as he leaned down. Our lips brushed over one another, and his hot breath swept across my face.

  I couldn't help but notice that his eyes were darker than earlier, and now filled with lust. Just as he was about to say something else i crashed my lips onto his. His hands were feeling all over my legs and we got really into this dare! I had missed the feeling of his warm hands cupping my face and the feel of his hair between my fingers. His tongue flickered across my bottom lip begging for entrance, but i didn't let him through. I knew how much he hated it when i teased him.

  He soon figured out a way to get his tongue through, and that was by biting my lip. I gasped and his tongue made it's way into my mouth. His hands were traveling all over my body he then pulled me into his lap, but just as he was about to put a hand into my bra Louis interrupted our heated session. "ALRIGHT YOU TWO THATS ENOUGH!" he yelled making us jolt apart. I had forgotten this was only a dare and had gotten really into it. I cleared my throat and got off of Niall's lap to go sit back in my spot. "Wow." Harry muttered. I bit my lip and looked down so my hair covered my blushing face. This was definitely going to be a day to remember.


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