Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


12. ❥Idea

    Any chance i got i tried calling Sydney.

One ring

Two rings 

Straight to voicemail.

   "Hey! Its Syd- AH NIALL STOP TICKLING ME!" "Ello this is Niall, Sydney can't get to her phone right now because she's to busy lovin' me! Call back later!" Truth is i knew she wasn't going to pick up. I just wanted to hear the voicemail. I went over to the fridge and grabbed a beer just as i got back into the family room in walked Louis thank god the boys had flown back to London. "Where's my favorite Horan?" he held his arms out and Annie came running from the play room.  She jumped into his arms and squeezed him tight, "Uncle Lou, Uncle Lou! Guess what?" she held her arms around his neck, "What giggle bear?" he tickled her stomach and she laughed her cute laugh. "I get to come on the trip i get to come on the trip!" she squealed and jumped in excitement. "Alright Annie can i talk to uncle Louis for a minute?" i sat my beer down. "Sure daddy," she sighed and ran back into the play room.

    "She's somethin' isn't she?" i chuckled and took another swig of my drink. "Yeah she's getting bigger and bigger every time i see her!" he said, "I'll say! When are we leavin'?" i asked looking at the time on my phone. "In a couple hours.. but in the mean time wheres Syd? I haven't seen her in ag-" i stopped him there, "She's gone Lou," i muttered. "She's what?" he squinted his eyes and looked as if he hadn't heard me correctly, "You heard me Lou, GONE!" i tilted my head back finishing off my drink. "Wha? Where'd she go mate?" i was already sick of all the questions i wanted to forget about her just like she forgot about me.. and her daughter. "She went to 'fulfill her dreams'" i said with air quotes. 

   "Wow.. i never thought she'd do such a thing to ya mate!" he shook his head, "Yeah but i'm not the one suffering from this, Annie is! How the hell is she just going to grow up with out a mum in her life?" i took a deep breath trying not to get hostile with him. After all, it wasn't his fault that she left. I take complete responsibility. No i shouldn't have said some of the things i said but it's done now. There's nothing i can do about it. "I don't know man, but you know she has us. Always!" he patted my back. "And this," He held up my beer, "isn't going to help a thing either!"

   "Lou i've already heard this enough before.. i don't need to hear it from you either," i assured him. "You shouldn't be drinking in front of Annie anyway lad! Its not good for her to see you like this." he crumpled the can and went to throw it away. I sighed and laid my head back on the couch. "I know Louis," i ran my fingers through my hair. "I think i've got someone that could help you out! Thats only if you want help with Annie while were traveling and all," he scrolled through his phone until he got to a girl named Katie. He showed me her picture and told me how good she was with kids. Blah blah blah.

   "Nope sorry. I'm not getting some kind of babysitter for Annie! I can and will take care of her on my own. Thats final!" 


    No way! She's my child i can look after her myself!" i said, standing up from the leather couch. "Niall, sit down." Simon said sternly and i immediately cowered down into my seat. "You'll still get to see her everyday, its just someone to look after her while you work." he tried talking me into it, "Just give it a try?" he suggested with a small smile. I thought about it. I guess it wouldn't be that bad. "Just a try," i mumbled. "But if i don't like the idea after a week or so we stop agreed?" i said, looking at Simon. "Ag- Hold on a minute.." he was cut of by Louis walking into the room.

   "Yes Louis?" he looked excited, "I just called up Katie and luckily she's here, in London, she said it'd be great to look after Annie!" Simon tapped his pen on his desk and after a couple seconds of silence he finally said something, "Looks like we've got ourselves a babysitter!"

 -1 hour later-

   The boys and i were eagerly waiting in Simons office for the girl that would be taking care of my child. "Daddy why are we all just sitting here? What are we waiting for?" Annie said from her place on my lap. I looked down at her, "Were just waiting to meet someone thats going to take care of you for a while." i mumbled as i frantically kept a watch on the door, waiting for the moment she walks through. "You nervous mate?" Zayn asked scrolling through twitter, "Yeah. I am." i said playing around with things in my pockets. "Don't be man, i'm sure she'll be a great girl!" Harry said warmly, Annie held her arms out for harry to pick her up.

   "Uncle Harry, is she going to be like my new mummy?" Annie asked frowning a bit. I looked at her wide eyed and cupped her face with my hands, "No definitely not. She's just a babysitter Annie you can't think she's your new mummy!" i said sternly. She doesn't need a mother. She has me. "Calm down mate she's only 2 what's she supposed to think?" Annie huffed and started braiding her favorite dolls hair. Our heads turned towards the  door in unison to reveal a teenage girl. She looked about 18 maybe 19. 

    "Louis!" she ran in and gave Lou a warm hug. I took in her appearance carefully. "Come on in," Simon said. She took a seat next to Louis. "Harry why don't you move over next to Louis so she can sit next to Niall," Simon said gesturing for them to switch places. As they both stood up Harry exchanged her a cheeky grin that i knew all to well. I chuckled quietly to myself as she took a seat next to me. "Whats your name love?" Simon questioned leaning onto his desk. "My name's Katie i'm 19 years old and i'd like to think i'm great with kids, i've been babysitting since i was 12, so yeah i'd say I'm good with them!" she introduced herself. Annie jumped into her lap, "I'm Annaleigh! But you can call me Annie!" she said excitedly. "Annie use your manners! I'm sorry Katie," Katie giggled and said, "Oh no she's fine! Hi Annaleigh!" she said jokingly and shook her small hand.

    "I'm Niall," i held out my hand for her to shake. "Nice to meet you, your daughters an angel." she smiled as she looked at Annie again. "I know," i agreed. "Well then!" Louis started, breaking off the awkward silence. "I don't know about you, but i think Katie would be a great babysitter for Annie! Annie seems to really like her!" i sighed and looked from Katie to Annie. They were both looking at me pleadingly. "Annaleigh do you like Katie?" she nodded vigorously.

  "Fine, your hired."

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