Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


5. ❥Morning Madness

-Sorry for not updating in forever.. i've had writers block! I don't plan on keeping you guys waiting like that again! Enjoy!


  I woke up to the sun beaming through the window and my computer screen black. I stretched and yawned rubbing the sleep out of my tired eyes. I was hearing a faint snore come from my computer, and got startled a bit, but then remembered Niall and i had fallen asleep together on Skype. He'd probably been watching me sleep. He was sprawled out upon the bed like he'd had a long day, so he probably did stay up a bit after i went to sleep.

  I got out of bed and went into Annaleighs room. There she lay in her princess bed. I walked over and started caressing her pink cheeks ever so lightly trying not to wake her. She slept just like her daddy. I smiled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Just before i left i kissed her soft pink cheeks. Walking to the loo i Niall calling my name, "Sydney?" I heard Niall's sexy morning voice call after me. I hastily turned my head towards the computer then walked back over to the bed and sat down.

  "I'd forgotten how beautiful you looked in the mornings," he told me. I smiled with my head down, and could feel my cheeks turn a burning red. Hearing him compliment me after he hasn't been here for a while gets me every time. "Oh i probably look terrible!" i let a giggle escape from me. I tweaked my hair around a bit looking at my appearance through the computer. "No i meant it. You do look beautiful. I don't tell you that enough." he was looking down at something that must've caught his eye.

  "Everything ok?" i asked with a apprehensive tone. "Just fine! I was... i was.." i looked at him with a questioning look, "You were what Niall?" he turned his attention to me again. "The ring." he muttered. "Just looking at it reminds me of how much i miss you and my baby girl. I feel like she's growing up without me.. you know?" i wanted to say i understood what he meant but i couldn't. I'm here with Annaleigh for every second of every day. I don't know what it's like to be away from her and i would never want to find out. I wouldn't leave her for the world.

  "I guess so Niall, you could come home you know." he gave me a confound look. "Sydney, you know thats easier said than done! If i could get a plane ticket right now and fly back to London i'd do it in a heartbeat. But its just not that easy." he shook his head. "I should've known that. Sorry Niall." i started playing around with my hair again like Annaleigh does to me. "Stop apologizing babe. Everything is going to be alright." he assured me. Just then Annaleigh started crying.

  "Well.. i guess that's my cue to go," i sighed and looked into Nialls' eyes. "Tell her i love her." he said, "And i love you both very much," was the last thing he said before i said my i love you too's and goodbyes. The 10 hour call ended and i rushed into her room and picked her up. Cradling her tiny body in my arms. "Daddy says he loves you. I know he meant it, i could see it in his eyes. He misses you so much and i know you miss him too. Don't worry pumpkin you'll be back in his arms before you know it." i whispered.


Sorry for a short chapter.. its late anddd i need sleep! Goodnight much love. xxx

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