challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


20. week of prom (part 4,thursday)

Jasmine's P.O.V



stupid life, well i still have to attend school, i was at the studio listening to the way by ariana grande 

i was sitting at the stage floor with the other girls, i put the phone on loud speaker and we danced to the song,now we didn't care about anything now,were going crazy and singing the song, then the boys came in and danced with us,trust they should stick to singing, jeez, but we just go with the flow

i know we should be shopping  , we can do it tomorrow, lot of time, no school tomorrow, yehey...

we sat down laughing and tired, and we want a pint of ice cream, ughhhh


"umm, guys maybe you should stick to dancing" i told the boys

and the girls chuckled

"are we that bad?" zayn asked

"hmmm, need a litle more practice i guess" Maria answered

weird Zayn still didn't ask Maria to the prom, and Maria is soo calm,there's something wrong with that kid

"so have you shopped for prom yet?" i suddenly asked

"no not yet" Niall answered

"are you going Maria?" Reeca asked

"ummm, yeah i think so, i might wear pajamas"

"pajamas,really?" Trisha asked

"yeah,nobody asked me yet,nobody to impress,"she smoothly answered

"well, were going shopping tomorrow girls onlyyyyy" i said and looking at the boys

"i'll join youuuu" Maria answered while standing up, and exiting the studio while listening to just give me a reason on loud speaker

"Maria, where are you going?" Daisy asked

"going to buy a pint of ice cream, want some"

"yup, i want i want" i said standing up, followed by the rest of the girls


Maria's P.O.V 

oh my gosh Zayn hasn't asked mee yet, and i'm freaking outt, inside of coarse , not showing it outside, 

well now is a good time for ice cream, any minute now, i'm gonna lose it, and break down,


well the girls followed me, to get ice cream, need it right now,

we went at our house,cause nobody's there,i went out to buy 3 pints of ice cream and bumped into James,i like this kid


"hey James"

"ohh yo"

"asked any one yet for prom?"


"oh goody goody, details please"

"um long story, and those ice creams are going to melt, "

"right, text u later"

"why do you need 3 pints of ice creams?"


"u don't  look like a person who gets stressed"

"get that a lot"

"bye love"

"bye babe"

and we both laughed 



i rode my motorcycle back, and while i was at the rode i suddenly taught this was my first prom, and guess what ? no date, great just great,

i was deep in my thoughts, then i almost hit a car,

it's window went down, and it was the boys, phew


"ohmy gosh, i'm so so so sorry" 

"it's ok, and you know how to eide a motor cycle?" Zayn asked

"umm, yeah i learned it when i was 12"

"cool"Niall added

"umm gotto go byeeeee" i said and ran off like i was in a race





i got home, and cried, oh my golly why am i crying, ahhhh broke down


"Maria why are you crying?"Trisha asked patting my back

"i don't know" and i lost it,

"what happened ?"Reeca asked

"oh shit i just remembered were living right next to the boys, and i'm losing it"


before any one could speak the boys were there, and i didn't know what to do,so i went inside,but i can still hear them


"why is she crying?"Zayn asked

"i don't know"Reeca said

"maybe it's because her first prom and she's going out with no one"Trisha said looking at Zayn

and i laughed at her actions

"yeah, some one who will"Liam said

"ask her to the prom,has black hair, and chocolate eyes,that ones broke her heart , and now his doing nothing"Harry added

"cough zayn cough"Niall said

"no, your doing it wrong, coughzayncough" Reeca said

and there i laughed to loud that they heard me, i didn;t know what to do so i ran,

"wasn't here!" i yelled and ran off


ohh me how stupid, of me and still have that pints of ice cream, 

the rest of the day went fine, and tomorrow, it's shopping time, yeyyy i guess










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