Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


26. ❥Here We Go!

Sydney's POV

  The rest of the bus ride to the arena was so awkward. But if I could go back in time and snog Niall in front of everyone again I would. Katie has been giving Niall this 'I want you' look. I don't know what happened between them when i was gone but that's definitely not going to happen. In no time jelousy took over my entire body. "Boys were almost at the arena. Be ready to get off soon!" The driver yelled from up front. I heard a faint whine come from the bunks and knew it was Annie.

  "I'll get her." I sighed and got up from the circle we were still sitting in. Once I got to her bunk I opened up the curtain and picked up my baby girl. "Shhh. It's ok pumpkin. Mummy's right here." I whispered rocking her back and forth. "So is daddy." Niall came up behind me and put his arms around my waist while lying his chin on my shoulder. "Damn it Niall! You scared the shit out of me!" I whisper yelled covering Annie's ears. He laughed.

  "Well I hope not.." He looked down to see if I'd shit my pants yet. "Not literally you dork!" I giggled. "I know I know. But anyway I came to kiss my peanut before the show. Just in case she's still asleep when we get to the arena." He took her from my arms. "I highly doubt that. Over all of those shrieking girls.. She's going to wake up wailing! You know how much of a grouch she can be!" We laughed. "And I'm almost certain she inherited her grouchiness from her daddy!" I poked his chest. "Yes she did! She loves her sleep just as much as I do."

  Niall looked down at Annie and kissed her forehead. "Sorry to ruin the moment, but we're here.." Louis walked in and said. "Well I guess this is it! You finally get to see me perform!" A smile came upon my face. He laid Annaleigh back down so we could have our last few minutes together. "I love you. So much. And I know your gonna do amazing out there. Making all those Niall girls drool down their chiny chin chins!" I giggled as I copied the lyrics he said from the song Kiss You. "NIALL MARRY ME!" I put my hand over my heart and screamed pretending to be a fangirl.

  "That's already happinin' love." He chuckled. "You three come on!" Liam rushed us off of the bus. "Let's finish this backstage yeah?" I nodded and picked Annie back up then walked hand in hand off of the tour bus with Niall.

*Backstage in the arena*

  Like I said she would Annie woke up from all of the screaming girls. "Mummy make them stop already!" She whined into my shoulder. "I'm sorry baby I can't. They're cheering for daddy and the boys!" I tried cheering her up. "5 minutes boys!" A lady with a mic on her head yelled into the dressing room. Great. They only have 5 more minutes, and I haven't even gotten to finish my alone time with Niall. "Come on Annie Bananie let's let mummy and daddy talk for a moment." Katie offered to take her into the play room. "NO!" She refused snatching away from Katie.

  "Annaleigh Grace Horan!" She knew that whenever her me or Niall said her full name she was in trouble. "I'm sorry she's still tired.." I apologized to Katie. "Oh its ok. I understand!" Katie giggled. "Yes mummy.." She mumbled. "Don't yell again! I need to speak with daddy so I need you to go and play with Katie!" She had her lip poked out and a frown on her face. "Ok mummy. I'm sorry." I kissed her head then set her down to follow Katie to the play room. "But aren't you forgetting something?" Niall came running over towards us.

  "DADDY!" Annie ran her little legs over to Niall and hugged him tightly. "Hey there princess. Be sweet to mummy and Katie ok?" He bent down to her level. "I will daddy. I love you good luck!" She smiled her precious smile. "I will baby. I love you too!" He brought her into a hug just before the lady came speeding through the hallway and into the room again. "2 MINUTES BOYS!" She yelled obviously telling Niall to come on and grab his mic. "I can't wait for you to see the show. I also can't wait to be with you after." He brought me into a warm hug.

  "I love you Sydney Horan!" I lifted my head from his chest and smiled. "Do good Ni. Have fun I love you!" I called after him as he was walking away. "ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION!" You could hear the girls scream and chant from backstage. These concerts were mad crazy! Right before Niall stepped into a lift, that teleported him to the stage, he blew me a kiss. I pretended to catch it then watched him go. "How's everyone doin' tonight?" I heard the all to familiar Irish accent say. Everyone screamed and cheered for the boys.

  I walked to the play room to find Annie playing with dolls in a dollhouse. "Having fun?" I giggled remembering the times I used to play dolls. "Yes mummy come and play with us!" She held out the doll she wanted me to use. "But don't you wanna see daddy on stage?" I questioned. "Oh yeah!" She gasped. "Let's go watch daddy now!" She set down the toys then ran over to my legs for me to pick her up. From there we watched the boys first TMH performance. I was beyond proud of them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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