Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


22. ❥I Wanna Hold Your Hand Forever

Sydneys POV

   I paraded along until i got into the house. I opened up the front door and looked into the sitting room. Annie had her toys sprawled out all across the floor. I turned my head, then i saw her. There she lay in Katie's arms softly snoring. Once Katie noticed me in the room she spoke, "She just fell asleep not to long ago." she informed me.

  "You just missed her," Katie looked down at Annie and plastered a grin across her face. We stood in silence for a while. Until Niall burst through the front door that is. "SYDNE-" he started but didn't finish when he saw me standing there, staring at Katie's comforting and gentle embrace on Annaleigh. "Did i walk in on something?" Niall slowly made his way towards me.

  "Shh!" i put a finger up to my lips. "Look at our precious baby girl." i whispered turning to face him. "She's beautiful. Just like you!" Niall tapped my nose making a giggle escape from me. "Are we all ready?" he pulled me closer. "I think so lets get a move on!" i tugged on Ni's shirt and told him to tell Katie to take Annie to the car so we could leave while i filled up an extra sippy cup for her.

 "Ok.. but don't take to long i'll miss ya!" i laughed and shook my head at his silliness.


  We finally got to the Airport after a hell of a long ride. Traffic was terrible, but i guess it was just one of those days. "Aren't the girls coming along too?" i asked breaking the awkward silence between everyone. "Dani can't come she has X-Factor stuff to take care of.." Liam frowned. "Perrie can't either she's busy with Little Mix," Zayn added. "Aw i'm sorry guys," i comforted them.

  On the outside i was all sweet and sincere but on the inside i was on fire! 8 months all alone with these 5 erratic boys... great, just great! At least i have my Ni. Don't get me wrong he can get crazy too! We got all of our luggage out of the car (which was ALOT) and walked into the airport. Inside we greeted tons of directioners.

  The boys had no time to stop and take pictures, sign autographs, all that jazz so Paul told them to keep walking. I knew they felt bad though. There was a great amount of screaming going on so of course that woke Annie up. "Daddy!" she sobbed. Niall took her from Katie and held her head into his neck trying his best to cover up her ears from all of the shrieking girls.

  "Shh baby daddy's here." she rubbed her tiny eyes and blinked a couple of times noticing i was right by her side. Niall looked my way and smiled. Me and Niall kept walking until we caught up to the boys. "Niall theres a problem." Louis said looking at his ticket as we waited in the gate. "What is it?" he asked, crinkling his eyebrows and getting his ticket out.

  "They put us in different coaches.." Louis said looking from Niall's ticket to his. "Meaning?" he interjected. "Meaning, we're all in first class, but they seem to have separated you from the rest of us. So you're at the front of the plane, whereas were all at the back." Zayn said looking crushed. I guess when it came to flying Niall was always the fun.

  "Its cause i'm irish, isn't it?" we all laughed. "Wait let me check my ticket," i said taking it out of my bag. I was in Row A, Seat 9. "Row A is at the front of the plane right?" i said looking at the boys. "It's at the font. Along with Niall!" Harry smirked clapping him on the back as Niall gleamed. "Well at least i won't be alone." Niall smiled at me then laced our fingers together as we finally boarded the plane.

  I was going to be alone. With Niall. For 16 hours. Today was definitely my day!

Nialls POV

  I trudged down the tunnel, wheeling my heavy suitcase behind me as i walked along side Sydney. We kept walking, with security behind us, eventually into the plane where the flight attendant lead us up to a private section in first class. The boys and Katie said their goodbyes to Syd and i then walked off with Annie.

  We settled into our comfortable seats right next to each other. Sydney had never been in first class before so she kept going on about how amazing this was. I laughed at her cuteness. It just had comfier seats, bigger televisions, and fluffier pillows. "Niall.." Sydney looked petrified. "I-i've always had a phobia of planes." she said barely above a whisper.

  I didn't want her to be worried. I wanted her to know that with me by her side everything was going to be alright. "Aw love!" i brought her close, almost into my lap, giving her a light kiss on her temple smoothing her hair down as she laid her head on my shoulder. "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts, we're getting ready for take off. Enjoy your flight." The cheery voice of the flight attendant came over the intercom.

