Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


10. ❥I Owe It All To You Pt. 2

*There are a couple songs you can listen to during this chapter to kinda make it seem like your there with them! Enjoy :)*

    Niall grasped my hand and walked me out to the car. "M'lady," he opened the door for me, "Thank you!" i giggled at how he was trying to be all charming and romantic. "I cannot wait for you to be surprised!" he seemed just as excited as i was. Thats how i knew he'd put a lot of work into what he got me. "i've never had someone do as much for me as you do Ni. I love you!" i looked his way, "Well i'm glad to be that special someone that can do anything i want for you baby! I love you too." he looked over and smiled at me

    We stopped at a red light and Niall reached over to turn the radio up, "And this next song goes out to Sydney and Niall as they are still going strong! Happy 19th Sydney, from BBC Radio 1!" the announcer yelled. I slowly turned my head towards Niall and gave him a confused look, "I had nothing to do with that!" he raised his hands in defense and looked just as stunned as i was, so he wasn't lying. I sometimes forgot i was in a relationship with one of the guys from the biggest boy band in the world. "I LOVE THIS SONG!" i gasped and started singing, *Shawn Desman - Nobody Does it Like You - you can find it on Youtube!*  

    "I got a smile thats written on my face no way to hide it and the one to blame is youuu!" i pointed to Niall and he laughed and sang the next part, "Your kinda lovin' makes the sun come out, nobody else could ever hold it down like youu!" he looked into my eyes, "You make it feel so right when we turn out the lights and i put my hands on your bodayy!" i winked at him. "Oh really?" he raised an eyebrow and i burst out with laughter. "Well then i know what were doing tonight!" he chuckled, "Niall!" i playfully hit his chest.

   He pulled into an avenue with restaurants little shops and street lights all around. "Ni where are you taking me?" i got out of the car and put my hands on my hips. He jogged over towards me and put a blindfold over my eyes. "Shh its a surprise remember?" i could hear him laugh under his breath. He started guiding me to god only knows where. It was pitch black under that blindfold! "Almost there love!" he whispered. I sighed and continued walking in his path. He stopped and opened a door, "Table for 3 please," i heard him say just above a whisper. Table for 3? theres only 2 of us.. it was awfully quiet and i had to admit Niall was amazing at keeping surprises. I'll give him his props for that. He sat me down at what i assumed was a table and muttered something to someone before slowly taking my blindfold off. 

   When i could see again i was in awe. We were in one of the fanciest and most expensive restaurants in London and on top of that Ed Sheeran was sitting across from me. Yes E D S H E E R A N! I tried keeping my cool, but i could tell they knew i wanted to fangirl a bit. There were only about 4 other couples around and the women had diamonds in their ears on their wrists and around necks! Niall knocked me out of my trance, "This is Ed i don't recall you meeting him before," i was nodding my head dumbfounded. Niall sat down and kicked me from up under the table.

  I jumped and rubbed my now sore leg. I gave him a death glare then spoke to Ed, "H-hi sorry i was just.. uh," i cleared my throat, "Amazed!" a smile plastered across my face as the waiter approached our table. "Welcome what could i start you guys off with tonight?" his name tag read James. He looked back and forth from me to Niall to Ed. "I'll take a pint," Niall said Ed agreeing. He took note then looked at me, "And for you Ms?" he winked. Niall grabbed my waist and pulled me close. "Niall your hurting me!" i whisper yelled. I hated when he got jealous. "Sorry," he loosened his grip and rubbed my tender skin.

   Gosh i hated getting into these kind of situations, "Hmm.. i think i'll take a wine!" he nodded and wrote that down. "I'll be right out with your drinks," he walked off and afterwards Ed started making conversation with me, "How's it feel to be 19 love?" he smiled. "Great, amazing, wonderful! Everything i could've ever asked for i've gotten! All thanks to Niall," i rubbed his leg from under the table. James came back out with our drinks and sat them down in front of us. "Call me over when your ready to order," he told us then walked back into the kitchen.

   I was talking to Ed about his music and how amazing it would be to have my own album and tour. Yes i've dreamed of it and from time to time i even got jealous of Niall! I knew touring the world took a lot out of your time and you never got to see your family... and all that jazz. But it seemed so fun! Just to have everyone screaming your name, having sold out gigs, being in the spotlight with all eyes on you. It just seemed.. amazing! "Sydney? Sydneyyy?" Niall shook me out of my daze for the second time tonight. "Whats goin' on?" he whispered while Ed was scrolling through his phone. "Nothing.. just thinking thats all," i assured him and suddenly James caught my eye. 

   He was walking from the kitchen with 2 guitars. "Whats he doing with those?" i asked the boys but got no answer in return. They grabbed their guitars from James and were ready to play them. "Niall this is a million a dollar restaurant what the hell are you doing?" eh i may have exaggerated a bit.. i guess. "Happy 19th babe," was all he said then kissed my temple. Ed whispered, "1,2,3,4" and they started playing. Wait a minute.. this is my present! How could i have not known that!? "This ones for my beautiful fiancé tonight happy birthday baby!" Niall had gotten everyone's attention then. There were some applauds and cheers here and there but afterwards everyone stopped to listen to what they were about to play for me. I had my hand cupped over my mouth in shock. Niall couldn't have gotten me anything better! "Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me - You can find it on Youtube!* 

Settle down with me 
Cover me up 
Cuddle me in 
Lie down with me 
Hold me in your arms 

Your heart's against my chest 
Lips pressed to my neck 
I've fallen for your eyes 
But they don't know me yet 

And the feeling I forget 
I'm in love now 

Kiss me like you wanna be loved...

   After they were done i was at a a loss for words. "Oh Niall," i brought him into a tight hug and started sobbing into his chest. "I love you Sydney," he kissed my hair and rubbed circles into my back. Everyone was clapping and cheering. This birthday couldn't have gotten any better. Not one bit.

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