Cannonball (Sequel to So Close Yet So Far)

But love conquers all right?


34. ❥Cant Help Falling In Love With You

Harrys POV

 "Baabe come on wake up!" I whispered. Bree groaned and buried her face between two pillows. "igs woo erjy!" She'd said, but her words were muffled.

  "Huh? I couldn't hear you!" I slowly leaned over and started attacking her neck with kisses and tickling her sides. "I- i said its to early! But i'm awake now so stop with the tickling!" She continued to giggle though i'd stopped tickling her.

  "You sure i don't need to go for another round?" I motioned towards her like i was going for her sides again, "NO!" She'd thrown the covers over her head.

  "Get up with me now?" I pleaded. She uncovered her face to where her eyes could only be seen.

  "Pwomise not to tickle me again?"

  "I, Harry Edward Styles, PWOMISE not to tickle my adorable girlfriend again." 

  Bree slowly came from up under the covers and crawled over towards me. "What time is it anyway?" I looked down at my watch, "5:45. Want something to eat?"

  "Yes please. How long have you been up?" I got out of bed and walked over to the mini fridge, "10 - 20 minutes," I yawned just thinking of how early it was. I am, by all means, not a morning person!

  "Would you like yogurt, strawberries, grapes, or a banana my dear?"

  "Yogurt and banana please," I grabbed two bananas her yogurt and the strawberries and took them over to the bed.

  "Thanks babe."

  "Anything for you my love!"


Sydneys POV

  "Niall please give Annie a quick bath while i pack her some food for the plane!" Niall was so stubborn at times, and most of the time he was glued to his phone so there's no use in asking him to do anything.

  "Ok lemme finish up my follow spree!"

  I groaned and continued to pack Annie's food.

  "I'm sure the fans are going crazy, but she really needs to be bathed please stop for a minute?" I batted my eyelashes and poked my lip out just enough for him to give in.

  "Ugh you know i cant resist that face! You do this to me on purpose Mrs. Horan!" He set his phone down beside him and winked at me.

  "And thats how you get whatever you want! Points for Syd!"

Nialls POV

  I walked over towards Annaleigh sleeping in bed. She looked so peaceful, and i didn't want to disrupt her sleep, but her mummy's so predominant how could i resist?

  "Annie," I shook her a few times, "Wake up baby we have to get you ready to go,"

  She rolled over and began to whine, "But daddy i still tired!" She mumbled.

  "I know sweetie, but don't you want to ride on the plane back home to see papaw?"

  "Sure i guess so daddy." She retorted while rubbing her tiny eyes.

  "K then lets go pumpkin." I picked her up and kissed her forehead before her head fell on my shoulder and she got comfortable in my embrace.


  "Here comes the boat!" I played around with Annie in the tub filling up her favourite bath toy with water and pouring it all over her head.

  The best thing in the world was seeing that big smile come upon her face when i did so.

  "I knew i heard that adorable laugh coming from somewhere," Sydney stood in the doorframe with her hand on one side of the door while she watched me play with Annie.

  "Mummy!" Annie cheered.

  "Hi baby are you having a lot of fun playing with daddy?"

  She nodded and giggled, "Daddy daddy show mummy what we are playing!"

  "Ok you ready?" She nodded and i filled her toy boat with water.

  "Here comes the boat!" I dumped the water on top of her head and she splashed around and yet again started laughing.

  "You two are the cutest!" Sydney said while grinning.

  "Daddy i wanna get out and put on my pretty outfit now!"

  "Ok sweetie lets get out," I let out the bath water and grabbed her yellow towel with a hood that had a ducks face on it and wrapped her up in it.


  After dressing Annie she hopped off of the bed and ran over to show Syd her pretty outfit. Annie always knew how to put a smile on my face. If she was happy i was happy.

  "Wow baby! Daddy dressed you so well!" She twirled and pranced around and started chanting, "I look so pretty, i look so pretty!"

  "Thank you babe," Sydney said.

  "Anything for my loves!"


IM ALIVE! Thanks for continuing to read my stories everyone! Omg my dad got me tickets to the boys concert in Dallas, Texas for July 22nd IM STOKED!!! AND heres a funny story.. im going to Florida the first two weeks of July and the boys just left there. WHY COULDN'T THEY BE GOING THEN??!! But other than that its summer and i can update more frequently. Don't forget to tell me what you think by dropping a comment and liking and favoriting much love xx

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