challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


21. week of prom (part 5,friday)



so today,we are buying our prom dress, it is all perfectly set up, and Maria's going to help us with our hair and make up's


we went to the mall and went to 5 diff. stores just to find that one perfect dress,


"wow you all look pretty in those dress you bought" Maria said all happy, and almost about to cry

"aww thanks, but you'll come right?"Reeca asked her sitting right next to her

"yes of coarse, i'll come i'm the prom organizer, duh"Maria said being all sassy

Daisy was wearing black shorts and a 3/4 shirt that said "wanted lover"

Jasmine was wearing a flowy purple skirt and a white tank top

Reeca was wearing a ripped jean short and a shirt that said "want me come get me"

Maria was wearing blue shorts and a tank top,but wearing a sweat shirt that say's "wanted: bradford bad boy....may apply now" she found it at a store

the Trisha was wearing red shorts and a shirt that said "swagmasta from doncasta"


they were strolling,from store to store, until they spot a laser tag sign, 


"well, i know what to do after all this shopping"Trisha said and ran at the place

"hey wait for me, and the last one is a potato"Daisy said running

and they all started running and left their shopping bags at the floor


"really, after what i've done, you all are going to let me bring all your bags? you'll are true and great friends" Maria shouted at them and started picking up, the bags


when she got at the place, she rented a locker, and went at the waiting area


"RED" "BLUE" "RED" "BLUE" the girls are fighting over what color their going to choose


"well i choose BLUEEEEEE, and i think some one already choose the RED ones"Daisy said


"okay" we all said 


with just our luck, were challenging the boys, hmmmm



after 30 minutes of shooting, running, hiding,jumping, and shouting our game finished it was fun and tiring


"WE WON"Jasmine shouted

"NO WE WON "Harry shouted back


"Let's just say we all Won"Liam said 


"i'm in a mood for ice cream"Reeca shouted and they all left leaving Maria alone cause she has the keys, but she was with Zayn, maybe they also went shopping, 


they went to the lockers and got all the shopping bags


"That;s alot" Zayn said

"yup, and that;s only for 5 persons what if were like 10 then i have more bags to bring"

"so your still coming?"

"YUP, i promised the girls i will come, are you coming?"


"ohh okay , then have fun with you prom date," bye that Maria ran of to the ice cream parlor



"what took u guy's so long?"Jasmine asked 

"sorry, were not the one who's bringing all the clothes and shoes that you all will wear tomorrow night" Maria said sarcastically

"okay, okay chill, but what cha want?" Reeca asked

"hi, Maria, your back again" Lexi said, the girls always come here and they know all of the staff here

"hey, yes i am back, and the usual please" 



"that was fun" Trisha said

"i love your shirt" Louis said to Trisha

"thanks, i love it to"


the day end and it was really really fun, and tiring











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