Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


15. ❥I Love You Too

Nialls POV

     The next morning it was fair to say i felt terrible about how i talked to Annie last night. I know it was just a guitar.. but it was THE guitar. I yawned and stretched getting out of bed for the morning. I decided i owed Annie an apology for my short temper last night so i strolled down the hallway until i got to her room. It was pretty obvious it was her room. The door was decorated to the 'T'. Hearts, princesses, stars everything a little girl could possibly like was decorated on that door. I quietly opened it and sneaked over to her bed. She was wrapped up in her pink princess blanket sleeping contently.

     I smiled softly and sat on her bed, giving her a light kiss on her forehead. Her eyelids fluttered open. She yawned and sat up, her tiny body leaning against my chest. This made me feel so guilty. "Hi daddy," she muttered rubbing her eyes. "Good morning sweet pea." i said bringing her up onto my lap. "Can we talk?" i asked looking down into her gorgeous blue eyes. "Sure daddy." she said leaning up against my chest obviously still tired. "I just want you to know that daddy's sorry about how he treated you last night. There was no excuse for me to yell at you like i did. I'm sorry baby." she pushed her messy hair out of her eyes and looked up at me. "It's okay daddy. I'm really sorry for breaking it. I didn't mean to i promise!" she shook her head with wide eyes making me melt.

   "I know you didn't darlin' its okay.." she gave me a small smile. Barely visible but it was there! "You know daddy loves you very much, yeah?" i said stroking her hair. "I love you too daddy." she leaned up and kissed my cheek. "Good! How does breakfast sound?" i asked tickling her stomach, "D...daddy... i can't (giggle) answer (giggle) if your (giggle) tickling me!(giggle)" she was squirming around until i finally stopped. "What about now?" i asked picking her up off of her back. "Thats better!" she sighed. "PANCAKES PANCAKES PANCAKES!" she chanted tugging on my shirt for me to get up.

  "Alright then come on pumpkin!" i picked her up and placed her on my hip. "Daddy.. i haven't seen mummy in forever! I miss her where is she at?" oh god here we go. I panicked trying to think of something.. anything instead of a lie. I couldn't tell her she was coming back. For all i know she wasn't! "Uh.. um mummy took a trip. Far away." thats all i could say with out feeling worse about the situation. "Will she come back to see me.. to see us?" i sat her down on the ground, and bent down to her level, cupping her tiny face with my hands. 

    "When mummy comes back she comes back baby," i tucked her hair behind her ear. "Well when you talk to her again can you tell her that i miss her tucking me into bed. Oh and i miss her hugs and kisses too daddy." she tilted her head to the side and i felt myself tearing up. My poor baby girl. This was terrible for her. "Daddy why you cryin'? Did i say sometin wrong?" she wiped away at a fallen tear from my eyes. "No.. not at all baby girl." i chuckled, "Daddy's just happy.. sometimes people cry when their happy its called tears of joy. Your my everything sweetie, and i wouldn't want it any other way!" i smiled at her trying to collect myself again. "Now where were we? Oh right pancakes!" i picked Annie up and tossed her in the air. "Again, again!" she squealed. I threw her in the air once again and caught her when she came down.


   I finished up the pancakes and placed them on a plate when my phone started ringing. "Get that for me?" i looked over at Annie. She nodded and picked up my phone eagerly. "This is Annaleigh Horan, may i ask who's speaking?" she said politely, man did i teach her well. "Oh, hi Katie!" she said excitedly. I whipped my head around and quickly took the phone away from her. "Daddyyyy! I wanted to talk to Katie!" she whined as i silently shushed her. "Hello?" i said into the phone. "Hey Niall! I was calling to tell you i might be a bit early if thats alright.. the cabs are all booked after 10:30," she nervously said.

    "Thats fine.. whatever." i groaned and hung up the phone in annoyance. I didn't mean to be so rude it's just that my time was already being cut short with Annie. "Why don't you like Katie daddy? You always told me that you should be kind to people no matter what!" she nodded at the end of her sentence. "Its not that i don't like her Annie, it's just that the more time she spends with you the less you'll spend with me. I don't want that." i sighed.

  "But your my daddy, you'll always be number one! Katie is my friend, and family comes before friends!" she said with a bright smile. "You got it princess!" i smiled from ear to ear and ruffled her hair. "How about we eat now, yeah?" I said. "Yay! Im starving!" she giggled rubbing her belly. "1 for m'lady," i chuckled setting the plate in front of her. "And 7 for the king!" i laughed at myself and sat beside Annie. "Eat up kiddo we have a lot to do today!" 

Katies POV

    Niall was being so wishy washy! One minute he was giving me flowers, the next he was hanging up in my face! Just great. I sighed turning on the telly. I took my cuppa and sat down on the sofa, flipping through channels until i settled on E! News. While i listened to the gossip i decided i'd wear a side braid today.

"One Directions Niall Horan spotted with a new girl? His life if moving pretty fast wouldn't you agree?"

"I sure would Lyndsey! after his girlfriend of 1 year - Sydney Holland, left him with his child we didn't actually think he'd move on!"

"An anonymous girl as been spotted leaving Nialls house late last night, along with flowers! Quite the romantic aren't we Horan? Tweet us @ENews and tell us what you think about this new beauty in Nialls life!"

   I sat there staring blankly at the tv screen. Me? They were actually talking about me! Half of me was excited only because i'd never been on tv like this before! But the other half of me wished the paparazzi wasn't so much into other people's business.They actually thought Niall and i were together? HA! Far from it actually! I was just the babysitter and if i was all into twitter and tumblr i'd let everyone know that in a heartbeat! I honestly don't even think Niall and i have even the slightest chance together..


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