Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


17. ❥Help

Nialls POV

   I had never been so angry before in my life. Sydney just made it seem like i was a selfish family destroying prick in front of the entire world. For the rest of the car ride silence overtook the car. I was in a hurry to make it to the studio so i could get my mind off of all of this stupid drama with Sydney. Once we arrived i turned into a parking space. As soon as the car came to a stop i jumped out and slammed the door behind me. "You guys can go on in. I'm pretty sure the boys are there waiting. I have some business to take care of." i told Katie. She hoisted Annaleigh up onto her waist and walked into the studio. This was my time. I had to call Sydney to set this straight. I jogged behind the building and leaned against the wall scrolling through my contacts until i found her name.

   What if she'd already changed her number? i asked myself. I sighed and stared at her name for a moment.. just before tapping the call button. I took in a shaky breath as the phone rung. After 2 rings someone picked up. "Who's speaking? If its Michael Kors i can schedule my photo shoot for Thursday if thats fine!" i let her finish with what she had to say. She must've been expecting a call from him. "Is anyone the-" "How dare you?!" i clenched my teeth cutting her off. "Ok whoever this is definitely has the wrong number.." she said with an attitude. "Oh bullshit Sydney. Its Niall, the self absorbed fiancé that won't let you see your own child.. remember me?" i shouted. "Oh hey Niall, nice to talk to you too, its been to long." my name fell graciously from her mouth; it definitely had been to long.

  "How could you be so sarcastic at a time like this?" i shouted extremely frustrated. "Its called 'image' Niall. Get a clue!" she said bitterly. Even when i was in love with Sydney i'd never seen this side of her before. "Image? Are you kidding me right now? You care more about your image than your own damn child!?" i threw my hands in the air forgetting that she couldn't see me. "Listen Niall, i have way more important things to deal with right now than going on with this nagging. I was obviously expecting a different call, and i need to schedule that now. So either we can talk about this in person like the civilized human beings i know we are or we don't.. You choose." the fact that she was so calm about the situation drove me up the wall.

  "You really don't give a crap about Annie anymore do you?" i grimaced. "It was a simple question Niall.. are we meeting up or not?" she asked, sounding annoyed. "Whatever. Text me the details." i hung up and stuffed my phone down in my pocket. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down before going back into the studio. Which i'm pretty sure everyone is probably waiting on me so i better head back inside. Just as i was turning to walk back to the front of the studio Katie appeared from around the corner. The sun shone on her skin so perfectly she looked almost like an angel. I cleared my throat and started walking towards her. "Hey, Simon said you need to get back in there. Its kind of.. uh important." she spoke nervously. "Alright.. but first i have a question." i said stopping us in our tracks. 

Katies POV

   Niall turned to me and bit his lip, "Would you agree that it's time for me to talk to Sydney again? I know i've only known you for a couple days now, and i probably seem crazy asking you for advice, but i need to make a good decision... for Annie." his hands were in his pockets and he was staring at the concrete ground. Niall Horan actually wants my advice? Good god! "Well honestly," i started, "I think it would be a good idea. I'm pretty sure you'd like to know the reason she just up and left all of a sudden." i put a hand on his shoulder like an idiot. Why did i just do that? i awkwardly took my hand off of his shoulder and tucked my hair behind my ear. 

  "Thanks Katie." he smiled snaking his arm around my waist and leading me back into the studio. Tingles were flowing all throughout my spine. His touch was so gentle and soft. Almost like he cared. As we approached the all to familiar office Niall let go of my waist and walked in. "Katie you can leave Niall here now. I'll call you back in when necessary." i nodded turned and left the room gently shutting the door behind me. There was quite a bit of shouting going on and it sounded like Liam. Liam never shouted so something must've really gone wrong. I put my ear to the door to try and see if i could make out what they were saying, "Please... Can i just talk to her?" Niall begged. Talk about what? I heard footsteps coming towards the door and i snatched my ear away and started playing with the tips of my hair as if i'd been doing so the whole time.

   "Katie can you come in for a moment?" Zayn asked. "Sure," i slowly walked into Simons office nervous as to what was about to be asked of me. Niall ran his fingers through his perfectly messy hair and sighed. "Katie," there was a long pause. "Get to the point Niall, we have to get going!" Simon rushed him tapping his pen. Which was actually very annoying, "Katie i need a favor.." his eyes were looking right into mine, "A huge one actually." he mumbled. "And what would that be?" i asked playing around with my hair again. "You know how much Annie means to me right?" his eyes were begging and pleading. He didn't even have to say a word. "I know Niall, she means the world to you." i smiled. "I need you Katie. I need you to come on tour with us for 8 months to look after Annie. Theres no way i could leaver her here wi-" i cut him off there. "Yes." i replied instantly. 

   The three words he said never left my mind, i need you.

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