Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


31. ❥Disasters!

You can listen to any love song you want during Bree's POV preferably Ed Sheeran Wake Me Up, Lifehouse You and Me, or Parachute Kiss Me Slowly. Enjoy :) x

-1 week later-

Brees POV

  Go back in time a week ago and Harry and i had just met. Now a week later here we are together again. Not to mention he's managed to see me every single day for a week! Don't ask me how. Last night he'd even gotten me a ticket to their last gig in the states. We've bonded a lot in this last week.

  So much that i don't know how i'm going to cope with him leaving. He hasn't actually asked me to be his girlfriend yet, but i'm hoping he at least kisses me on the lips before he leaves. Although becoming his girlfriend would be much nicer..

  "This is my favourite part!" Harry chuckled at the film we were watching. He was so close to me i couldn't even pay attention to the film. His breath tickled my neck every time he breathed out. Yes, he was that close! I wanted him to make a move.

  I wanted him to show me he felt the same feelings as i did. "You alright love?" He asked. "We can change the movie if you want to!" I giggled. "No, i like the movie Harry! I'm fine." He nodded and moved a bit closer to me.

  I smiled at this and it caught his attention, "What's got you smiling so suddenly?" He poked my cheek which caused my smile grow even bigger and my cheeks to turn a crimson red. "Nothing Harry! This is my favourite part of the movie. Shh!" I was trying to turn the attention away from me, and back to the movie. I don't know why.

  This could have been my chance to do something. To finally make a move. "But, what if this isn't my favourite part of the movie," He replied. I turned over and propped myself up on my elbow. "What are you implying Styles?" I laughed.

  He was trying to keep his focus on me. Not the movie. "I mean.. what if i said.. uh," He paused for a moment. I had zoned out of everything but Harry's face.

  The film was stilling playing in the background but it was faint. "Um... what if i said i had feelings for you?" I silently said 'yesss!' It didn't come from my mouth but i was surely thinking it! Ok now say something Bree! He's going to think you don't feel the same way!

  "Well what if i said i had feelings for you too.." I poked a finger into his chest causing him to smile and his perfect dimple to show. "Well then, i'm pretty sure thats perfect isn't it?" I nodded and bit my lip. "It is perfect," I whispered. Harry started moving closer and closer until we were centimeters apart.

  The soft pink lips i'd encountered a week ago were in my presence again, but this time they wern't after my cheek, they were after my lips. He stopped as if he were asking for permission to continue. I nodded. And the moment i had been waiting for forever happened, Harry and I's lips touched for the first time.

Nialls POV

  "Is everything almost packed?" Tonight was our last night in the states, and Sydney and i were packing everything up. "Yes babe, but your stuff is everywhere!" She threw some of my shirts and shoes over to me that had gotten mixed in with her things. "Sorry it's been a rough couple of weeks!" I groaned.

  I for one, was extremely tired and ready to get back home. I missed my bed and my mums cooking so it was a definite plus that we got to have a week off when we got back. Syd and i planned on going by to see her dad, since we would already be in London, then go to Ireland for the rest of the week.

  "Mummy, daddy, i'm all ready!" Annie came from the bathroom with makeup covering her entire face. She had lip stick on her eyelids and eyebrows as eyeshadow, and mascara covered her cheeks for blush. "Oh my god." Sydney dropped everything she had in her hands. I couldn't help but laugh, but Sydney was furious.

  "Annaleigh Horan! Why did you go in my makeup? And since this is so funny to you Niall you can clean her up!" I picked Annie up, "C'mon babe you know it's a little funny!" She knew it was she just didn't want to admit it. "No i don't Niall i spend my money on that stuff not yours!" 

  She continued to pack her bags while i walked Annie into the bathroom to clean her up. "Do i look like a princess now daddy?" She giggled. "Honey, i think you would look much better without the makeup. You don't need it to look like a princess!" I tried to hold back my laughter but i just couldn't.

  Not only had she broken Sydney's lipsticks, she'd broken all of her eyeshadows, and poured out her base and powder. "Shh we won't tell mummy this happened." I whispered while cleaning up all of the makeup in a hurry. I continued to laugh at Annie the whole time. "Daddy its not funny!" She pouted. "Ok ok i'm sorry love."


  "And we're all done!" After 20 minutes of cleaning off Annie's face, and throwing away all of the broken makeup, we were finally done. I set her down on the ground, "Lets go find mummy." She grabbed hold of my hand and together we walked out of the bathroom. Sydney was sitting on the hotel bed doing schoolwork.

  "Mummy look at me now!" Annie spun around making her skirt and hair flow with her.  "There's my pumpkin!" She set aside her laptop and pulled Annie onto the bed and into her lap. "Now, mummy doesn't want you to go into her makeup again ok?" She nodded and gave Sydney a tight hug. 

  "Daddy doesn't want mummy to wear makeup either!" I said smiling and sitting on the bed beside them. "Well 19 year olds are aloud to, 2 year olds aren't!" She said looking at Annie. "And i only wear makeup for special occasions thank you very much!" She said smiling because she knew she was right. Annie moved from Sydneys lap and crawled under the covers to play there.

  "Babyyy," I moved closer to her. She knew what was coming next and shook her head. "No Niall! I have to finish this assignment. Its due by midnight!" She continued typing. I sighed, "Fine, i guess i'll go have all of my fun with Annie." I grabbed her under her from under the covers and placed her on my hip.

  "What kind of fun? Watching Dora? Ohhh yeah thats so much fun i'm missing out on everything!" She pretended to pout but said it with sarcasm. "Heyyy! C'mon daddy we'll show mummy that we CAN have some real fun!" Annie took my hand and guided me out of the room. Sydney raised an eyebrow and i looked back and shrugged. What kind of 'fun' could a 2 year old possibly have in mind?


thanks for reading! <3333333 :) x

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