Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


1. ❥Never Ending


"Close your eyes!" Niall helped me out of the car and onto the sidewalk. He had his hands around my waist guiding me to where he wanted me to go. "Now open," when i opened up my eyes i saw this all to familiar scenery. "Niall.. why here?" i asked, "We havn't gotten to spend time here with each other for a while and i really missed it here." i turned around and gave him the biggest hug ever, "Me too! Ever since you got back 4 months ago i've been longing to come here.. just me and you." he leaned in and we started to kiss. It felt like fireworks were going off it was the best kiss ever. He pulled away, "Now lets go to that special spot of ours yeah?" he intertwined our fingers and lead the way. But there was a table with lit candles on it music playing ever so lightly in the background and waiters. No picnic. "Why are their waiters here?" i asked giggling, "Oh well you know... i have my ways!" he pulled out my chair for me and i thanked him. "I'll be right back love, i'm going to go pay them." he smiled and ran over, my phone buzzed and i quickly got it out of my handbag the message read,

Look at you, all alone in a crowd. I see you got the box. Ever wonder whats going on when your back is turned? Now I spy a liar.. Tell Niall what Blake REALLY jotted down on that piece of paper that day. Oh and to make a bit of fun lie to him. Tell him that you really met Blake for coffee and went to his flat afterwards. Time is ticking for you Sydney. Better get to work.

- Anonymous

*Flashback over*

I blinked a few times and my vision was blurry. "Where am i?" i managed to mumble out. I saw everyone crowded around my bed. Everyone but Niall. I managed to make out everyones faces and he was no where in sight. "Sydney? Are you ok?!" my dad looked frantic and everyone let out a sigh of relief. "Y-yeah i'm fine dad," i was looking around confused of what was going on. "Wheres Niall? Wheres my baby?" i sat up and looked around everywhere, "Sydney i think you need to just relax!" my dad was trying to keep me relaxed when my child and soon to be husband was no where in sight? "Relax.. No i'm not going to relax! WHERES NIALL?" i screamed. "No one knows," El mumbled, "He came by last night and picked Annaleigh up. He left some kind of note but it didn't say where he was going.. i'm so sorry." she whispered the last part with tears in her eyes. "What do you mean you don't know where he went?" i felt tears start to escape my eyes and i started to panic, "Sydney we've tried everything! He's not answering his phone either. "N-no y-you guys don't know what your talking about Niall would never leave me like this!" i yelled through my tears. 


"NO!" i jumped hitting heads with Niall. "Ow.." i rubbed where my head started throbbing, "Babe whats wrong? Are you ok?" Niall questioned. "It was just a dream," i whispered to myself. "It was what?" he asked, "I-i had a terrible dream Ni!" i started tearing up. "Oh no babe don't cry i've got you. Everythings alright!" he said. "N-niall?" i started, "Promise me you won't ever leave me and run away with Annaleigh?" i wiped away a falling tear. "Never ever will i do that love!" he kissed my temple and i laid back down in Nialls embrace. "Sydney, i would never leave you. Not even if my life depended on it.. i don't want you to ever think i will!" he informed me. "I know you won't. That was just one of the worst night mares i've had in a while." i told him. 


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