Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


7. ❥Happier Than Ever!

(If you want you can listen to the song Truly, Madly, Deeply while reading this chapter just a suggestion! :P)

Sydneys POV

    Niall was being a pain in the arse. He wouldn't answer any of my messages and i phoned him 10 times already. Yes 10! I had to get the truth out of him and If i kept bothering him he'd break sooner or later. I got Annaleigh to bed by 8:30 and took a nice hot shower. Something i needed because i was highly stressed out! I got out and dried my hair leaving it to dry naturally. I threw on one of Niall's t-shirts and some shorts then hopped into bed. It had been a long day, and i was worried about Niall. I decided to send him one last message before bed,

Goodnight love, sleep well. I love you! xx

I sighed and closed my tired eyes. Seconds later my phone buzzed,

No need.. come to the door.

I hesitantly peeled the covers off of myself wondering whether i should get out of bed or not,

Babe whats going on? Your scaring me!

I looked around and made sure no one was watching me or something,

Just come it'll be worth getting out of bed! ;)

   I shook my head and as unhurriedly as i could walked down stairs watching my back as i did so. Niall was freaking me out. He was supposed to be in America! I saw a shadow outside of the door and took a quick glimpse out of the window. I could see a couple suitcases and.. and a jumper.. and those sweatpants.. NIALL! I eagerly opened the door to reveal my tired looking Ni. "BABY!" i jumped into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist, not even letting him walk into the house. "Gosh i forgot how stunning you looked in person!" he whispered into my neck.

  I felt my cheeks turn a wild red at his words. I missed his random compliments. "Oh my gosh i've missed you so much." i buried my head into the crook of his neck. Never wanting to let him go. Ever. "Shh don't cry love, i'm here now. I'm never leaving you like that again, and if i have to your coming with me!" he comforted me.  He caressed my hair and carried me into the house sitting down on the couch with me in his lap. "Now who is that with a birthday coming up?" he smiled tapping his chin, "Niall!" he managed to get a giggle out of me and i playfully hit his chest. "Oh yeah, it is you! You know.. i plan on making this the best birthday ever for you." he was staring right into my eyes.

  I couldn't take it any longer, his lips were right there mocking me. I bit my lip, and stared at his, then leaned in for the kiss. His tongue was begging for entrance and i let him though. He bit my bottom lip and everything quickly escalated from there. "Maybe we shouldn't do this tonight," i tried reminding him that it was almost 1am while he was giving me love bites. As much as i tried to keep it in he managed to get a slight moan out of me. "Thats my girl," he smiled deviously like thats all he wanted from me. "Niall!" i whined, "Your such a tease!" i grimaced crossing my arms and pretending to be mad at him, but that didn't work because he's to good at making me laugh!

  "I'm sorry love i'm just SO tired now!" he exaggerated. I scowled at him, "Fine then! I'm going to bed," i rolled my eyes, "Me too! Snuggled up right next to ya!" i giggled and started sprinting up the stairs with Niall steps behind me. "AH, NIALL DONT!" he jumped on the bed right on top of me, squishing me to death! "Sh you'll wake her!" i was laughing hysterically at his cuteness and pointed to Annaleigh. She was sleeping in our room tonight. "Oops, i forgot!" he ran over to her and smiled from ear to ear. Something in him lit up all of a sudden. He looked extremely happy and complete.

  "Wow she looks more and more like you everyday.." he whispered, "Yeah, she has my nose, but she definitely has your eyes and hair." i tilted my head to the side smiling as he continued to fantasize over Annaleigh. "She's so beautiful.. your so beautiful," he turned to me and walked back over to bed jumping right in. "Oh what am i gonna do you you Nialler?" i asked shaking my head with a grin on my face. "LOVE ME!" he said kissing my lips one last time before laying his head down.

  I pulled the covers over us and cuddled right next to him, laying my head on his chest. I felt him playing around with strands of my hair kissing my head every now and then. Gosh i missed this. "Good night my love," he whispered to me. "Good night Niall," i whispered back smiling to myself as i drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep. This was by far the best early birthday present ever. I couldn't have been any happier! :)


Yay for long chapters! I really like how this one turned out! Goodnight, much love! xx

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