Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


20. ❥Catching My Breath

Nialls POV

  How did this not get to me in time for Valentines day? I was so mad at myself for not kissing her back and instead just walking away. "Daddy... Dadddyyy!" Annie called after me breaking me from my thoughts, "Yes princess?" i looked down. "Your phone," she held it out and i took a look at the screen.

  "It's mummy we talked a little bit but she told me she wanted to speak with you." i smile grew on my face and i took my phone from her. "Thanks baby girl. How about you go play with Katie while i talk to mummy, yeah?" she nodded vigorously and ran along. 

  "Sydney?" i walked into the downstairs bathroom for some privacy. "Yes, i'm here. I heard you talking to Annie your such a good daddy," she giggled into the phone. "Yeah well that's my job!" i smiled. It was good to hear her voice again. It was good to not be arguing for once and to just have a proper one on one conversation.

  "Syd?" i decided to just get to the point, "Yes Ni.." i could tell she was lying in bed. That was her tired voice. "Why did you believe them?" she sighed, "To be honest, i don't know. I was so pissed off at you i just wasn't thinking. Now that i look back on it i don't know why i would've fallen for something like that. I should have been on your side and i'm sorry for that Ni." 

  I didn't want her to apologize for anything anymore, "You don't have to apologize i understand. I shouldn't have said what i said. Now i feel like i'm lying to Annie when i tell her i love her or that she'll always be my baby girl. Thats what i'm sorry for. I don't know what came across me to even regret her. She's not the reason why we were together. We were together because we loved each other and her. We knew we could make it through the hard times and be there for each other when we needed it. Thats why we were together." there was a long pause.

  "I've missed you so much Ni. Not waking up to my cute little leprechaun was the worst!" she groaned. "Although not waking up to you was treacherous too, i have to admit your one sexy model!" i chuckled. "Oh Nialler!" she laughed.

  "Ni?" she said, "Yes lov- Syd?" i answered back. "Are we together again..?" i quickly tried to come up with an answer but i my words suddenly felt all knotted in my throat. "Yes." i finally said, "Of course we are love."

  I could sense her smile through the phone and that made me smile myself. 


  Sydney and i were laying in bed. She had her head resting on my chest and i was running my fingers through her soft brown hair. "Niall i want to get married to you." she blurted out. She lifted her head off of my chest and looked up at me. "I know your going to be the one i marry," i ran my fingers along her cheek, "Don't worry darlin', there'll be a ring on your finger and i promise i will be the one who gives it to you."

-flashback over-

  "Niall you there?" she sounded worried, "Yes baby i'm here." i replied. "What were you thinking about?" she asked. "Us. The time you said you wanted to get married to me, and i said i'd be the one to put the ring on your finger, remember?"

  "I remember that as if it were yesterday." she giggled. "Well.. i was wondering if you still want that to happen." i asked. "I want to put that ring back on your finger, and give you a wedding that no one could ever forget. Not even if they tried. I want to put aside touring and traveling the world to devote one day for you. For us." she sniffled a bit.

  "Babe are you crying?" i laughed. "No.... ok yes but only because i thought i was going to be your fiancé for forever! I haven't ever put aside the time to plan our wedding because i knew you were always going to be so busy."

  "Syd i want you to come with me. Come on tour with me and we can start then. As soon as we are done with the tour we can have our wedding. I don't want to put it off any longer!" i was eager for these 8 months to go by as fast as they could. I knew Sydney was the one i wanted to marry, i have always known that.

Sydneys POV

   Niall actually asked about the wedding we'd been putting off for a while now. "Yes Ni, of course i'll come." i nodded. "Then pack your things love, we have a flight to catch!" he said excitedly. I couldn't wait to finally go on tour with the boys. Everything was slowly but surely going back to normal. But there is one thing i can truly say, and that is, my life is as good as it could ever get right now.


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