  "Oh god.... ohh god." she mumbled, clenching her eyes shut. "It's okay. I'm here." i cooed, slowly rubbing my thumb against her shoulder. She breathed out and kept her eyes shut creating a steady breathing pattern.

 "Sydney.. we're in the air now.. its over." i chuckled. She opened her eyes and sighed of relief. I laughed at her. She took her hand out of mine and slapped me in the chest. "Baby your laughing at me! Thats not funny!" She sulked giving me a look of death. Well, what she thought was a look of death..

  "If your trying to be intimidating, it's not working love. Your more on the cute side." I winked. She let out a giggle and laid her head back down. And to think this was only the start of our 16 hour flight..

Sydneys POV

  Niall was laughing at me for being scared on a plane! Ok you probably are too, but he's used to flying i'm not! "Let's play a game, yeah?" Niall said smiling down at me. "What kind of game?" I asked confused. "20 questions." What? "Niall we already know each other pretty well!" i laughed. "Yeah, but remember when we played this game on our first date? And we don't have to ask those kinds of questions!" 

  I gave in and started playing. "Fine. You first Horan." i positioned myself so i was facing him. He did the same. "Okay.. what do you love about me?" Oh i didn't even have to think about this one! "How good you are in bed..." His eyes widened. "Calm down i'm just kidding.. although you ar-" He stopped me there.

  "Sydney we can talk about that later!" he said giving me a cheeky grin. "Ok but being serious. I love your eyes, how down to earth you are, caring, loving. I just love you.." i said sheepishly.  He gasped, "SYDNEY LOVES ME!" By then he had me dying of laughter. His silliness level was to high today! "Of course i do Niall, stop yelling!" i said in between my laughing.

  "Your turn Mrs. Horan!" Damn he hasn't said that in forever! I felt my insides turn and my cheeks turn a burning red at his words. Good thing it was just about dark outside so he couldn't see! " i'm gonna ask you the same question!" he raised his eyebrows. "If you say so, but i might be going on about how beautiful you are, your amazing personality, how much i love you, how i want to have more kids with you, aalll that for 16 hours!" i tilted my head to the side.

  Did he just say what i think he said? Kids. 

  "You want to have more?" i insinuated. Don't get me wrong i would love for Annaleigh to have siblings, but i didn't think Niall would want more kids! "Of course i do! I've been thinking about it for a while now, and i think Annie could use a sibling or 2!" i giggled. "Niall your to much! I didn't think you'd want to have anymore because of everything we've gone though just having Annie." 

  "I absolutely want more, and i want to make sure i have them with you and you only." he stared deeply into my eyes holding both of my hands in his. "Baby!" i threw my arms around his waist and buried my head in his neck. A while back i dreaded this idea. I guess because there was a lot going on at the time, but now the time was perfect. 

  Don't worry i don't think i'll get pregnant while Niall's on tour. At least i hope not.. "Sydney," i untighted my grip around his waist and looked at him. "Yes?" he put a lock of hair behind my ear. "I want you to be my fiancé again.." he pulled the ring from his pocket and held it out.

  I nodded my head and felt the tears coming on. I honestly didn't think he would put the ring back on my finger. I hugged him once more but this time i made sure i hugged him so tight he couldn't breathe. I pulled away and we stared at each other for a moment. His lips came closer and closer to mine and everything was perfect, until.. 

  "Ahem..." the flight attendants voice coughed from above us. He held up a finger at the attendant then our lips came crashing down on each other and i felt him smile into the kiss.  Everything was perfect. Absolutely perfect. We slowly pulled away from each other. Our faces were still centimeters away from each other and i could still feel his hot breath linger on my face. We both turned to look up at the flight attendant.

  She looked extremely annoyed, "You were saying?" he asked. "Please stow your foot rest sir!" she said with an attitude then rolled her eyes and walked off. Niall and i looked at each other laughing and once again had a heated kiss. Gosh this flight couldn't have gotten any better.


This is an extremely long chapter! I haven't written this much in forever so be grateful that i did!! Thanks for reading xx dont forget to like and comment (can i get more of those? I put a ton of time and effort into my story) -I'm pretty sure i'll be updating tonightttttt!-  

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