Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


35. ❥Giggles & Goodbyes

Bree's POV

  Harry and i had just finished eating breakfast not to long ago and we'd packed his things into the van, and now we were on our way to the airport. I had my arm hooked around his own, and my head was resting along is shoulder.

  "So.. how'd you like New York?" I asked just to break the awkward tension floating throughout the van. "Sorry, that was a stupid question.." I quickly said after.

  "That wasn't a stupid question babe," He chuckled, "But on the other hand, this trip i couldn't even begin to describe how amazing its been. I came here thinking it would be just like any other time we'd come to New York, but finding you changed that for me."

  I lifted my head from his shoulder, "Really?"

  Knowing that made my stomach tingle and i was filled with excitement. "Is someone blushing now?" He asked while grazing my cheek with his thumb. 

  I giggled and laid my head back down on his shoulder. A short time later we arrived at the airport. 1 other van trailed behind us, which contained Niall, Syd, Katie, Annie, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Including all of their luggage.

  The van came to a stop and as we started to get out Harry stopped me, "Babe are you sure you don't want to stay in here while we get the luggage taken care of?" My guess was he said this because of the slew of paparazzi now surrounding the vans.

  "Im positive Harry. Cant hide from them for forever now can i?" 

  "Thats my girl." He gave my lips a peck, "Are you sure yo-" I stopped him there, "Open the door Harold!"

  He did as he was told and helped me out of the van. "Hi, Hello," Harry waved and smiled at the paps. "Harry is this your girlfriend now?" "Is she coming back to England with you?" 

  He didn't answer any of the questions. His arm was snaked around my waist and he was holding me extremely tight and close to him.

  "You guys meet the others inside we'll take care of the luggage." Security told us.

  Harry and i nodded and pushed past the paps as best as we could without getting trampled. I've never understood why they can't let the boys have privacy sometimes. I mean come on, there are tons of fans around all the time, and adding the paparazzi doesn't make it any better.

  "There they are over there," We walked over to where everyone else was and sat down.

  "Does Annaleigh ever get scared of all these people around?" I decided to ask Sydney since we hadn't really had a decent conversation for the time i'd been around.

  "Do you pumpkin?" She leaned down and asked in her ear.

  "Sometimes.. but daddy tells me to be brave and stay with him or mummy so i feel safe!" She answered.

  "Thats daddys' little trooper," Niall took her from Sydneys lap and lathered her cheeks with kisses. Her little giggle was the cutest. I can tell it always puts a smile on their faces.

  "Flight 176 to London, England now boarding," A lady came over the intercom and said.

  I looked over at Harry and his smile quickly faded. This was it. My last time seeing Harry for who knows how long. 

  Everyone else quickly left us alone to say our goodbyes. "Promise to Skype and call whenever you can?" Harry asked bringing me into a tight hug. "I should ask you the same,"

  "Of course i will."

  "I love you."

  "I love you too, Harry."

  We came apart and he placed a kiss on my forehead still holding onto my hips. We stood staring at each other for the longest before i'd said, "Just kiss me already Styles!"

  "Don't mind if i do," He retorted.

  Our faces became closer and closer to each other before our noses touched and lips grazed one another. Harry grabbed ahold of my chin and our lips started moving in sync. Then and there  i knew Harry was the one for me. My prince charming.

  The fans burst out in oohhh's and awww's. Its a good thing they were behind barriers too.

  We pulled apart and Harry outlined my face with the back of his hand while we looked into each others eyes for the last time.

  "Don't forget to wear my sweatshirt every night!" He added.

  I giggled, "How could i forget?"

  "I love you Bree," He brought me into one last hug.

  "I love you too."

  And with that he placed one last kiss on my cheek before i had to wave goodbye. He looked back and i waved and said my final goodbye.

  When i saw him make it to the terminal i turned and walked out of the airport. And as soon as i made it back to the van, i sat and cried. My Harry was gone.


Sydneys POV 

  Harry had taken forever to board the plane and everyone but Niall and i were becoming impatient with him. We knew how it was to leave one another behind, and trust me, it was never fun.

  When you have that special bond with that special someone how could you ever want to let them go? You'd think everyone else would understand that considering they always had to leave their girlfriends, but i guess not.

  "Hey mate how'd it go?" Niall asked Harry once he'd sat down. "Alright. I just already miss her, you know?"

  "Yeah i do. I remember those times with Syd. It was always hard, but we had to learn to live with it."

  He nodded and stuck his earphones into his ears for the rest of the flight.

  Not even 10 minutes into the ride Annie started whining for Niall, so he got up and got her from Katie. "She's such a daddy's girl i hate it!" I frowned and crossed my arms.

  Nialls' response was laughing at me. "You think it's funny Horan, but i want her playing dress up not Fifa!"

  "Mummy i love playing dress up fifa is boring with daddy. He thinks he fools me by giving me a controller that doesn't work, but i know!"

  Niall gasped and i burst into a fit of laughter. "Thats my girl!" I reached out for Annie to come to me but got rejected. "Daddy's more comfy.."

  My happy expression soon died away and Niall had the spotlight again. "Aw come here love. Its no competition! She loves us both the exact same!" 

  "Well maybe i love mummy just a little more because she gives me 2 cookies before dinner every night and tells me not to tell you daddy.."

  "Annaleigh!" I said between giggles. "So, thats your secret weapon eh?" He said raising one eyebrow.

  "Ok you caught me..." I leaned over and kissed Nialls' cheek and Annies' hair. This was going to be one long, funny flight!


  I stayed up until 3 am to finish this your welcome! Don't forget to comment, like, fav, and fan! And as always thanks for reading x k now i need sleep.

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