Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


8. ❥Getting Started

Nialls POV

   I woke up the next morning well before Sydney so i could meet up with Ed at the studio and get started on another one her birthday presents. A song. I took a quick shower and threw on some clothes. Right before i left i wrote a quick note saying i went out for a while then kissed her and Annie and left.

*At the studio*

  I walked into the studio and met Ed in a room filled with a bunch of equipment. "Hey mate!" i pulled Ed in for a quick hug then took a seat. "So a song for the girl, yeah?" he smirked and i felt myself blush. "Yeah, she's great man." i whipped out my guitar and started strumming a bit. "I've already got a couple lyrics down so we can start from there," i told him. "Alright lets see what you've got," he grabbed the notebook out of my hand and took a look at what i had written down so far on the plane.

  "These lyrics are SICK!" he nodded and i smiled just thinking about how happy i was going to make Sydney. I couldn't wait to see her beautiful face when she hears the song. "So i was thinking, this is kind of how i want the melody to go," i played it and he seemed to really like it. Trust me if Ed Sheeran likes a song you wrote all by yourself its pretty damn good! "When we're done with this song she's gonna love you even more than she already does mate!" he assured me. On the outside i was perfectly fine, but on the inside i was jumping around all over the place. I couldn't wait for her to hear this.


Sydneys POV

    I stirred around in bed patting the other side of me feeling around for Niall. I fluttered my eyelashes and squinted my eyes so they could adjust to the sun peeking through the windows. I saw no Niall. "Where'd he go?" i asked myself, "He's probably downstairs making breakfast." i sniffed and smelled no food, and started to get worried. His first day back and he's already gone again. I bent down to my phone and check the time; 10:30am. I sighed and stretched slowly getting out of bed. I heard something crumple under my feet and picked up the piece of paper,

Good morning love,

I'm so sorry i had to leave early this morning, but i'm doing a bit of work. Lets just say you'll love me when it's done. I can't wait to come back home and wrap my arms tight around your waist and never let go. I love you. xx  - Niall

  I caught myself smiling at what he wrote. I sent him a text to let him know i got his message then walked into Annaleighs room to wake her up. "Hey sweet pea!" she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and yawned. "Guess what?" i swept her hair out of her face, "What mummy?" her morning voice was the cutest, "I have a surprise for you!" i informed her.

  She went ballistic! "Where where where?" she squealed. "You'll just have to wait and see!" she jumped out of her bed and into my arms. Together we walked downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed a plate from the cupboard and quickly cooked some eggs putting some on her plate along with fruit. "Thank you mummy!" she giggled taking a bite of her apple. "Of course pumpkin," i smiled back at her.


Thanks for reading much love! xx

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