Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


33. ❥Not Just You

Brees POV

  Here i sit in my studio letting hot salty tears stream down my face. Harry's leaving soon, and theres no telling when i'm ever going to see him again. I wouldn't be surprised if he forgot all about me and got caught up with another celebrity again.

  "Looking at those aren't going to make this any better," I sniffled and looked up to find Emma leaning on the doorframe with her arms crossed. The one person i can always count on to be there for me at a time like this.

  She walked over and took a seat beside me, rubbing light circles in my back. I giggled and wiped at my wet face, "Yeah i know, but, what else can i do you know?" I shrugged and continued to scroll through the pictures on my camera.

  "Harry said their flight isn't leaving until 6 a.m. and its," She glanced at her watch, "12 p.m. right now. I think he wouldn't mind seeing you one last time. Oh heck who am i kidding!? I'm pretty sure it would make his night Bree." She reassured me.

  "You think so?" I asked, looking away from our pictures and at Emma. "I know so!" She grabbed the camera out of my hands, "Now get up and go and get your man girl!" A smile appeared on my face all thanks to my amazing best friend. "Thank you Em." I checked my face in the mirror, grabbing a tissue and wiping away my smeared mascara that had stained my cheeks black from all of the crying i'd done tonight.

  "How do i look?" I asked doing a 360 for Emma. "Perfect, amazing, beautiful.. now go on Bree Harry's awaiting his princess!" I nodded vigorously.

  "Ok, ok i'm leaving now. Thanks again," I leaned down and gave Em one last hug before walking out of my studio and catching a cab to the hotel where i'd met my wonderful boyfriend; a day i could never forget.

Harry's POV

  I couldn't go to sleep. My eyes just wouldn't let me. We had to be up to catch out flight in less than 6 hours now and i still hadn't fallen asleep. Bree had taken over my mind and i hated the feeling of her not next to me right now.

  I couldn't stop thinking of how much i'll miss her breathtaking eyes and stunning smile. She's so perfect. I picked up my phone for the hundredth time tonight and checked the time; 12: 45. I continuously read through Bree and i's messages because they were just to darn cute.

  "I just wish you were here," I whispered. I'd spoken to soon because soon after there were 3 wraps on my door. It couldn't have been the boys or security or something, they all have key cards.

  I tore my eyes away from our messages and got up to get the door. I looked through the peephole at who this might be, and saw.. Bree. I quickly unlocked the door and as soon as it opened wide enough for her to come through it she jumped into my arms.

  Her legs were tightly wrapped around my torso her face buried in my neck, and i couldn't have asked for anything better. "Babe, w-what are you doing here?" I questioned her sudden appearance while bringing her face from my neck.

  "H-harry i couldn't do it. i just couldn't. And-and i needed you." She sobbed. I hushed her there. 

  "Shhh. Come on, lay down with me love," I carried her back to my bed and set her down. I took off her shoes and jacket then placed her legs in bed. Afterwards walked to the other side to join her.

  "I didn't know what i was going to do if i hadn't seen you one last time before i boarded that plane." I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her closer than she already was to me. She'd intertwined our legs to make it even better.

  "So-so you were going to miss me too?" She mumbled. I moved her curly hair from her eyes, "I couldn't even fall asleep love. I've never felt the connection i feel with you with another girl before Bree. It's just something about you that stuns me. Your creativity, your smile that blows me away from reality, your perfectness.. and i could certainly go on for another 5 hours." She managed to giggle and that made something in me light up.

  Seeing that i could make her laugh after crying, i knew i was doing something right then. Her eyes soon fluttered close and her breathing softened. I lightly caressed her hair before relaxing and getting comfortable in her embrace. "Now that your here with me i can sleep," I whispered adding in a kiss on her forehead. I swore i saw a smile creep onto her face then. "Goodnight princess."


  "Aww look at them!"

  "They're so cute together!"

  "To bad we're going to have to wake them.."

  "Wait! Let me get a picture of this first,"

  I heard numerous voices crowding around my bed. Without opening my eyes i guessed that it was the boys, and maybe even Emma.

  A flash went off making me squint my eyes, though they were already closed, and causing Bree to stir around a bit. "They're waking up hurry up and get out!" Said a voice that sounded a lot like Louis. I stayed fake sleeping until i could no longer hear quick footsteps filing out of my room, and someone shut my door.

  "What time is it?" Bree groaned. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and looked at the time; "4:56,"I replied. She opened her eyes and frowned. "So, this means your leaving in less than 2 hours.." I shook my head, "Lets not think about that right now. I just want to think about being with you right now."

  She yawned, "Ok, well i'm going back to sleep until its time." She snuggled into my chest and breathed out before closing her eyes for the second time and falling back asleep.

  "I-i love you." I told her before she was full on asleep again. Her eyes shot open, "I love you too, Harry." She said back. "Good now lets get some more rest."

  I set my alarm for 5:30 since i'd already had all of my bags packed and i was more than likely going to wear a beanie, so i had to do nothing with my hair, and throw on a t-shirt and sweatpants. Then off to sleep i went.


Awe a whole Bree and Harry chapter i think its cute :) Thanks for reading xx   

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