Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


16. ❥Dumb Love

Katies POV

   I shook my head and got up to get ready. My cab should be here in less than an hour so i had to speed it up a little. This was my job now.. babysitting an international superstars daughter. I went up to my room and picked out my favorite TopShop outfit. A baby pink button up shirt and high waisted shorts. Quickly i hoisted my on outfit and grabbed my Doc Martins to go along with it. Minutes later i heard honking from outside. I snatched my over the shoulder purse and ran out the door. I gave the driver directions to Nialls house then off we were.


    I gave the man a smile and slammed the cab door shut. I ran up the porch steps and rang the doorbell. I could hear little feet making their way to the door. "Who's thereee?" i heard Annie sing through the door. "Its Katie!" i giggled at her silliness. "KATIE!" she opened the door looking up at me with a huge grin on her face. Well someone was excited that i was back! "Hi Katie! Come in daddy is finishing his breakfast!" she guided me into the kitchen and Niall had just gotten up to wash off his dirty dishes. He was only in boxers. Well then.. he looked up startled to see my sudden appearance. "Shit!" he gasped setting his plate down in the sink and running up the stairs. His cheeks were crimson red. "Daddy got embarrassed!" Annie laughed at her dads instant disappearance and gestured for me to pick her up. 

    Just as i did so Niall walked back into the kitchen with his hands deep in his pajama pant pockets. "Your earlier than i expected," he said sheepishly. "No i'm actually a couple minutes late.." i pointed to the microwave clock. An awkward silence filled the room. "Well why don't you go and get Annie ready. We have to get going soon!" he said, "Annie show her where your room is, although i'm sure you'd be able to spot it right off the bat!" he chuckled. "Sure! Come on Annie!" i took her small hand in mine and walked up the stairs with her by my side. "I cant wait for you to see my room! Its a big girl room!" she looked up at me. "Oh yeah?" i smiled down at her, and as soon as we reached the top she let loose of my hand and took off, "Heres my room!" she jumped around excitedly. I could tell Niall spoiled her rotten! She had every girls dream room.. well if your a 2 year old that is. 

  She sat herself down on her soft bedsheets as i opened up her closet doors to reveal a flurry of pink and purple. "I'm guessing these are your favorite colors!" i glanced at her, "No green is! Nanny said green is the colour of daddys country!" she grinned. "And whats daddys country?" i questioned, even though i already knew the answer. "I-ah-lend." she pronounced slowly. "Ireland it is good job Annie!" i giggled picking her outfit.

   After she changed into her outfit for the day we were off to see if Niall was ready, "Daddy can we come in?" Annie knocked repeatedly on the door. "Just a second pumpkin," he yelled through the door. You could hear him slipping on his trousers. I sat Annie down, and just as i did so he opened up the door. His room was very neat and clean. Like i said before he has a nice taste when it comes to furniture! On the walls there were a few pictures of him and Annie.

  There was one i saw that caught my eye seconds later. It was a picture of a woman, she looked about my age, with her hand over her chest. She looked surprised. Niall was on one knee and it looked to be Christmas. There were a bunch of people gathered around for this occasion. This had to be Sydney. I still couldn't process why she left Annie and Niall so suddenly. But she was gorgeous. She had curly brunette hair with hazel/grey eyes

   I heard a faint cough behind me and as i turned there was Niall. His attention was now on the photo too. "Yeah... thats Sydney." he said with his hands in his pockets. "I guessed right," i smiled. "She was so beautiful Niall." i turned to look at him. "I have to agree with you on that one!" he nodded his head snapping himself out of his trance. "On that note lets get going!" he picked up Annie and guided me out of his bedroom. Off to the studio we were.


   The car ride was mostly silent. Even Annie wasn't talking, which came as a shocker considering she always talked about her favorite princesses and dolls. "Lets turn on the radio, yeah?" Niall reached over and turned the volume up. 

   "And now we have model Sydney Holland joining us live on the Radio 1 morning show!" 

Nialls eyes widened and i bet he regretted turning up the volume then.. 

  "We have a couple questions from our listeners this morning. Ok caller #1 your on!" the presenters voice boomed through the speakers.

  "Sydney how are you liking the model life?" Niall looked just as eager as i was to hear her answer to this question.

   "Its great you know? Modeling for some of the biggest and the best clothing lines out there is incredible! I wouldn't change a thing about my life right now!" you could hear her laugh a little.

   "Are there any special men in your life at the moment?" Niall became 100x more interested in the interview then.

  "Well.. on and off. Our schedules and been to busy to really settle down and just hang out like a normal couple would. But at the moment i'm far to busy to have a commitment like that anyways." she sighed into her mic. Niall scoffed.

  "Ok thanks caller! Caller #2 your on the Radio 1 morning show live with Sydney Holland! Any questions?"

    "How are Niall and Annaleigh doing since you've been gone? Are they coping well with your career since Niall is busy and all with One Direction.. and who's keeping Annie?" thats the question that really got Nialls attention. He pulled over and slightly turned his head to listen to what she had to say for herself. I'm sure it was going to be a lie. 

 "Mummy?" Annie asked looking confused. I put a finger up to my lips and Niall shushed her.

  "Oh i'm sure they're doing really well... With Niall touring and all he can't really make time for me to see her." Nialls lips a gaped and he looked like he wanted go off on someone. Lies. Right again Katie! "What the fuck?!" he slammed his hands down on the steering wheel. "Calm down Niall!" i tried to cool his temper in any way i could. "I need to talk to her." he said looking forward. "I have to talk to her."

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