challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


18. week of prom (part 3, Wednesday)

Trisha's P.O.V

ha i noticed that zayn here is jelly about that James dude , hahahaha, making things, awkward, i'm sooo awesome , so i went to zayn,

"hey zayn"

"hey' he just looked straight so looked straight also, and saw Maria, and James talking and laughing, their like brother and sister, i looked back at Zayn who's as red as an apple

"awww is wittle zaynie waynie jealous?"

"no" he said

"come on Zayn, i'm not stupid, you jelly, and you don't need to be jelly, cause Maria likes you, and not that James dude, Maria treats him as a brother, word of advice from her best friend" i said that patting his back and standing up


Daisy's p.o.v

i'm sooo exited, Mark is going to visit, me, before he leaves, i really love him, and he loves me back

i told every one to meet  at the cafeteria, at 5pm so nobody's there and it will be quiet , i found Mark at the front door of our school he was waiting for me, i grabbed his hand and went to the cafeteria , and every body was there already

"hey" i said happily

they looked back at me and i saw Jasmine's face so shocked she stood up and slapped Mark's face, my eyes widened and Mark let go of my hand 

"Jasmine , baby wait" Mark called for Jasmine

"Mark, sit downnnnn, nowwww" i told him, nobody has seen this side of me before, and Mark sat down,

"I'LL GO FOLLOW HER" Harry and Reeca said

"care to explain?"

i asked

before he could answer and before Reeca and Harry goes out of the room, Jasmine went in

"i'll explain" she said sobbing

" i was at the club, and i was drunk, so i started to dance and he came up to me, i asked him if he has a GIRLFRIEND , and he said no, i mean i didn't know that he was your Mark, Daisy, so we got drank and we kissed and almost made out, i'm really really sory Daisy, i didn't know, if i knew i wouldn't do that" Jasmine explained everything


" ha, i told you that Mark dude is bad" Maria said out of no where

"oops sorry saying my thoughts out loud again" she added and sat down,

Mark was about to leave the Harry, and Zayn was at his back, so he couldn't leave


"You know what Mark, i think you've slept with a lot of girls now, and i can't handle this, i'm breaking up with you.. bye bye Mark" i said and i didn't let my self cry he wasn't worth my tears

"Daisy wait, don't do this to me, i love you, really" Mark said 


"sorry, but i don't love you any more, now LEAVE " 

he left and told me

"well guess what Daisy, there's alot more girls, there who would love to be my girls friend"

"THEN GO THOSE GIRLS THEN, FUKING ASS HOLE"  those are my last words to Mark




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