Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


32. ❥Everything Happens For A Reason<3

Nialls POV

  Annie's idea of fun included dragging me to Lou's (not Louis but Lux's mum) room and playing, dancing, and singing to our songs. I have to say it was a bit fun, but nothing i would ever consider doing again! She and Lux had passed out on the floor while watching Disney movies so this was my only chance to get her back to our hotel room.

  "Thanks Lou. She had great fun!" I whispered while trying to pick Annaleigh up without waking her. "No problem Its always great when they get so worn out they fall asleep! Bye Ni!" I managed to complete my mission and waved goodbye before closing the door behind me.

  I walked 7 doors down until we got back to our room, slipped the card into the slot, and opened it. Sydney was still working on her paper for school when i'd walked in.

  Surprise, surprise. She paused from typing and raised her eyebrows once i laid Annie down on a spare bed.

  "Sooo, how much 'fun' did i miss?" She whispered while giggling. "Never. Again." I groaned and fell back onto the bed Sydney was in. "Your still working on that paper?" By the looks of it there was no way she was going to stop working to spend some time with me.

  "Yes. I'm sorry Ni, but we still have a long 16 hour plane fight together, right?" She smiled and i nodded. "Thats right baby girl!" I chuckled. "Seriously what did i miss? It was good you got to spend some time with her. It's like we're always to busy for her babe," Sydney set aside her laptop and looked over at me.

  "We sang, danced, played. Did what 2 year olds do." I shrugged. "Sounds like you two did have a lot of fun!" She winked, "Want some lunch?" She got out of bed and walked over to the mini fridge, "While you two went partying i went out and bought some fruit and made sandwiches." Thank god! I have the best fiancé ever!

  "YES!" I ran over and tackled her with kisses, "Thank you so much babe. i'm so tired i almost forgot i was hungry, and that never happens!" She laughed, "Well, eat and then go to sleep. I think you've had enough for one day!" She handed me my food along with a bottled water and went back to her work.


  I groggily opened my eyes to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the time; 2:15am and groaned. Whoever was calling me this late at night was going to hear it from me. I hadn't even looked at the caller i.d. i just answered the phone. Sleep to me was sacred, and i hated being interrupted from it.

  "Ello?" Who ever this was better have a reasonable explanation as to why i'm being awoken in the wee hours of the morning! "Nialler?" Ok it was my mum so maybe i wasn't going to do anything about being woken up, "Mum? What are you doing up at this time of night?" I asked in a whisper.

  "Mdfjks Niaaalll," Sydney mumbled incoherent words and shifted her position in bed. She was sitting upright with her laptop in her lap and papers sprawled across the bed.

  She'd been working as hard as she possibly could lately and i was extremely proud of her. "Hold on mum," I got out of bed and walked over to Sydney's side. I shut her laptop and placed it onto the floor then neatly stacked all of her papers and put them into her backpack.

  I then moved the duvet from under her legs and put it over them. She'd realized what i'd done and opened her eyes, "Thanks Ni. I love you. Now go back to sleep." She shooed me away, but i didn't leave without a kiss first.

  I'd remembered my mum was still on the phone and picked it back up, "Mum you still there?" I walked into the bathroom so Sydney wouldn't wake back up. I figured if my mum was calling me this late at night it was something important she had to tell me.

  "Yes i'm here! I just wanted to let you know.. that we've got you and Sydney's wedding all planned out! We knew you two had been to busy to think about the wedding for the past couple of months so we thought it'd be a good idea to help you out. And since you've got 10 days off we wanted to have it during then." She seemed just as excited as i was at the moment.

  This was sick! I was finally going to get married to the girl of my dreams, and it was all because of the unconditional support i had from my entire family. The tears were slowly but surely coming on and i never cried for no reason. These were definitely tears of joy! "Ni you there?" My mum asked.

  "Y-yes i'm still here. This is all just so overwhelming mum! Sydney is going to be stoked! I'm at a loss for words." I didn't know what to think or say. I wanted to do more than thank my mum. I wanted to see her in person to let her know that i loved her so much and that i didn't know what i'd do without her.

  "Ok Nialler you get some sleep. I'll see you guys in a couple of days! Love you." I said my i love you too's and goodbye's then ended the call. I opened up the bathroom door to find Sydney standing there in shock."Your kidding me... right?" I shook my head then brought her into the biggest and tightest hug i'd ever given her. "How'd you hear?!" I muttered into her hair.

  "i have my ways," She giggled then sniffled. "Aw baby," I smoothed down her hair and pulled out of the hug to cup her face with my hands. "Don't cry! Your gonna make me cry!" I wiped away a single tear, that trailed down her cheek, with my thumb and smiled. "Your perfect you know that right?" I said running my thumb up and down her cheek. She laughed. "Oh, be quiet and just kiss me already!" 


 READ!!: This is by far the cutest/best chapter i've ever written. I'm in love with it!!!!! Thank you guys so much for continuing to read my story. It is just about over, but don't worry there will be atleast 3-4 more chapters. I'm not sure if i'd continue Niall and Sydney's journey after this book. Although i've gotten some comments telling me i should. I was thinking about it and it seemed like a great idea, but i'm not so sure. You can comment what you think below as always. I have another story planned too that i think you guys will love a lot though! And like always thanks for reading, commenting, and favouriting it makes me smile and means the world to me! :) x I love you all to the moon and back. <3 

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