Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


9. ❥I Owe It All To You Pt. 1

-2 days later-

Sydneys POV

   Niall had been becoming more and more distant since he came back. He always said he would have work to do and that i would love him for it, but i missed waking up beside him. I was just getting back into the routine of waking up by his side with kisses and cuddling. I didn't want to think of him hurting me in any way so those thoughts immediately left my mind. Mind you Annaleigh still hasn't gotten to see her surprise. By the time he gets home late at night she's asleep and when she wakes up he's long gone.

  I was lying in bed with Annaleigh in my arms rocking her back and forth to get her to sleep for her nap. I heard keys rattling from outside and a door shut. I quickly laid her down on the bed and ran over to the window. Niall was home! Annaleigh was dozing off so i let her be, and ran downstairs to embrace him at the door. "NIALL!" i beamed and jumped on him wrapping my legs around either side of his waist. "Hi love! I've missed you so much!" he tilted my chin up and grazed my lips, "Where have you beeeen? Tell me tell me tell me!" i was acting like a 5 year old wondering what they'd gotten for Christmas, but i didn't care!

   "Now thats for me to know, and you to find out. Very soon actually!" he chuckled embedding me down on the ground. "Niall i despise your surprises!" i whined. "Please tell me?" i tilted my head to the side and batted my eyelashes poking out my lip. "Nope thats not gonna work this time love!" he closed his eyes to keep from looking at me or sooner or later he was going to give in! "I'm not gonna stop until you tell me Nialler, so don't run!" he tried to escape me by walking into the sitting room. "Is that the football game thats on today?" he tried to keep his focus on the telly. "Oh yeah it is!" he flipped through about 10 channels before finally making up his mind that he wanted to go upstairs.

   "Niall your torturing me!" i frowned walking up the stairs behind him. "You want to know what it is?" he asked me, "YES!" i pleaded, "Its from me to you, thats what!" my facial expression dropped from excited to bummed, "Fine then.." but then it hit me and i gasped, "Its a birthday present isn't it?!" i widened my eyes because i knew i was right. Niall couldn't lie for the life of him. "N-no of course not..!" he stammered. "Your lying to me Niall," i smiled proud of myself for figuring out what he was trying oh so hard to hide from me.

   "Is that my Annaleigh i see?" he bolted over to the bed where she was sound asleep and started giving her kisses. I stood in the doorway watching his adorableness. "I told her i had a surprise for her and she's going to be so excited when she wakes up!" it made me all tingly and happy inside knowing that Niall showed unconditional love for her. "Come join us mummy!" he said in his sexy irish accent that blew me away every time. "Scootch over then," i giggled and hopped in bed snuggled up close to Niall. "I love you baby," he whispered kissing my head. "i love you more Nialler."


    "HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!" i wearily opened my eyes to Nialls yelling. Then it hit me, i'm 19 today! "Thank you Niall! But i think i could do without the yelling!" i snickered and got a smile out of him. "I made you breakfast," he handed me a tray with my favourite breakfast on it. Along with the sweetest note ever! French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit! Yum! I dove right in while he continued to talk, "I got Annaleigh up early this morning gave her a bath and got her dressed. Your dad came and picked her up around 7." i took a bite of eggs and looked his way, "Niall you didn't have to do all of this for me!" i said with a mouth full of food, "Yeah, but i definitely wanted to. You by all means deserve it!" he smoothed my hair and put it behind my ear. "Have you read the note yet?" he smiled. I could tell he put a lot of thought into it just by taking a glance at the first sentence,

I want to hold your hand on a cold night,

and wake up to your beautiful face on a Saturday morning.

I want it to be my fault that your phone dies and be responsible for those butterflies.

I want to wrap my arms tight around you and never let go. Ever.

I want to fall asleep to the sound of your voice and wake up to the beauty of your smile.

I want to kiss you from head to toe and drown in your carefree laugh.

I want you, in your entirety, and i want love you endlessly.

You will never know just how beautiful you are to me.

Happy 19th birthday Sydney, i love you for eternity.



   I put my hand over my mouth in shock of what i just read. "N-niall. I don't know what to say.. that was beautiful." i started tearing up mad at myself for already crying. He probably had so much more in store for me today this was just the beginning of the tears. I could feel it. "I really meant what i wrote Sydney. I love you endlessly and i don't know what i'd be doing with myself today if i hadn't met you. You complete me." he said. I encased my arms around his neck and felt him lean in to kiss me.

  Our lips brushed against each other then we kissed. That kiss was one i would never forget. There was something about it that was so much more powerful than just kissing him on a regular day. He pulled away and stared deeply into my eyes. "Your perfect," i bit my lip and felt myself start to blush a ruby red. "Now, i have a couple of surprises for you, finish up and get a shower. Wear something nice too! I can't wait for you to hea- see what i have for you!" he smiled and i quickly swallowed down the rest of my breakfast then picked out my birthday outfit.

   I was full of anticipation while taking a shower. It was quick and i threw on what i was wearing then did my makeup letting my hair air dry into beachy waves. Perfect. I finished touching up my mascara then slipped on my black Steve Madden pumps and carefully walked downstairs. "Wow," he started, "You look.. i don't even know what to say right now,"  he took my hand helping me down the last couple of steps, "Here take a picture, i'm sure Twitter misses me!" i laughed and he took my phone to snap the picture. "You look remarkable babe, seriously took my breath away!" i held my heart and smiled, I uploaded the Twit pic and captioned it 'Happy 19th birthday to me!' 

Afterwards off we were to Niall's 'surprise' he had in store for me. I was Overjoyed! :)


Yay for another long chapter! I'm in love with this one too i think it describes how i want Niall and Sydney's relationship to be.. don't worry some drama is coming too! Until next time lovelies! xx <3

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