Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


23. ❥Night With The Boys

Sydneys POV

  The rest of the flight was interminable. The next 7 hours was just small talk, here and there, including me falling asleep on Niall's shoulder and probably drooling all over his jumper. "Baby.. baby wake up. We're landing!" he faintly shook my shoulder. "Ok ok." i shooed him away keeping my eyes closed. I finally woke myself up and got prepared to get of the plane. Niall intertwined our hands and together we walked off the plane.

  "Daddy!" i heard a little voice yell, as Niall was attacked by a small body colliding with his legs and wrapping their arms around the northern hemisphere of his body. "Hey love," he mumbled ruffling her soft blonde hair picking her up into his arms. "Daddy, Daddy i haven't seen you for so long!" she sulked leaning her head against his chest. "Its only been a few hours Annie.." he chuckled. "Yeah but thats to long," she muttered as he set her down. "Don't you want to go and give your mummy a hug?" he whispered, leaning down to her and pointing over to me.

  I was in the middle of gathering our luggage from the plane. "MUMMY!" she carried her little legs over to me and attacked my legs just as she did with him. "Mummy i missed you SO SO  much!" she bounced around in my arms. I placed a little kiss along her nose then told her how much i'd missed my sweet pea too. Niall walked over to join us, "I've got the rest babe." he rubbed circles into my back. "You sure?" i asked.

  "Absolutely!" he smiled and i walked over to where Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis were starting up a conversation. "So you and Niall, eh?" Louis winked. "Yeah.. what about it?" i giggled at their assumptions. "Oh don't even! You expect us to believe that there was no action for 16 hours.. you must've had a few babies in that time!" Louis laughed as i playfully hit him.

  "If i'm correct, it takes 9 months to have a baby." i replied like a smart ass. "But something did happen right?" Harry egged me on looking with curious eyes. "Well.." i slowly held up my ring finger. The boys burst out in cheers and started clapping. "Guys calm down!" my eyes were watering from laughing so hard.

  "Whats going on over here?" Niall walked over smiling with Annie at the hip. "I just showed them the ring.." he nodded. "Mummy and daddy are getting married!" Annie cheered and got a laugh out of everyone. "Yes, yes we are princess." Niall said caressing her hair.

Nialls POV

  The drive back to the hotel was the most annoying thing i had ever experienced in my life. The boys were antagonizing Syd and i because of what happened on the plane. I was looking down trying to block out all of the banter. "Niall stop staring at Sydney's vagina!" Louis yelled out, making me snap out of my train of thought. I looked over at Sydney who was full of laughter. I could feel my cheeks burn.

  "Guys your embarrassing him!" she said in between laughter. She placed her hand on my leg, letting me know that she knew Louis was just joking. "Might not want to do that Sydney, Niall here will probably get a boner." Zayn winked, earning laughs from all around.

  I sat there staring at the boys with wide eyes and bright red cheeks. "Shut up lad or i'll tell Perrie we found her nudes!" I said making all the boys and me fit in laughter. Whereas Zayn just shut up and kept his head down. "Those were some nice nudes though. The shape of her-" Harry started, only to be cut off by a groan of pain coming from Zayn hitting him where it hurt.

  We finally arrived at the hotel and security got all of our luggage and carried them up to our rooms. Sydney and i sat in bed and relaxed a bit with Annie there to entertain us. "Guess what mummy and daddy!" she glowed. "What sweetie?" we asked. "Uncle Liam taught me my numbers!" she smiled from ear to ear with joy. "Is that right?" she nodded and started naming them off.

  She slowly got to 4 but got interrupted by my phone ringing. "One second sweetie." i grabbed my phone out of my pocket then answered it. "Yes Lou.." i said sounding irked. "We're watching a movie, you guys should down and join us. Katie can watch over Annaleigh if you want." he whined. "We're kinda tired Lou and we really just wanna sleep." i replied popping open a beer and lying my head back down.

  "Fine you guys will be missing all the fun.." he was trying his best to make us change our minds. I held my hand over the phone for a minute, "Do you wanna go baby?" i asked for Sydneys permission. "Sure we can. But tomorrow we're spending some time with Annie. You know she'll miss us tonight!" she assured me. I uncovered my phone, "Alright. Fine we're coming." i said sighing into the phone. 

  I heard Louis let out a 'yes' then told the boys we were coming. "Come on princess," i picked up Annie and held her on my hip. "Where we going daddy?" she questioned. "Wanna go have some fun with Katie?" her eyes widened, "YES YES YES!!" she jumped with bliss in my arms.


  We dropped Annie off at Katie's room then made our way down to Lou's room. We walked in hand in hand and sat down on a vacant couch. "They're here!" Liam yelled letting Louis know it was time to start the movie. "Oh Sydney's out late? Such a rebel!" Zayn chortled. "Hell yeah! You guys know i'm a night owl!" she carried on making us erupt in laughter.

  Sydney's hair fell perfectly over her face, and her smile was so beautiful. She was flawless. Louis walked in interrupting my thoughts and started the movie. I saw Sydney stiffen up a bit. "Its just a movie." i leaned over and whispered in her ear. She calmed down, but moved closer to me.

  "You didn't tell me it was going to be scary!" she whisper yelled. "I'm sorry i didn't know either i forgot to ask!" i said giving her a toothy smile. She was so much cuter when she was scared. This was the perfect opportunity to bundle up close to Sydney and give her kisses to remind her i was right by her side. These next few hours were going to be the best.


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