Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


30. ❥Nobody Compares To You

Bree's POV

  Meeting Harry Styles was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. Sadly he was on tour and wouldn't be in the states for long. "You did mention that your into photography and painting right?" Harry asked. "Yep!" I nodded. "Thats really cool. I'd love to see some of your work sometime!" His cheeky grin was so alluring, and it was already making me melt. "Hey.. i think i have something in mind that we could do! Thats only if you want to of course." I bit my lip and waited for his reply. "Sounds good to me!" I sighed of relief and got up to leave the pool.

  "We'll be back later Emma! You have a hotel card just go back to the room when your ready." I informed her. "Have fun mate!" Louis winked at Harry as we walked out together. Harry shook his head and i laughed at Louis' assumptions. "Now where did you plan on taking me?" Harry was determined to know, but i was going to keep it as a surprise. He said he would love to see some of my work sometime, so why pass up the chance to show it to him now?

  "Its a surprise! Thats all i'm telling you!" I giggled. "Fine, but just this time. I dread surprises!" He chuckled. "Well i'm sure you'll thank me later for this one!" I guided him out of the hotel and onto the busy streets of New York. I waved down a taxi and we climbed in. "To 317 North Boulevard please." I told the driver. He nodded and took off to our destination. "You from here?" Harry questioned. "No. I'm from California. I came to New York to pursue my dreams of becoming a photographer." I replied. "Thats amazing. Your such a creative person. I like that." Harry whispered the last part which sent chills down my spine.

  "Thanks. Emma may seem ditzy, but she's always been the type of person to make someone follow their dreams. I wasn't planning on becoming a photographer for a living. I wanted to continue to do it as a hobby, but she told me i was just to good at it to keep doing it as a passion and pushed me until," I stopped there, and looked out of the window. "Until this happened." Harry scooted over towards me so he could look out of the same window. "This place is yours?" He seemed shocked. Almost as if he wouldn't expect this out of me. "Yep! All mine." I smiled at the sight of my photography studio. "She pushed you until you did something great with your talent." Harry whispered. 


  "Come on Styles!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the cab. But first stopped to pay, then walked into my studio. "Wow." He walked around amazed at all of the work i'd done so far. "So this was the surprise? If so, you sure got me!" He laughed. "Well, part of it," I still had something in mind. "I was wondering if you'd want to do a photo shoot!" He nodded excitedly. "Let's get started then!" I led him into the back where there were tons and tons of clothing for him to change into. "Just pick out what you want to wear, throw it on, and come on out!" I said. "I'll set up all of the equipment as you do that." I walked out to let him have some privacy, and went to set up the lighting my computer and the camera.

  Minutes later out walked a fond looking Harry. His style fit him perfectly. He walked over and asked, "How do i look?" I raised my eyebrows and forced myself to speak. Or else nothing was going to come out of my mouth. Let's just put it this way, Harry looked like sex. "Y-you look great! Nice choice of clothes!" I wanted to slap myself for acting so stupid. 'Nice choice of clothes' really Bree? I positioned him in front of a white background and told him to pose however he wanted to. "Ok on 3, pose," I told him. I held up three fingers and counted down until i got to one. He posed with both hands holding his jacket. Another with his hands in his jean pockets while looking straight into the camera. His jeans were so damn tight. I don't even know how he stuck a finger in there.

  He took about 10 more normal shots before making crazy faces at the camera. "Harry i can't take the pictures if your making me laugh!" I said giggling. "Sorry love!" He yelled from his spot in front of the camera. I took one more picture before we wrapped it up and called it a day. Harry changed back into his original outfit and joined me back in the lobby. "Want something to drink?" I asked walking over to my mini fridge. "Water please," He sat down on the couch and i threw him a water along with getting myself one. After, i walked over and sat along side him on the couch. "Sorry this was kind of a sucky surprise.." I said in between taking sips of my water. "What? No! This was nowhere near sucky! I had so much fun with you today. This was amazing Bree." We met eyes and his piercing green eyes were looking straight into my soul. I was drowning at the look of Harry.

  We sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. "I had so much fun with you today Bree. This was a day i'll never forget." He nodded. "I had tons of fun with you too. I'll be sure to develop the photos and give them to you before you leave the states." I told him. "Alright, thanks again." Just before leaving he leaned in and kissed my cheek. My breath hitched in my throat and i froze. I felt as if i couldn't move from my spot on the couch. Harry got up and started walking out of my studio. He waved goodbye then that was the last i saw of him for the night. I touched my cheek, which was still burning from where his soft pink lips grazed my skin, and closed my eyes. I couldn't stop smiling to myself. From what i could sense, this wasn't the last i was going to be seeing Harry Styles.


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